True/False Film Festival poster

The 2009 True/False Film Festival poster.

Building the boats

David Friesen uses a small brush and black ink to draw multiple boat illustrations for the True/False Film Festival. With the brush, “you just get such a better line” than using any felt-tip or ballpoint pens, Friesen said.

Drawing at home

David Friesen applies ink to pencil sketches of boats at his Columbia home. Friesen works from home during the day before going to one of his jobs during the afternoon and evening.

Fraternity fire

Firefighters respond to a structural fire at the Sigma Chi fraternity on Sunday night. At appoximately 8:41 p.m. a fire broke out in a third floor room. The Columbia Fire Department was able to contain the fire to the room. No residents were injured.

Hickman swimmer takes fifth place

Nathalia Mello competes in the 200 yard Individual Medley Championship Final on Feb. 21 at the St. Peters Rec Plex.  Mello placed 5th in this event. 

Newspaper Photographer of the Year chosen

Morenatti was awarded "Newspaper Photographer of the Year" at the Pictures of the Year International competition. Morenatti's portfolio was chosen from over 80 entered worldwide. In this photo, a Pakistani lawyer runs away from tear gas fired by police officers outside the residence of the country's deposed chief justice Iftikhar Mahmood Chaudhry during a protest in Islamabad, Pakistan on March 9, 2008.

A matter of timing for NFL scouts

A participant is timed in a drill at the NFL Scouting Combine on Sunday in Indianapolis.

Matt Kenseth

Matt Kenseth drives to victory lane after winning the NASCAR Auto Club 500 race Sunday in Fontana, Calif.

Missouri's Jeremy Maclin

Missouri’s Jeremy Maclin runs a football drill. At one point during the NFL Scouting Combine he took a tumble and sat out a portion of the drills before returning near the end of his workout.

Texas Tech's Michael Crabtree

Texas Tech receiver Michael Crabtree makes a catch at the NFL Scouting Combine in Indianapolis on Sunday. Crabtree did not participate in drills due to an injury.

Ropin' Roden

Caleb Roden, 14, on Edge, ropes the head of a cow during the teaming roping competition. Roden and his family came from Topeka, Kan. to compete in the Midway Youth Rodeo at the Midway Expo Center on Sunday.

Roping a father

Samson Eby, 4, uses his dad Joe Eby for roping practice during the Goat Roping competition at the Midway Youth Rodeo on Sunday. Joe was not the only parent being used as a roping target.

A crowded home

Brendan Canty and Michelle Cochran with three of their children, from left: Mabel, 22 months, Asa, 11, and Leo, 8. After four children, their Washington home doesn't seem so huge.

Struggling for space

Nadine Greenfield-Binstock helps her son, Eliav, 2, put away his shoes in the Washington family's converted dining room. The Binstocks are expecting child No. 2 in July, but can't afford to buy another home until they sell their current one.

After quirks comes focus

Hallsville junior varsity basketball player Josh Grove, second from right, takes a moment to "get rid of everything off the court and focus" in an interesting series of quirky gestures while teammates Gavin Jones, left, Miles Drummond and Tyler Jones listen to their coach's instructions moments before tip-off in Ashland on Thursday.

Comparing oil collections

Scott Schulte holds up two samples of used cooking oil to compare their quality in the garage of his Columbia home on Friday. The clear one on the right is of good quality. The brown one on the left has been used extensively before being exchanged and contains many impurities and solids. "Some restaurants clearly want to make the most out of their oil," Schulte says with a smile.

Keeping a clean record

To keep track of where he gets the best oil from, Schulte keeps a collection of samples in his garage. Some restaurants use their oil more extensively than others, leaving it contaminated with many impurities and solids when Schulte picks it up.

Talking business

Scott Schulte of Columbia leans against the back of his vegetable oil-fueled truck in the garage of his home on Friday. In January 2008, Schulte, a retired park superintendent of the Rock Bridge State Park and a section of the Katy Trail, started his business called Biofuels, where he sells filtered and purified vegetable oil that can be used as a diesel substitute in specially prepared cars.

Schulte demonstrates homemade filter system

Scott Schulte demonstrates his homemade straight vegetable oil filter system in the garage of his Columbia home on Feb. 13. Schulte, a retired park superintendent of the Rock Bridge Memorial State Park and a section of the Katy Trail, buys old cooking oil from restaurants in the area and filters out impurities and solids to fuel his 2006 Chevrolet Duramax pick-up truck. Since January 2008 Schulte has also been running a business called Biofuels, where he sells the purified vegetable oil.

Oil on wheels

Scott Schulte equipped the interior of his van with an interconnected array of tanks, pumps and hoses that allows him to collect the used cooking oil from the restaurants in a 100-mile radius around Columbia. "I want that protection," Schulte said about why he built the system in the van. "It's hard to keep your stuff nice and clean when it's exposed to the elements."