Learning through play

Two boys play with Legos during their free time on Nov. 12 in Luna's classroom at Parkade Elementary School.

Jennifer Luna at work

Jennifer Luna flips through flash cards while teaching her students how to read by associating pictures with words. Luna teaches special needs students proper behavior in addition to everyday schooling.

MU men's basketball player Keith Ramsey

Keith Ramsey was a first team All-Panhandle Conference selection during each of his two years at Okaloosa-Walton (Fla.).

MU women's basketball player Bekah Mills

Missouri's Bekah Mills suffered a season-ending knee injury before the start of last season and was seeing limited minutes at the start of this season. But she has started the past five games at point guard.

MU women's swimmer Lori Halvorson

Senior Lori Halvorson, a captain on the Missouri women’s swimming team, holds three individual records for the Tigers. Coach Brian Hoffer calls her “one of the best” in school history.

Rock Bridge basketball player Matt Kelly

Rock Bridge guard Matt Kelly drives down the court Dec. 18 against host Hickman.

Anderson is cross-examined

Andy Anderson, coordinator for the Mid-Missouri Internet Crimes Task Force, is cross-examined by defense attorney Tony Manansala on Thursday.

Tremaine waits for trial to begin

Defendant Clarence Arthur Tremaine waits for his jury trial to begin Thursday. Tremaine is charged with possession and promotion of child pornography.

Andy Anderson testifies in trial

Andy Anderson, coordinator of the Mid-Missouri Internet Crimes Task Force, testifies during Clarence Arthur Tremaine's jury trial on Thursday. Tremaine is charged with possession and promotion of child pornography.

Director of Orr Street Studios

Elaine Johnson is the new director of Orr Street Studios. She says she is not an artist but loves art.

Concerned MU faculty

Victoria Johnson, associate professor of sociology, listens to Chancellor Brady Deaton speak at a general faculty meeting in Jesse Wrench Auditorium on Dec. 17. Deaton addressed faculty concerns stemming from the current state of the economy and from potential budget cuts of up to 25 percent.

Radio Ranger's show reflects times

Steve Donorio, the "Radio Ranger" at KOPN/89.5 FM, checks his levels as he begins a tune during his Sunday radio show.

Learning Kwanzaa traditions

Elayna Mottaz, left, and Melissa Carranza play African instruments Wednesday during a Kwanzaa presentation at Rock Bridge Elementary School. Dee Campbell-Carter taught the first-graders about the holiday.

Celebrating Kwanzaa

On Wednesday at Rock Bridge Elementary, Dee Campbell-Carter shows a mask her family made during Kwanzaa. Kuumba, Swahili for creativity, is celebrated during Kwanzaa.

Summer Hock takes her sled to the top of a hill

Summer Hock drags her sled back to the top of a hill at Stephens Lake Park on Tuesday, Dec. 16, 2008. Hock spent the afternoon sledding with her father, Ken Hock, and her friend Regina Hartliep, 7.

Ken Hock sledding at Stephens Lake Park

Ken Hock rides on a sled down the hill with his daughter's friend Regina Hartliep, 7, at Stephens Lake Park on Tuesday, Dec. 16, 2008. Columbia schools were canceled for the second day in a row because of inclement weather, giving many kids the chance to have some fun on the hills.

Students sell books for cash despite weather

Christine Kruse, an MU sophomore, sells back textbooks from the fall semester. Kruse made $80 on her buyback Tuesday.

Virginia Huxley

Not wanting to get his face wet, 6-year-old English spring spaniel Jura lifts his head away from the soap and water on Virginia Huxley's hands. Huxley teaches agility training to Jura and several other dogs at the Columbia Canine Sports Center.

Training Ailsa

Sixteen-month-old Ailsa runs out of a tunnel at the Columbia Canine Sports Center's show arena. Ailsa was preparing for an upcoming show with her owner, Virginia Huxley, who owns the center and is also an MU professor of medical pharmacology and physiology.

Dog trainer balances teaching

Virginia Huxley examines the posture of Jura, a 6-year-old English springer spaniel at the Columbia Canine Sports Center on Dec. 9. Huxley teaches training classes at the center and is also an MU professor of medical pharmacology and physiology.
"I love the partnership you have with dogs and when you are working with them. It truly is a high when you are on the same page," Huxley said.