Freestyle blues singing

Megan Matchell, left, and Shalyn Barclay get ready to freestyle sing over a song sung by the other Blues Corps students under T.J. Wheeler's direction at Grant Elementary School. Wheeler is the Artist in Residence at Grant for the third year in a row and is leading the Blues Corps in writing two original songs they will perform at this weekend's Roots 'N' Blues 'N' BBQ Festival.

Colorado State picks off Nevada

Colorado State defender Klint Kubiak celebrates after intercepting a pass in front of Nevada wide receiver Chris Wellington. The Wolf Pack had five turnovers against the Rams.

Nevada quarterback Colin Kaepernick gets sacked

Colorado State defender Guy Miller takes down Nevada quarterback Colin Kaepernick last Saturday in a 35-20 Wolf Pack loss.

Dancing to the music

John Franklin Jr. plays with a scarf at Shalom Christian Academy on Thursday. Playing with scarfs while dancing to music is one of the student activities at Shalom Christian Academy.

Crafts at Shalom Christian Academy

Layla Harley Briton, right, works on her "project," a fire tree, while instructor Tara Foster helps John Franklin Jr., center, and Roman Kemp at Shalom Christian Academy on Thursday. About 25 children come each day to the center. Playing outside and arts and crafts are among their favorite activities, said Foster, who has been with the day care center for three years.

Michael McDonald measuring paranormal activity

Michael McDonald consults a piece of equipment meant to measure paranormal activity during an investigation with the Kindred Moon Paranormal Society along the Katy Trail on Sep. 12.

Kindred Moon Paranormal Society on the Katy Trail

Shelly Chirillo, Sarah Francis, Michael McDonald and Bonnie Darby, all members of the Kindred Moon Paranormal Society, watch the end of the Katy Trail for paranormal activity.

Rockin' sculpture

Mark Milanick, a professor at the pharmacology and physiology department at MU, creates balancing rock and wood sculptures on his lawn, stretching from South Glenwood Avenue and Redbud Lane to West Rollins Road. He titles his project "Physics Inaction."

Natural art

Mark Milanick creates sculptures with rocks and wood on his lawn.

Hickman swimmer Grant Hendrix at CASA

As a member of the Columbia Aeronautics and Space Association, Hickman swimmer Grant Hendrix can experience what it would be like to be a part of NASA through simulators housed in a building on the Hickman campus.

Columbia golfer Chris Johnson

Chris Johnson played for Hickman High School before joining the Missouri men's golf team.

Rock Bridge soccer practice

Rock Bridge soccer players Michael Trecha, left, and Trevor Davis work through a drill in practice on Sunday. The Bruins say they are trying to work harder in practice after starting the season 1-4.

Accident cleanup

The aftermath of a two-car collision at the intersection of West Broadway and Yorkshire Drive awaits cleanup Monday afternoon. The passenger of the silver car was unharmed, and the passenger of the other car refused medical treatment and was released from the scene.

Keene School to be auctioned

The Keene School, a registered historical landmark, was built in 1898 and has since been remodeled into a residence. It will be sold at a private auction on Sept. 28.

Ashland Alternative School helps students complete high school

Senior Kaylee Silvers, 18, takes an online test as a part of her coursework with the Ashland Alternative School on Tuesday, September 15 in Ashland. Silvers says she prefers the alternative school over being in a traditional classroom.

Children participate in Tashlikh service

Jehoshua Casey, 6, tosses a piece of bread into the water as Noah Winton, right, watches alongside during the Tashlikh service on Sunday, Sept. 20, at Twin Lakes Recreation Area. In the Tashlikh service, part of Rosh Hashana, Jews throw bread crumbs into water to represent casting off the previous year's sins.

MRCC members march in 1971

MRCC members lead a march to the Farm Aid Concert in 1995 in Louisville, KY.

Roger Allison introduces Neil Young

Roger Allison introduces Neil Young at family farm rally at Farm Aid in 2001 in Indiana.

Willie Nelson vists the MRCC in Columbia

Willie visits with Missouri Rural Crisis Center regarding the Pork Checkoff in Columbia in 1995.

Martin wins Chase opener

NASCAR driver Mark Martin celebrates Sunday after winning the Sylvania 300 at New Hampshire Motor Speedway in Loudon, N.H.