Moving suspicious objects

The Mid-Missouri Bomb Squad removed seven "suspicious devices" from Mary Beth Litofsky's home on Highlands Parkway Saturday morning. Three of the bottles, which had likely been filled with cleaning chemicals, had exploded the night before. Police are investigating the incident.

Remote control device moves suspicious objects

A remote control device was used to move several suspicious devices away from a home on Highlands Parkway on Saturday. Columbia Police, firefighters and the Mid-Missouri Bomb Squad were called to the home after owner Mary Beth Litofsky heard small explosions.

Instructor going for 'triple crown'

Instructor Russ Taft works with kids at the Tiny Tigers taekwondo class on June 17. Taft is competing at the ATA World Championship.

Father's Day 2009

Rodeo Clown

Bullfighters, more commonly known as rodeo clowns, serve to protect a rider once he or she has dismounted by acting as safe targets for a bull. Mark Wilson, a bullfighter at the Missouri High School Rodeo has 10 years of experience as a bullfighter.

Out of the Pen

David King bursts out of the holding pen and tries to stay on his horse during the bareback category of the Missouri High School Rodeo competition on Friday in Columbia.

Garet's Boots

Garet Aldridge watches from the bull pens as he waits to compete at the Missouri High School Rodeo on Friday in Columbia. Aldridge competed in the saddle bronc and team roping categories.

Exterior of proposed cancer center

An exterior rendering of the proposed Ellis Fischel Cancer Center, view looking south from the MU School of Nursing.

Interior of the proposed cancer center

Renderings of the proposed interior of Ellis Fischel Cancer center.

Rendering of proposed cancer center

An exterior rendering of the Ellis Fischel Cancer center, view looking north from the main entrance.

Missouri High School Rodeo

Cody Gregory hangs tight as his bull whips around the arena during the Missouri High School Rodeo on June 18, 2009. Gregory competed in four events during the night.

Marketing officer born, raised in Centralia

Lorry Meyers, marketing officer at Martinsburg Bank and Trust in Centralia, was born and raised in Centralia and has worked at the bank since it opened in 1999.

Sharing a laugh at the teller's window

Charles Angell, left, a regular face at Martinsburg Bank and Trust in Centralia, shares a laugh at the teller window with Lorry Meyers, marketing officer at the bank, on June 6.

Helping keep the town 'alive'

Lois Brucks has been banking at Glasgow Savings since 1945, when she was in high school. Brucks said banking there assures that money stays in Glasgow and helps keep the town "alive."

Generational banking

Dorothy Fuemmeler, left, talks with Margie Aholt, vice president of Glasgow Savings, on June 2. Fuemmeler has been banking at Glasgow Savings since 1934, when she married her husband, who was a farmer and had an account there. Her husband's father was also a farmer and had an account at the bank.

The safe stops here

In the lobby of Glasgow Savings sits a safe that the bank began using in 1904. Glasgow Savings stopped using the safe for official business earlier this year.

Jim Whitt

James Whitt laughs during the Board of Education meeting on June 18. Whitt replaces Rosie Tippin, who resigned in May because of health issues.

Whitt is sworn in

Jim Whitt is sworn into the Columbia School Board by Lynn Barnett, assistant superintendent and secretary of the board, during the School Board meeting on Thursday.

Whitt teaches values through sports

James Whitt, new member of the Columbia School Board, practices with participants of the cPhase Sports Association. Whitt is the executive director of cPhase, a nonprofit that aims to provide middle school and high school boys with athletic, educational, social and spiritual support. “I’ve been a basketball fanatic all my life, and I’ve always been interested in working with youth. It’s a labor of love,” he said Wednesday.

Hults takes the stage

LR Hults, founder of Theatre NXS, plays the lead role of "Event Horizon," one of four short plays that the company will perform for their next production, which begins June 19. All four plays were written by Don Nigro, with whom Hults attended school in Massachusetts.