Lyons puts in a layup against Texas Tech

Leo Lyons attempts to put in a layup after driving past Texas Tech's Robert Lewandowski. Lyons had a total of nine points in the game.

Denmon battles Texas Tech

MU's Marcus Denmon battles for possession in the second round matchup against Texas Tech. The Tigers will face off in round three against Oklahoma State at 8:30.

Rob Doyen and Betsy Shirey rehearse for 'Fuddy Meers'

Rob Doyen, left, and Betsy Shirey run through the opening scene of "Fuddy Meers" during rehearsal on March 5. Doyen's character has to go through the same questions every morning after he informs Shirey's character that she has amnesia.

Sam Cordes as Millet in 'Fuddy Meers'

Sam Cordes, in the role of Millet, argues with his sock puppet during a rehearsal of "Fuddy Meers." Cordes' character uses the sock puppet to channel his feelings. A group of Stephens College students is working to produce the play.

Rock Bridge boys basketball coach Jim Scanlon

Rock Bridge coach Jim Scanlon has a 573-189 record in his 28-year career and was a 2007 inductee into the Missouri Basketball Coaches Association Hall of Fame. However, he has never won a state championship. The Bruins play in the 2009 state semifinals Friday afternoon against Chaminade.

DeMarre Carroll leads MU against Texas Tech in Big 12 tournament

Missouri forward DeMarre Carroll, center, scored 19 points in the Tigers’ win over Texas Tech on Thursday night in the quarterfinals of the Big 12 tournament.

Pausing to contemplate

Afsah Khan of Gentry Middle School pauses while spelling a word at the Regional Spelling Bee on Thursday night. Afsah finished third out of 56 participants. Elizabeth Platz of Columbia Home Educators won with the proper spelling of "tetrazzini."

Offering congratulations

Megan Moore, left, congratulates Elizabeth Platz after Elizabeth correctly spells a word. Elizabeth went on to win while Megan took second place.

Stepping up to the mic

A contestant steps up to the microphone during an early round of the Regional Spelling Bee on Thursday. After 20 rounds, Elizabeth Platz of Columbia Home Educators, was named champion after correctly spelling "tetrazzini."

A laugh before a spell

Prerna Srinivasan of West Junior High School laughs before spelling her competition word at the Regional Spelling Bee on Thursday. Fifty-six students participated in the spelling bee. Elizabeth Platz, a seventh-grader at Columbia Home Educators, took first place with her correct spelling of "tetrazzini."

Top three spelling bee winners

From left, the top three finishers of the Regional Spelling Bee: first place, Elizabeth Platz of Columbia Home Educators; second place, Megan Moore of Southern Boone Middle School; and third place, Afsah Khan of Gentry Middle School.

Michael Byrne

After 3 1⁄2 years at the Boone County public defender's office, Michael Byrne is leaving. “I’ve got to follow my heart. I’ve got another mountain to climb, and that’s private practice,” he said.

Work piles up

District Defender Kevin O’Brien works to diminish the amount of paperwork covering his desk at the Columbia public defender’s office in 2008. Everything on his desk represents only five business days' worth of files.

Pushing through paperwork

District Defender Kevin O’Brien works to diminish the amount of paperwork covering his desk at the Columbia public defender’s office in 2008. The piles of case work represent only five business days' worth of files.

Preparing for words with a German origin

Dylan's mom, Lori Valleroy, reads aloud to Dylan from the German words list. The list includes words with a German origin that are now part of the English language.

Studying spelling

Dylan Valleroy runs through columns of practice words with mom Lori Valleroy in preparation for the upcoming Columbia Regional Spelling Bee. Valleroy is a fourth-grade student at Parkade Elementary School and the school representative for the spelling bee.

Candidate Hal Williamson

Willie Smith

Former MU Hall of Fame basketball player Willie Smith said he and his nephew were cleaning Bella Salon on John Gary Drive on Monday morning when the alarm next door at Smokin' Chicks BBQ went off. After police arrived, Smith said, he was sprayed with Mace and received a nose contusion when a police officer threw him against a car. Now he plans to file a complaint against the officers.

ABC Labs, Show-Me JOBS success story

Scientists Conrad King, left, and Nathaniel Barbe discuss an experiment as they test pharmaceuticals at ABC Labs on March 11, 2009. As a capital-intensive business, ABC Labs has applied for several tax incentives to assist with the cost of equipment and personnel.

Easy does it

A worker from Mediacom lifts a wire so the shotgun house can fit under it.