Jim Krueger

"What can we do for a president right now?" said Jim Krueger. "At first I was disturbed by President Obama because of rock-star status. Every time I heard him speak he turned me around. I hope people understand that he's got a difficult job."

Brent Lowenberg

"He's got everybody at the table and brings everybody together," said Brent Lowenberg. "There's a need to help fellow man and woman and work towards social justice."

Obama's religious tolerance is practical, proper

H.R. Chandrasekhar, professor of physics at MU, shares his thoughts on President Obama's inauguration speech at Shanthi Mandir Hindu Temple on Saturday. He said he thinks Obama’s broad religious reference was practical for a president. “What he’s acknowledging is that there are people here who belong to all these religions,” Chandrasekhar said. “They all have to live together and feel welcome and accept it, so that’s the point he’s making. And that’s the way it should be.”

Middle ground is the most appropriate for Obama

Kuljit Sandhu shares her thoughts on President Obama's inauguration speech at Shanthi Mandir Hindu Temple on Saturday. "Too much liberalism, that takes us away from discipline. And too much conservatism, being conservative, it takes us away from each other, so I think the middle ground is the best," Sandhu said.

Faith and politics

Rajini Tolani, left, and Santokh Singh offer prayers during the birth celebration of Guru Gobind Singh at the Shanthi Mandir Hindu Temple on Saturday.

Dancing in the year of the ox

Dancers dressed in traditional Chinese costumes perform at the opening ceremony of a temple fair on the eve of Chinese New Year in Beijing, China on Sunday. Temple fairs opened across the city as Chinese prepared to celebrate the year of the Ox.

Missouri in Second Life

Missouri's Information Technology Services Division started using Second Life in November 2007 to target recruits from the millennial generation, those who were born between 1980 and 1995. Madison Lyle, left — the avatar of Jan Grecian, technology specialist with the state's Information Technology Services Division — and Jedadiah Juran — the avatar of Paul Wright, information technology director for the departments of education — are standing near the Missouri space in Second Life.

Ten years with ceramics

Yukari Kashihara has been working with ceramics for about 10 years. She graduated from MU with a master's degree in fine arts in 2003. "The first time I touched clay it was fun," Kashihara said. "I fell in love with the material, the medium, the clay."

A collection of teapots

Teapots are among the pieces in Yukari Kashihara's exhibit at Orr Street Gallery.

A couple of artists

Yukari Kashihara and her husband, Thomas Scharenborg, who is a photographer, have their work featured at Orr Street Gallery.

Orr Street pottery show

Some of Yukari Kashihara's ceramic work signifies qualities she said she desires, such as "peace, happiness and serenity." She also wants her work to show different kinds of beauty - the "subtle and quiet."

Grooming after the performance

Hannah Yoder, left, and Crystal Reisig brush their horses down after their performance at the Boone County Fairgrounds on Saturday afternoon.

Steady hand

Hannah Yoder, a member of the Jack Knife Hollow Hick Chicks, remains steady even as her horse acts up a bit during the Hick Chick performance as part of the Horse Celebration at the Boone County Fairgrounds. Yoder's twin sister is also on the drill team, and her mother rode for seven years.

Fighting to keep the ball

MU's DeMarre Carroll protects the ball against Texas Tech defenders Mike Singletary (32) and Alan Voskuil (20) during the game on Saturday at Mizzou Arena.

Free-throw focus

MU's J.T. Tiller concentrates between two free throws during the Big 12 Conference game against the Texas Tech Red Rangers on Saturday. MU won the game with 97-86.

All fired up

MU's mascot, Truman the Tiger, and the MU dance team fire up the audience during a time-out at the Big 12 Conference contest between MU's basketball team and the Texas Tech Red Rangers on Saturday.

Pep talk

Mike Anderson, head coach of the MU tiger's basketball team, addresses his team during the Big 12 conference game against the Texas Tech Red Raiders on Saturday.

Tiller takes charge

MU's J.T. Tiller (4) drives the lane against Texas Tech's D'Walyn Roberts (5) during the Big 12 Conference game on Saturday.

Carroll gets blocked

Texas Tech's Robert Lewandowski (15) and Mike Singletary (32) block a layup attempt of MU's DaMarre Carroll (1) during the Big 12 Conference game Saturday at the Mizzou Arena. MU beat the Red Rangers with 97-86.

Winning pass

MU junior guard J.T. Tiller passes to senior forward Leo Lyons at the Big 12 conference basketball game against Texas Tech on Saturday. The pass led to a basket made by Lyons, bringing the score to 28-12 in favor of the Tigers.