Thomas Eagleton

In this Aug. 1, 1972, file photo Sen. Thomas Eagleton reacts while listening to presidential hopeful Sen. George McGovern's announcement that Eagleton is stepping aside as his vice presidential running mate during a news conference in Washington. Public disclosure of his mental illness and shock therapy forced him to withdraw as McGovern's running mate in 1972. Some questioned whether the FBI, which had kept tabs on Eagleton since the 1950s, had shared his medical information to the media or others.

Ann Savage

In this photo provided by Kent Adamson of the Ann Savage Archive, shows a 1940 photo of veteran movie actress Ann Savage. Savage, who earned a cult following as a femme fatale in such 1940s pulp-fiction movies as "Detour," has died at 87.

2008 Tigers take the field vs. OSU

Missouri football coach Gary Pinkel and his team run onto the field before the Tigers' game Oct. 11 against Oklahoma State.

Scultpor Robert Graham dead at 70

Sculptor Robert Graham is shown in this 2006 photo with his wife, actress Anjelica Huston, at the 58th Annual Directors Guild Awards in Los Angeles. Graham, whose massive bronze works mark civic monuments across America, died Saturday.

Man admits to making up story of Holocaust romance

Herman and Roma Rosenblat in their North Miami Beach, Fla., home in September. Herman Rosenblat's "Angel at the Fence" had been scheduled to come out in February, but Berkley Books, an imprint of Penguin Group (USA), withdrew the memoir following allegations by scholars, friends and family members that his tale wasn't true.

Wet pens

Heavy rains and a malfunctioning drain caused water to back up into some of the kennels at the Central Missouri Humane Society. The Columbia Fire Department helped pump out the water.

Driving lessons

Stephanie Smith, 22, passed her driving test on Nov. 21. She took driving lessons in Columbia before taking the test.

MU receiver Tommy Saunders volunteers with Big Brothers

MU wide receiver Tommy Saunders, left, and Columbia teenager Cecil Williams spend some time together at the Missouri Athletic Training Complex. Saunders and Williams met through Big Brothers Big Sisters.

Cougars' leading scorer

SIU-Edwardsville guard Mark Yelovich dribbles past MU center Steve Moore. Yelovich led the team in points with 13.

Carroll leads the team

MU guard DeMarre Carroll goes up for a layup after beating SIU-Edwardsville forward Mark Yelovich. Carroll had 21 points and 10 rebounds to lead the Tigers.

Going for a layup

MU freshman guard Miguel Paul leaps past SIU-Edwardsville defender John Edmison for a layup.

Baby U members

Siriyala Kujala and her daughter Medha, 10 months old, attend Baby U at the Lend & Learn Center in Columbia.

Learning together

Mikayla Hahn and her 8-month-old son, Ilia Dimov, left, accompanied by her sister Maegen and 11-month-old Zion Hahn, attend Baby U at the Lend & Learn Center in Columbia, where new parents can learn about early childhood devolopment through the First Chance for Children program.

Darbi Gibson

"Darbi G. Photography," created by Darbi Gibson. A blog about a local photographer's business.

Zac Early

"Living in Misery," created by Zac Early. A blog prompted by the author's move to Missouri, covering topics such as music, beer, politics and why Columbus, Ohio, is superior to Columbia.

Jeff Porter

"Stroke of Faith," created by Jeff Porter. A blog about faith and stroke recovery.

Landfill and toxic groundwater

A bulldozer moves trash at the Columbia landfill. Trees were planted at the facility in an effort to soak up toxic groundwater before it reaches nearby Hinkson Creek. Dirty groundwater can lead to many problems, including unwelcome smells, mosquitoes and structural damage.

Protecting Columbia's water

A newly planted cottonwood tree stands about 12 inches tall at the Columbia landfill. Last year, 1,800 trees were planted to keep toxins and heavy metals out of the groundwater, which eventually ends up as drinking water.

Drum lession

Pam Fleenor (left) gives a private djembe lesson to aspiring drummer Chad Parmenter at Orr Street Studios. Fleenor said she devoted most of her time at Orr Street working on her visual art, but occasionally gives private drum lessons.

Making drums

Pam Fleenor prepares to cut a fresh piece of wood in her workshop. Fleenor has been making her own drums in Columbia for over twelve years.