Spreading the health care bill around

Rep. John Culberson, R-Texas, throws the health care bill to the crowd on Capitol Hill in Washington on Thursday during a health care reform rally.

Missouri football's Jacquies Smith

Sophomore defensive lineman Jacquies Smith tosses a football around during practice Tuesday on Faurot Field.

Missouri basketball's Justin Safford

MU junior forward Justin Safford jokes around with assistant basketball coach T.J. Cleveland before practice Oct. 29, 2009, at Mizzou Arena.

Hickman soccer players celebrate

Kewpies forward Colin Janicek celebrates his goal against Jefferson City during the second half of the Class 3 District 9 championship game Thursday at Hickman High School.

Hickman soccer celebrates

The Hickman soccer team celebrates their victory over Jefferson City in the Class 3 District 9 championship game.

Hickman wins district championship

Hickman soccer coach Adam Taylor congratulates his team as they celebrate their victory over Jefferson City. The last time the Kewpies won the championship, Taylor was a player on the team.

Williams' mother reacts to verdict

Sabra Williams, mother of Damon A. Williams, waits in handcuffs to be taken to a holding cell at the Boone County Courthouse in Columbia. Williams was found in contempt of court for disrupting the proceedings by trying to leave the courtroom after the jury returned a verdict of guilty on all charges for her son.

Williams reacts after verdict

Damon A. Williams reacts as his mother attempts to leave the courtroom in the Boone County Courthouse after the jury announced their verdict. Williams was found guilty of first-degree murder, first-degree robbery and armed criminal action.

Williams escorted from courthouse

Damon A. Williams is escorted from the courtroom at the Boone County Courthouse by officers of the court after those in attendance reacted to the verdict. The jury returned a verdict of guilty on all charges, including first-degree murder, after two hours of deliberating.

Williams removed from courthouse

Damon A. Williams is escorted from the courtroom in the Boone County Courthouse. The jury found Williams guilty on all charges in the 2008 shooting death of Nathaniel Bentley.

Helping homeowners with weatherization

Darrell Tudball from Central Missouri Community Action explains to homeowners different ways to stop the infiltration of cold air during the winter months on Thursday at the Center for Energy Efficiency and Weatherization. One of the main points stressed during the seminar was making sure homes have proper insulation where necessary.

Nidal Malik Hasan

This photo from the Center for the Study of Traumatic Stress Web Site shows Nidal Malik Hasan. Military officials said the suspected shooter at Fort Hood, Texas, on Thursday was Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan.

Calling her husband

Monica Cain wipes her eye Thursday as she tries to get in touch with her husband, Sgt. Darren Cain, who is stationed at Fort Hood, Texas.

Waiting outside the base

Sgt. Anthony Sills comforts his wife as they wait outside Fort Hood Army base near Killeen, Texas, on Thursday. The Sills' 3-year old son is still in daycare on the base, which is in lockdown following a mass shooting earlier in the day.

Calming down after an accident

Cathy Walker comforts Taqulia West after a car accident on Business Loop 70 on Thursday. "I just want you to know that everything is gonna be okay," Walker said. The two were involved in a head-on collision and Walker acknowledges that she is responsible for the crash. "I just didn't see her at all," Walker said.

Shoveling radioactive dirt

Kevin Fasken, left, holds a Geiger counter, an instrument used to measure ionized radiation, while Chris Pearman deposits contaminated dirt outside of Schlundt Annex on Wednesday. The MU environmental health and safety department was called to clean up a small amount of phosphorus-32 that was accidentally spilled last night.

Measuring radioactivity

Kevin Fasken of the MU environmental health and safety department passes a Geiger counter over an area of contaminated dirt outside of Schlundt Annex on Wednesday. Geiger counters measure ionizing radiation and help the cleanup crew locate the pockets of radiation left from a phosphorus-32 spill last night.

Negotiating the terrain

MU freshman Gabriella Garbero enters the Kappa Kappa Gamma house on Sept. 9. Garbera wheels on a portable ramp set up over the steps.

Garbero heads to class

MU freshman Gabriella Garbero leaves Hawthorn Residence Hall for 9 a.m. class on Sept. 18.

Jordan Davis breaks down

Witness for the prosecution Jordan Davis breaks down Wednesday in the Boone County Courtroom as he talks about his friend Nathaniel Bentley being shot in the head in June 2008. Davis was a roommate of Bentley when they were allegedly robbed at gunpoint by murder defendant Damon Williams and four other men.