Ragtag bartender expects sleepless night

True/False volunteer and Ragtag bartender Kyle Warren watches the progression of people purchasing food from Uprise Bakery inside the Ragtag Cinema on Friday. "I've been wearing this all day," Warren said. "I'll probably wear it all day tomorrow — I'm not going to bed tonight."

Theater uses spotlight to display True/False logo

The True/False Film Festival logo could be seen all around Columbia for days. Here, the Missouri Theater displayed the logo as a screen saver between films as well as a spotlight on the ceiling.

A gathering of Ferguson enthusiasts

From left, George Montgomery, Buz Picker, Bill Montgomery, Richard Sorrels, Marty Wulff and Wayne Russell listen as FENA President Mike Elzer addresses the group. The men attended the gathering of Ferguson tractor lovers Saturday at George's Restaurant in Columbia.

Tractor treasures

A collection of Ferguson tractor tools, models and memorabilia belonging to the Ferguson Enthusiasts of North America is on display. Members of the club gathered at George's Restaurant in Columbia on Saturday.

Marty Wulff shows off his Ferguson TO35

Marty Wulff of Columbia sits in front of his TO35 Ferguson tractor. Wulff brought one of his four Fergusons to show at the gathering of FENA members Saturday at George's Restaurant in Columbia.

KaShaye shoots

KaShaye Mathews, 15, goes in for a shot during a 3-on-3 game at New Haven Elementary School on Feb. 2. Mathews basketball team was headed to the regional championship game on Feb. 21.

KaShaye arranges chairs

KaShaye Mathews arranges chairs at the tables in the cafeteria at West Junior High School on Feb. 17. Most of the chairs are stacked for after-school detention once a week and Mathews and her classmates put them back the next morning. They also take care of the school’s recycling and clean the teacher’s lounge every week. Mathews volunteers in the cafeteria stocking chips and milk and checking the expiration dates, said her teacher, Leslie Bishop.

KaShaye and Ashlyn at Bible study

Ashlyn Kasten, 22, left, helps KaShaye Mathews, 15, right, find a verse during a teen Bible study at the Salvation Army Worship Center on Feb. 11. KaShaye and her brother Mikal Mathews, 13, not pictured, have been attending services at the Center for about a year.

KaShaye with her mother

KaShaye Mathews jokes with her mother, Katrina Mathews, after their interpretive dance performance during the service at Salvation Army Church on Feb. 8.

KaShaye performs

KaShaye Mathews smiles as she performs on stage with her mother in front of the Salvation Army Church congregation on Feb. 8. Mathews and her mother performed an interpretive dance.

KaShaye's prepares for her performance

KaShaye Mathews clasps her hands and takes a moment before getting ready to perform with her mother during the Feb. 8 service at Salvation Army Church in Columbia.

KaShaye reads at church

KaShaye Mathews reads the program during service on Feb. 8 at the Salvation Army Church. She is an avid reader and also loves Jackie Chan.

Chris Belcher, the new superintendent

The Columbia Board of Education chose Chris Belcher, currently superintendent of the Kearney R-1 School District, as the new superintendent for Columbia Public Schools starting in July. Belcher, who was born and raised in Kearney and is deeply rooted in the community, said that he will miss “how easy it feels in Kearney," but he wants to find a way to socialize with teachers and students in Columbia, even if it’s just 20 minutes a day.

Eating with students

Chris Belcher eats lunch with students of Kearney Elementary School. About three days a week, Belcher eats with students at one of the schools in his district. "I know I will probably not be able to do this as frequently in Columbia," he said. "(But) it’s an opportunity (for me) to get out into the schools."

Wanna hear my rap?

Kolby Hayes, 7, left, a first-grader at Dogwood Elementary School in Kearney, tells Superintendent Chris Belcher about a rap called “When I’m kind” that he is writing in class. Belcher emphasizes the direct, personal contact with students and staff, and he tries to visit at least one of the schools in his district every day.

Kearney artists

Student work from the schools in the Kearney R-1 School District is displayed in the lobby of the Kearney Board of Education building.

Belcher at work

Chris Belcher answers emails in his office. Belcher is well-known throughout his hometown of Kearney and hopes to bring his sense of community to Columbia.

Missouri's Alicia Hatcher falls on the uneven bar

Senior Alicia Hatcher loses her grip on the uneven bars shortly before taking a fall at the 29th Annual Cat Classic at Hearnes Center on Friday The meet featured the Tigers against teams from Michigan State, Western Michigan and Cal State Fullerton.

Missouri's Adrianne Perry on the beam

Adrianne Perry, an MU senior, flips during her routine on the balance beam at the 29th Annual Cat Classic on Feb. 27 at Hearnes Center.

Missouri tennis players Kaitlyn Ritchie and Jessica Giuggioli

Kaitlyn Ritchie, left, and Jessica Giuggioli, right, of Missouri react during their double's match against the Wisconsin at the Green Tennis Center in Columbia on Friday. They lost the match 9-8.