National anthem at Busch Stadium

Phil McCormick holds his hat over his heart during the national anthem.

Trying for the double play

Shortstop Michael Liberto throws the ball to first after making a tag at second.

Stretching before the game

Tigers outfielder Ryan Lollis stretches before the game against SLU at Busch Stadium on April 1, 2009.

Tigers play at Busch Stadium

From left to right, Austin Holt, Andrew Thigpen and Rex Meyr watch from behind the batting cage, as the Arch and Busch Stadium loom in the background during the Tigers' batting practice session before Wednesday's game against Saint Louis University.

USDA Prospective Crop Plantings

John Coffman

John Coffman is general counsel of the Consumers Council of Missouri. This piece was submitted as a guest column to the Missourian.

K. Kendall Mathews

Major K. Kendall Mathews is the regional coordinator for The Salvation Army.

Area near Clark Lane where Jeremy Setzer was hit

The area around the intersection of Clark Lane and Lambeth Drive where Columbia Police say Officer Alan Mitchell hit Columbia resident Jeremy Setzer on Saturday. Setzer, who was lying on the road at the time of the accident, was pronounced dead at the scene.

Standing in the dugout

Greg Folgia stands in the St. Louis Cardinals dugout during MU's game against SLU on April 1, 2009.

Rock Bridge student Democrats listen to discussion

From left in front, Ana Boettcher, Cyrille Goldstein and Brenna Blazis of the Rock Bridge High School Democrats listen while school board candidate Dan Holt answers questions on Tuesday's forum.

Rock Bridge students host candidate forum

CORRECTED CAPTION: School board candidate Michelle Pruitt, center, listens to Jeannine H. Craig, left, answer a question proposed by an audience member. Rock Bridge High School students hosted the forum for the candidates in the upcoming election on April 7. An earlier version of this caption misspelled one of the candidates' names.

Medical students speak with patient

From left, medical students Molly Keegan and Lincoln Sheets talk with patient Darryl Lumley about his symptoms at the MedZou clinic on March 19. The student-run clinic was the brainchild of David Atashroo, who noticed that other medical schools had similar clinics. "This is a national trend but it's not widespread yet. We're kind of the pioneers," Sheets said.

MU medical student speaks with adviser

Medical student Molly Keegan, left, discusses her plan of treatment for a patient with faculty adviser Erik Lindbloom at the MedZou clinic on March 19. The clinic fills a need in the community and also gives the medical students a chance to put their knowledge into practice. "We hope that people are coming here who have no place to go other than the ER when it's not an emergency," said medical student Lincoln Sheets.

Medical students see patient at MedZou clinic

Medical students Molly Keegan, left, and Lincoln Sheets, right, examine Darryl Lumley at the MedZou clinc on Thursday. "I'm getting better care here than I did at the clinic that made money off of it," Lumley said. "They're more attentive."

Photo illustration of Jason Thornhill and Allan Sharrock

Jason Thornhill, left, and Allan Sharrock are running for the Second Ward seat on the Columbia City Council. The election is April 7.

Jason Thornhill plants flowers with his family

From left, Leslie, Kenley, Cooper and Jason Thornhill plant flowers in their front yard on March 22. Jason Thornhill is running for the Second Ward seat on the City Council on a platform of crime reduction, job creation and improvement of the city's infrastructure.

Allan Sharrock grills a tri-tip steak in his backyard

Allan Sharrock, a candidate for the Second Ward seat on the Columbia City Council, grills a Brazilian-style tri-tip steak in his backyard on Monday. Sharrock is a sixth grade teacher at Lange Middle School and hopes to bring a "fresh perspective to the council," he said. "As a teacher, public service is kind of in my blood."

Producing raw milk

Eric Vimont hooks up a milking machine.

Milk in the raw

Eric Vimont, the owner of Pasture Nectar Farms in Mount Vernon, bottles the milk once all the cows are milked. Kathy Vimont, his wife, will then cool it. A quick cooling is one of the three things Eric Vimont said is necessary for quality raw milk. The other two factors are cleanliness while milking and the type of wheat the cows eat.

Milking a cow

Eric Vimont and his son, Jake Vimont, pet a calf as his mother is milked.