Ready to take out the trash

Children from the Fun City Youth Academy line up and wait to get on the bus to go to the free picnic for Cleanup Columbia participants near Douglass Park on Saturday. The children picked up trash in and around Douglass High School and the park.

Cleaning up the baseball field

Kaveughn Carter, 6, picks up trash near the baseball diamond in Douglass Park on Saturday. Carter was participating in Cleanup Columbia, during which volunteers picked up garbage in parks and other public places all morning.

Children pitch in to clean up

Members of Fun City Youth Academy pick up trash in Douglass Park as part of Cleanup Columbia on Saturday. The Academy also picked up trash around Park Avenue and Douglass High School.

Three draft picks from MU

Three MU football players move up to professional teams. Jeremy Maclin, left, was picked up by the Philadelphia Eagles; Ziggy Hood, center, was a No. 32 pick by the Pittsburgh Steelers; and William Moore went to the Atlanta Falcons in the second round of the NFL draft.

Swinging for contact

Missouri catcher Megan Christopher watches a pitch during the Tigers' game against Oklahoma.

Queen of the Circle

Missouri's Stacey Delaney pitched the game's first five innings, giving up only a solo home run to Oklahoma's national player of the year finalist Amber Flores.

Loss upsets MU softball

Missouri's Katy Koontz, left, Rhea Taylor, center, and Jaydee Young wait for fans after a disappointing loss to Oklahoma.

Tigers sign John Hancock

Missouri baseball players Andrew Thigpen, left, Rex Meyr, center, and Austin Holt sign autographs for fans after their game against Texas Tech.

With the pitch...

Missouri's Ryan Gargano pitches in relief of senior Scooter Hicks, who started and pitched four strong innings.

Front-end damage

This green Dodge Ram 1500 struck Susanne Bylund's silver Pontiac Grand Prix GT on Friday during a four-car accident on W. Stadium Boulevard.

Driver treated for minor injuries

The driver of the Silver Pontiac Grand Prix GT, Susanne Bylund, received minor head injuries when her car was hit from behind by a Dodge Ram 1500.

Four vehicles collide on W. Stadium Boulevard

Four vehicles got in an accident at W. Stadium Boulevard around 5 p.m. on Friday. The driver of the silver Pontiac Grand Prix GT received minor head injuries.

Bea Arthur

In this 1988 file photo, Beatrice Arthur accepts an Emmy at the 40th annual awards ceremony in Pasadena, Calif. Family spokesman Dan Watt says the 86-year-old Arthur died at home early Saturday.

Austin Holt avoids being picked off

Missouri's Austin Holt dives back into first while Texas Tech first basemen Chris Richburg waits for the ball.

Michael Liberto throws to first base

Shortstop Michael Liberto attempts to throw a runner after fielding a ground ball during Missouri's game versus Texas Tech on Friday.

Aaron Senne celebrates

Left Fielder Aaron Senne celebrates with teammates after hitting a home run against Texas Tech on Friday. Missouri trounced the Red Raiders 18-7 in the first game of the teams' weekend series.

Notes taken with chalk and slate

To make their experience of the life of pioneer-age school children as authentic as possible, fifth graders of the Good Shepherd Lutheran School in Columbia used slates and chalk during a day of class at the one room school house at the Shelter Gardens. The field trip was meant to supplement the students' history class about life in the times of the pioneers.

Listening to a lecture

From left, Amanda McDowell, 11, Hannah Tipton, 11, Asa Linneman, 11, and Christina Banton, 11, all fifth graders at the Good Shepherd Lutheran School in Columbia, listen to their teacher Becky Mott during a day of class at the one room school house at Shelter Gardens, Friday. The field trip was meant to give the students an impression of how life was for the early settlers. To make the experience as authentic as possible, the children wore historic clothes. "I like how I get to dress up like a pioneer person and to be in the school house," Asa Linneman said, and her classmate Autumn Garvey, 11, added: "I think it's really special how we get to travel back in time and to act what Laura Ingalls would actually do."

Going barefoot at a one-room schoolhouse

Fifth graders from the Good Shepherd Lutheran School in Columbia sit barefoot during a day of class in the one-room schoolhouse at the Shelter Gardens on Friday. After studying the diary of a Missouri family who traveled to California during the Gold Rush for their history class, the students got to spend a day of school just like their historic counterparts, who usually did not wear shoes in school. The students liked the experience. "We get to going barefoot," Amanda McDowell, 11, answered when asked what she thought was most special about the field trip.

Memorizing words for a spelling bee

From left, Joshua Whittom, 10, and Jesse Nilges, 11, both fifth graders at the Good Shepherd Lutheran School in Columbia, write down words on their slates to memorize them for a spelling bee on Friday. During a day of class at the one-room schoolhouse at Shelter Gardens, the children got to live the the life of students in pioneer times. "It's really cool to spend a day like someone would have ... a hundred or so years ago," Joshua Whittom said about his experience.