Gayla Hart

Gayla Hart, 48, was hospitalized with severe burns she received Tuesday morning in the house fire that claimed the life of her father, Joseph Hart.

Cleaning up the debris

Eledia Stone holds up her mother's childhood bank and a box of Mark McGuire home run baseballs from a wheelbarrow of items salvaged from her shed. Behind the barbed-wire fence, debris from the flood can still be seen. Her property on Hinkson Creek Road flooded on April 30. Stone and her daughters are still cleaning out the property.

Beginning the recovery

Eledia Stone stands beside a shed on her property where the floodwaters rose. In the month since the flood, Stone has cleaned up much of her property. Now, a few plants have emerged from her garden that was washed away and covered by debris.

Ready to wear

At the FairTax Rally, Alice Forker, left, Kim Lockwood and Erin Dunn sell related apparel.

Wheels with a message

Supporters of offered this motorcycle in a raffle as part of the rally.

Exchanging views

Paul Meyer, carrying the flag, speaks with Pete Jones from "Learn to Carry," a group promoting firearm and concealed weapons permit education, at the rally.

Backing from a state lawmaker

Missouri Rep. Ed Emery, R-Lamar, spoke about his staunch support for the "fair tax" legislation.

Call for inclusion

Democratic organizer Jessica Wexler stressed that the "fair tax" legislation's predominantly Republican supporters must be inclusive of other political groups for the legislation to pass.

'Joe the Plumber' speaks

Samuel J. Wurzelbacher, better known as "Joe the Plumber," was one of the featured speakers at the FairTax Rally on Saturday. He told the audience, "If it saves my brothers and sisters in the military by torturing (terrorists), then by God, do it."

Politics on display

Political badges were on display at the FairTax Rally.

Longtime supporter

Jeff Parnell interviews Lee Lewis from Tebbets about his support for consumption legislation at the FairTax Rally. Lewis has supported "fair tax" legislation since 1994.

Columbia actor Lucas Black competes in Francis Hagan tournament

Columbia actor Lucas Black lines up a putt while competing in the Francis Hagen match play tournament June 13 at Lake of the Woods golf course in Columbia.

Merchandise for sale at PrideFest

Merchandise lines the table of the Peace Nook booth at PrideFest, held June 13 in Stephens Lake Park.

"Gayest dog" contest held at PrideFest

Madelyn Morris, 3, plays with Aspen (owned by Michele Porter and Carol Brown of Hartsburg) during PrideFest. Aspen was co-winner of the "gayest dog" contest at the 2008 PrideFest.

"Hillbilly golf" entertains PrideFest attendees

Ernie Timbrook, of Columbia's SoCo Club, scores two points during a game of "hillbilly golf" at PrideFest, held June 13 at Stephens Lake Park.

PrideFest offers handcrafted items

Lori Lammers, who works for Jaelynn's Crafts in Columbia, hangs tie-dyed merchandise in her PrideFest booth on June 13. It takes more than a day to produce a quality tie-dyed T-shirt, as the shirts must soak in dye for ten hours before setting overnight.

Dancers perform at PrideFest

Pulguinha, left, and daughter Regina Hartleip-Pinto, 8, perform at PrideFest on June 13 as part of the BoCoMo Drumheads Medicine Show. Pulguinha has been studying traditional West African dances for twelve years and began teaching the style in 2007.

Bill Stine of Jefferson City

Bill Stine, who grew up in Jefferson City, has seen a lot of the world thanks to a career in the Air Force. He moved back to Missouri in the late 1980s, where he now sings, performs on stage and studies local history.

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