Touring the hut

Olivia Heisner, left, a volunteer at Heifer Ranch, shows members of Trinity Presbyterian Church and Wilkes Boulevard United Methodist Church a Zambian hut during the tour of the global village in Perryville, Ark., on March 26, 2009.

Moving goats

In a simulation of a Guatemalan village, Jill Sander - pastor of Wilkes Boulevard United Methodist Church - moves goats to the zero-grazing pen to be fed. Sander and her church group traveled to Arkansas to experience global poverty from March 25 to March 27. During the trip, members of the group were assigned to different simulations to experience life as a citizen of poverty stricken regions.

Tom Yancey in his Fayette studio

Tom Yancey sits in his art studio, located on the second floor of Fayette's oldest building, on April 15.

Maxine the mermaid

Maxine the mermaid hangs over Tom Yancey's studio.

Restoration example of Tom Yancey's work

A before-and-after shot of a portrait Tom Yancey restored.

Tom Yancey leaves Fayette studio

Tom Yancey leaves his studio in Fayette.

Dianne Lynch

Dianne Lynch has been named to replace Wendy Libby, Stephens president since 2003. Libby plans to leave Stephens on June 1.

Going for the rebound

Benton Bees players Tate Nickleberry (4) and Deric Hern (13) go for a rebound during their weekly Saturday league game. Their coach, Aaron Tatum, says he uses the basketball program to teach life lessons to his players.

Getting ready for free throws

A Derby Ridge player gets ready to shoot a free throw against Benton in a Home School Communicator basketball game. The teams began practicing in November and plays every Saturday through mid-May.

Douglas Johnson

Douglas Johnson is the author of "The Root Causes of Sudan's Civil Wars." In 2005, he served on the Abyei Boundaries Commission, a group of experts that was given the task of determining the exact borders of the Abyei territory in south-central Sudan.

Thanking the customers

Doris Tobin, right, service manager at University Club, smiles and thanks professor Bill Moyes, left, for his patronage as Matt Castulik watches in the University Catering lunch tent on Carnahan Quad on April 1. Professors and students alike frequent the tent because of its convenient location near the business and law schools as well as Strickland Hall.

Cool refreshments

Lucas Naeger, left, and Matt Castulik arrange ice around chilled bottles of water and cans of soda before the lunch rush at the new University Catering lunch cafe on Carnahan Quad on April 1. The outdoor tent is staffed by employees of University Catering, which is located in Reynolds Alumni Center.

Running for president

Abdullahi Ali Ibrahim, professor of history at MU and his wife, Mahasin Awadelkarim, sit at the dining room table of their duplex in central Columbia.

Researching as part of field work

Abdullahi Ibrahim takes notes from the historian of a tribe in west central Sudan in 1969. Ibrahim was studying the Kababish nomadic community as part of his field work.

Discussing plans

In February 2009, Abdullahi Ibrahim discusses in Gadaref, Sudan his reasons for running and his plans should he win the election.

Thornhill is sworn in

Jason Thornhill, left, is sworn in to his first term as representative of the Second Ward in the City Council by City Clerk Sheela Amin during the meeting at the Daniel Boone City Building.

Saying hello to Thornhill

Newly elected City Council member for the Second Ward, Jason Thornhill, center, chats with Ted Curtis, left, from the Division of Public Works, and City Manager Bill Watkins during a reception after Thornhill was sworn in to his first term.

Hoppe takes her place

Mayor Darwin Hindman, left, watches Barbara Hoppe, center, be sworn in for her second term as the Sixth Ward councilwoman by City Clerk Sheela Amin.

Gragnani coaches Hickman girls

Tony Gragnani is in his first year as head coach of the Hickman girls' soccer team.

Doug Hunt tutors refugee students

Doug Hunt plays a game using flashcards with Gire Ngzihayo, left, and John Mitaearo, right, in which he challenges the boys to win a coffee stirrer for every word they read correctly. The flashcards contain words such as "are" and "dig."