Replicating the old

The outside architecture of the Donald W. Reynolds Journalism Institute was designed to replicate the older appeal of the surrounding buildings.

Glass atrium

The glass walkway in the second floor atrium surprises visitors Wednesday at the new Reynolds Journalism Institute.

Children's songwriting

Monte Selby sings a song about French toast that he co-wrote with third- through fifth-graders at Paxton Keeley Elementary School on Thursday.

SportsCenter anchor John Anderson at a panel held during the MU School of Journalism's centennial celebration

ESPN anchor John Anderson discusses the future of sports journalism with panel members.

Nov. 6, 1984 St. Louis Post-Dispatch cartoon, "Moment of Truth" by Tom Engelhardt

This cartoon reflects the exhausting nature of America’s modern presidential campaigns. Although it was published on election day in 1984, it is still applicable today. A voter covered with a pile of election paraphernalia pulls himself forward on his belly and reaches up to place his vote in a ballot box. A sign above him reads “Polling Place – No Electioneering Beyond This Point.”

Nov. 5, 1908 Chicago Tribune cartoon by John Tinney McCutcheon, "Standing Apart"

This cartoon reflects Missouri’s status as a “swing state” in the election of 1908. Officials took two days to count the votes, and Missouri ultimately supported the Republicans by less than 700 votes. William H. Taft won 347,203 votes (48.5 percent), while William J. Bryan received 346,574 (48.41 percent).
On the morning after the election, early results indicated that Missouri would vote Democratic. By midnight, the vote count had tightened, and in the second cartoon, northeastern Republicans and southern Democrats pull Missouri in opposing directions. This cartoon reflects the ultimate outcome of the election: Missouri stands with the Republicans.

Jan. 14, 1948 Kansas City Star Political Cartoon, "Guessing Game," by Silvey Jackson Ray

In 1948, General Dwight Eisenhower, an American hero after World War II, received overtures from both Democrats and Republicans to run for president. The general had no announced political affiliation, and both parties believed his popularity would lead to victory in November. S.J. Ray succinctly visualizes the mutual interest of the parties in Eisenhower by picturing a Democratic donkey and Republican elephant simultaneously daydreaming about the general.

Attorney general candidates debate at MU

The candidates for Missouri attorney general, Republican Michael R. Gibbons, at right, and Democrat Chris Koster, debate in Gannett Hall at MU in Columbia, Mo., Sept 11, 2008.

Exhibit showcases political cartoons

Jackie Britt Eggers and Wally Eggers, B.J. '52, browse a MU School of Journalism Centennial exhibit entitled 1908-2008: 100 Years of Election Cartoons at the State Historical Society of Missouri on Wednesday afternoon. The pair married while Wally was enrolled at MU and working for the Columbia Missourian and Jackie was working for the Columbia Tribune.

Benjamin Heider

Benjamin Heider of Christian Fellowship School received a perfect score on his ACT.

Food Network recipe developer

Sarah Copeland, left, speaks to the executive chef for the University Club of Missouri, Daniel Pliska during the Centennial barbecue at the Mizzou Arena on Wednesday night. Copeland works as a recipe developer for the Food Network and created the menu for the evening. She graduated from MU in '99 with a bachelor's degree in journalism.

Still open for business

A restraining order kept MU from closing The Spa in August. Even though the order has since expired, The Spa has continued to operate and will be selling tanning packages that last until December.

Tanning beds a major source of income

MU asked Tan Time to propose a new business plan that wouldn't use tanning beds, but co-owner Randy Dawson said that wouldn't be feasible because tanning generates 85 percent of Tan Time's revenue.

Miles Manor portrait

Members of the Miles Manor community gather in front of Earl Miles' home (from left, front row: Earl Miles, Beatrice Kelly 2nd row: Barbara Horrell, Genevieve Hill, Bettie Nunnelly 3rd row: Leroy Smith, John Kelly, Louis Nunnelly). Earl and Clara Miles founded the development in 1959 and finished building their home in 1965.

Daryl Moen mug

Daryl Moen

Jann Carl mug

Jann Carl

First night of centennial brings MU alumni

Missouri's Tiger logo was embedded in ice during the opening ceremony for the journalism school's Centennial celebration on Wednesday evening at the Mizzou Arena. The evening's menu was created by MU alumna Sarah Copeland who now works with Food Network as a recipe developer.

MU J-School kicks off celebration

Officer Todd Henderson licks his fingers clean after eating what he said were the best ribs he ever had. Mike Mills, far right, began preparing the meat for the journalism school's Centennial celebration at midnight and still had the energy to converse with 1969 MU grad Lowell Fox, an independent contractor for Forbes magazine, outside the Mizzou Arena on Wednesday evening.

100 years of history honored in one night

Truman the Tiger descends from the ceiling of the Mizzou Arena on Wednesday night during the Journalism School Centennial's barbecue bash. After speeches from Chancellor Brady Deaton and Dean Mills, "Freedom Sings" performed.

First night for centennial celebration

Ted Farnen, left, honors Missouri's dean of the journalism school Dean Mills on a the success of 100 years of educating students. Farnen is chief of staff for Missouri State Senator Chuck Graham and graduated from MU in 1987.