Don Johnson in 1986

Don Johnson at the 1986 Heart of America Marathon. He won first in his age group.

Volunteers assemble cots

Volunteers assemble cots for Hurricane Gustav evacuees at an American Red Cross shelter Monday at Calvary Baptist Church in Columbia. Officials expected as many as 13 evacuees at the shelter later Monday afternoon, with other shelters in Columbia and Jefferson City ready if necessary.

Mid-Missouri Chapter Red Cross discusses shelter plans

Jeanine Dowell, of Boonville, second from right, talks with Mid-Missouri Chapter Red Cross emergency services Director Karen Viebrock, second from left, while setting up a shelter for Hurricane Gustav evacuees Monday at Cavalry Baptist Church in Columbia.

Shelter prepares cots for evacuees

Community Emergency Response Team member Matt Schnase assembles cots at an American Red Cross shelter for Hurricane Gustav evacuees on Monday at Calvary Baptist Church in Columbia. The shelter expected as many as 13 evacuees to arrive sometime Monday afternoon.

Three cars set on fire in north Columbia

Fire crews found one car completely engulfed in flames and two other vehicles that sustained fire damage in the parking of 1804 Holly Ave. late Sunday night.

Gathering to celebrate their independence

Brazil declared its independence from Portugal on Sept. 7, 1822, and for about 10 years a group of native Brazilians meet on Labor Day at Stephens Lake Park to celebrate. Grilling the food for the day was graduate student Leonardo Linares, who also brought a number of flags to be hung around the pavilion.

Preparing for Brazilian Independence Day

Leonardo Linares prepares the food for the Brazilian Independence Day celebration which included turkey wings, chicken legs and bratwurst, along with side dishes brought by others on Monday at Stephens Lake Park. Labor Day is the time when Linares meets with his countrymen for the Sept. 7 holiday.

Brizilian birthday bash

Fran Quinn, 8, is immersed in Brazilian culture as she spends Labor Day listening to Brazilian pop music, speaking Portuguese and playing at a barbecue with her family at Stephens Lake Park. The holiday occurs on Sept. 7, but the group meets on Labor Day because of the convenience.

42 and counting

After taking a moment to relax, Jim Gunderson, 55, heads home with his family, wearing his medal proudly. He has participated in 42 marathons before this year's Heart of America Marathon.

Tub talk

Tim Ferrell, of Ashland, talks with other runners about their experiences in this and other marathons while cooling off in a tub of ice-cold water.

Cool shoes

After crossing the finish line, many runners removed their shoes and socks to soak in a tub of ice.

Triumphant run

Chuck Engle of New York City triumphantly finishes the Heart of America Marathon in second place, just 7 minutes after Matt Laye, who was first. Engle was first place last year.

First female finisher

Destiny Thomas, the first female to complete the marathon at a time of 3:38:42, keeps hydrated while talking with Dick Hessler, who guided runners after the 8 mile mark. "This is only my third marathon," Thomas said. "Not that many."

Sulak sacks Illinois quarterback

Missouri defensive end Stryker Sulak sacks Illinois quarterback Juice Williams during the second half of the Tigers' victory Saturday night in St. Louis.

Supporters cheer on McCain

Supporters of Sen. John McCain cheer as Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin gives a speech Sunday afternoon at T.R. Hughes Ballpark in O'Fallon.

McCain, Palin make entrance

Republican presidential nominee John McCain and vice presidential running mate Sarah Palin make an entrance across the dugout at T.R. Hughes Ballpark in O'Fallon on Sunday.

Vicki Freelon

Vicki Freelon: “I’ve never voted but I’m voting this year because of Obama.”

Sereatha Branham

Sereatha Branham: “It’s not about him being black. I’m thrilled he is black, but it’s not about that. It’s really time for a change.”

Mike Hill

Mike Hill: “I don’t see it so much as an issue of black and white as much as an issue of good integrity and relating to the common people.”

Dennis Coats

Dennis Coats: “The majority of blacks I know are pulling for him.”