Chris Kelly meets Ashland resident Jan Ward

Missouri House of Representatives candidate Chris Kelly walks out to meet and shake hands with Ashland resident Jan Ward outside of the Ashland Senior Center in Ashland on Tuesday afternoon. Kelly arrived at the Ashland polling place at 6 a.m. and said he planned on staying until polls closed to show his gratitude to Ashland's supportive voting community.

Chris Kelly greets Rick McKee on Election Day

Chris Kelly greets Ashland resident Rick McKee on Tuesday afternoon at the Ashland Senior Center. "You got my vote because you were standing out here," McKee told Kelly.

Poll rides on Nov. 4

Adrienne Roncher, left, gets into Jane Whitesides's car after voting at the Missouri Conference Center on Nov. 4, 2008. Whitesides, driving, along with NAACP members Gwyn McKinney and Lily Tinker Fortel, provided rides to the polls for Columbia voters.

110508 Election football

Jaron Baston is one of the loudest talkers when it comes to politics, say several of his teammates. “Jaron, though, he’ll argue about anything,” linebacker Brock Christopher said.

Andrea Heiss

"I begin to study the man directly ahead of me, wondering what his background is."

Available to help

"It's like being a free agent," Stephen Webber says of being free to help others instead of campaigning for himself. "You just go where you're needed."

Campaigning for others

Stephen Webber, a Democrat who is running unopposed to represent the 23rd district in the Missouri House of Representatives, canvasses in a Columbia neighborhood for other Democratic candidates on Tuesday. Already assured of victory, Webber has enjoyed a less stressful campaign season. "I've started thinking more about legislation and policy while others are still in campaign mode," he says.

Waiting to vote

David Rice, Kevin Rice, Diane Rice and Antwane Maborn wait in line to vote at Fairview Church of Christ on Tuesday.

Students expected to vote in record numbers

Sam Engemann, left, and Brad Thebeau receive instructions on how to fill out the election ballot at the Memorial Union on Tuesday. Students are expected to vote in record numbers with the chance to elect the first black president or the first female vice president in U.S. history.

Voter turnout high

Beth Boyer, Kevin Rice and Diane Rice vote at Fairview Church of Christ off Fairview Road. The church received more than 600 voters as of 12:30 p.m. on Tuesday.

Voters receive false text messages

The news release from Missouri Secretary of State Robin Carnahan's office did not say who might have sent the text messages or made the phone calls.

False text messages sent to voters

Text messages and prerecorded calls encouraging recipients to vote Wednesday instead of Tuesday are false, a news release from Missouri Secretary of State Robin Carnahan's office said.

Mourning a loss

Veronica Washington cries after she learns her sister's fiance, a 29-year-old man, died after being shot in the chest at Douglass Park on Tuesday afternoon.

Students vote at Memorial Union

MU students grab free pizza in front of Memorial Union. The Arts & Sciences Student Council and Alumni offered the pizza to those who had voted.

Students turn out to vote

Students wait in line at Memorial Union to cast their votes on Election Day. Record numbers of students are expected to vote in response to heavy campaigning targeted at students.

Time to vote

In front of the Life Sciences building on campus, chalk points voters in the right direction.

Explaining the process

Bill Boston, left, explains the electronic voting machine to Laurie Shurleff at Columbia Public Library on Tuesday.

Alicia Schamburg mug

Alicia Schamburg

MU freshman men's basketball player Laurence Bowers

Tigers freshman Laurence Bowers is following in his uncle’s footsteps as a Division I basketball player.

Farnen's button collection

Mark Farnen received his first pin, one featuring John F. Kennedy, from his father after a parade. Since then, Farnen has been collecting campaign pins with candidates such as Nixon, Reagan, Roosevelt and Obama.