Bruck struggles, but MU softball wins doubleheader

Andee Allen of the MU softball team is tagged out by Tyler Benson as she slides into second base during play against Boston University.

Non-invasive cavity treatment being developed

Hao Li, left, and Qingsong Yu, right, stand in front of their lab equipment at MU's School of Engineering. Both studied in China before earning their doctorates in the United States.

Students prepare for night of song, dance and fashion from all around the world

Jingqian Xu, 25, practices a traditional Chinese dance for Saturday night's International Fashion Show.


Wendi Wong, 20, practices a traditional dance of the Wei Wu Er, one of China's many ethnic minorities.


From left, Shengu Lu, Jingqian Xu and Wendi Wong practice their routine. "This international fashion show is a really good opportunity for international students to present their own culture," Shengu said.

State park's missing layers of history

Jewish organizations react to controversial speaker

Norman Finkelstein

Neighbors witness 6-car accident in their front yard

This van is one of six vehicles that was hit early Friday on Southampton Drive.


Neighbors on Southampton Drive woke early Friday to the sound of a car crash in their front yard.

Tigers place second at Cat Classic

The MU gymnastics team give each other high-fives after the bars event at the Cat Classic on Friday night at the Hearnes Center.


Sarah Shire attempts a landing off the balance beam at the Cat Classic on Friday night at the Hearnes Center.


Ashley Khederian begins her mat routine at the Cat Classic on Friday night at the Hearnes Center.

Photographer explores high-dynamic range panorama

176-year-old Edgewood Farm. The experience of discovering this house still resonates as the Old Creepy House Explorers Club's favorite.


Edgewood interior. The metal across the floorboards was all a previous owner had to help him walk from his shack to the kitchen. It was installed by a stranger at the time, who in return inherited one-third of the multimillion dollar farm.


From left, Cindy Durk, Kent Durk and longtime friend Laurie Shelhart are known as the Old Creepy House Explorers Club. Before they became a team, they hung out at movie night every Wednesday.

Cyclones stop Tigers from chance at back-to-back wins

Missouri's Alyssa Hollins (12) fights for a rebound against Iowa's Kelsey Bolte.

Even without buying a ticket, you can enjoy True/False

The Cherry Street Artisian filled up with people looking to get their hands on some True/False tickets when they went on sale at noon on Thursday. The Columbia Police and Fire departments requested that some of the crowd be moved outside because the space was over its capacity of 187 people.


Assistant Fire Marshal Lt. Shawn McCollom and Columbia police Officer Tim Thomason talk with Paul Sturtz about the oversized crowd in the Cherry Street Artisan. "We recieved a complaint about there being too many people in the building." Lt. McCollom said. "If a reasonalbe person stood in here and thinks that there's more than 187 people then we have to do something about it." Officer Thomason added. Sturtz had to ask some customers to wait outside until their turn came to purchase their tickets.


Bryce Youmans, 6, watches as his shake is prepared at Sparky's season opening on Monday.

Prepping for the pro show

Tony Temple looks on as Lorenzo Williams takes his turn on the three-cone drill at MU’s Athletic Training Center.