Kathie Lutz takes a break during a May 2008 tennis match

Kathie Lutz takes a break during her league doubles tennis match Tuesday night, May 13, 2008, at Cosmo Park. Lutz and her partner, Belinda Masters, are part of a US Tennis Association sanctioned league for women that are 35 and older.

Women's doubles tennis medalists at the Show-Me State Games

Gold medalists Kathie Lutz, third from left, and Belinda Masters, fourth from left, pose with the other medalists in the Women's Doubles Tennis Competition at the Show-Me State Games on Saturday.

Warren Funeral Chapel in Columbia

Attorney General Jay Nixon has asked Boone County Circuit Court to close Warren Funeral Chapel, 12 E. Ash St.

Faith Wright wins talent show junior division

Faith Wright, 8, celebrates with her mother after winning the Boone County Fair talent show. Faith performed a gymnastics routine.

Guilty Party performs at fair talent show

Isaac Baker, left, Austin Culbertson, center, and Ross Menefee perform "Enter Sandman" by Metallica. The band, called Guilty Party, is from Columbia.

Jarrod Turner plays and sings

Jarrod Turner, an aspiring session guitarist, made the talent show finals.

Anna Biswell in the spotlight

Anna Biswell performs during the Boone County Fair talent show finals.

Shooting at the Show-Me State Games, Photo 2

“Pull,” said Edward Ruehter when he was ready for a clay bird to be released from the trap. He pulled the trigger, and the bullet hit the target, shattering the clay bird. Ruehter shot down 46 of 50 clay birds.

Shooting at the Show-Me State Games, Photo 1

Edward Ruehter and his son, Darrell Ruehter, joke around while Edward Ruehter loads his gun for the Show-Me State Games shooting competition. The competition took place Saturday morning at the Cedar Creek Rod and Gun Club.

Ham auction at the Boone County Fairgrounds

Glenn Sapp auctions off one of 36 hams on Saturday at the Boone County Fair. Larry Atterberry, left, and R.E. Voorhies, below center, kept their eyes out for bidders in the crowd and pointed them out as they saw them.

Babies compete at fair

Competitors in the girls' baby contest are presented on stage at the Boone County Fair on Thursday.

Profile picture of Cande Iveson

23rd District candidate Cande Iveson speaks with a supporter at a campaign event at the Mule Barn in Columbia.


Students - buzzers

Teammates in the Hickman High School Knowledge Masters club race to buzz in for a question at their practice on May 28.

Students at projector

Katie Van Doren, 16, a junior at Hickman High School, presented a report of her science internship at MU to a panel of evaluators on May 29, 2008. Doren is part of the gifted education program at Hickman.

Student at desk

Katie Van Doren, 16, is part of the gifted education program at Hickman High School.

Students at table

From left, Elizabeth Choe, Chris Novosel, Abby Sun, and Adithi Vellori make jokes about the answers of the 30-second lighting round at the Knowledge Masters club meeting on May 28 at Hickman High School. The team met to prepare for the Academic Championship, a national quiz bowl competition in Chicago, Ill.

Students in classroom

From right, Boiar Qin and Adithi Vellori think through a question during their Knowledge Masters club practice at Hickman High School on May 28.

The Art of Luxury, ivory

C.B. Whalen, left, and Gennie Pfannenstiel gaze at a silver mustache curler placed among portraitures and sandals made out of ivory from South India. Every object in the display was once owned and used by someone.

The Art of Luxury, glass

Several works of intricately designed Bohemian glass are on display at “The Fine Art of Living” exhibit. Such objects once played an important role, communicating social, political, religious and cultural information while helping to maintain the social order.