Title: Mt. Fuji from Okitsu River, 1928

From the research: Mt. Fuji, the tallest in Japan, is frequently used in Japanese art. Here two men are fishing at daybreak before Fuji on the Okitsu River, which is the only place to fish for ayu (freshwater sweet fish) in Eastern Japan.


Title: Ochanomizu, 1861

Hiroshige II, Ando's (he's in the show too) disciple, Ochanomizu, means "tea water." This print is a reference the tradition of gathering river water for the shogun's, the military dictator of Japan, tea.


Title: Shinobazu Pond at Ueno Park, 1939.

Ueno Park is the largest and oldest park in Tokyo.

Poetic Painting

Mehrhoff is the academic coordinator for the Museum of Art and Archaeology at MU. He can be contacted

Journey to Japan leaves 2 Columbia teachers with deeper understanding

Clint Darr practices his Japanese symbols.
 Darr and Tammy Cox were two of 160 American teachers who spent three weeks in Japan as part of the Japan Fulbright Memorial Fund Teacher Program.


Clint Darr poses with students he spent a day with in Japan last month. Darr said plans to build a Web site that will include photos and snippets from his journal.

Man injured in moped crash at Providence and Sexton intersection

Paramedics and firefighters put a moped accident victim into an ambulance Thursday morning at the intersection of Providence and Sexton roads. The man, 68-year-old William B. Easley, suffered head and leg injuries.

Dentist to unveil Statue of Liberty replica at dusk July 4

Dentist Fred Christman rewraps a tarp around his replica of the Statue of Liberty on Thursday afternoon at his dental practice on West Boulevard in Columbia. Christman plans to unveil and light the statue, which he found at a Kansas City antique mall and renovated over the past four months, at dusk on the Fourth of July.


The Statue of Liberty replica at Christman's dental practice on West Boulevard. He estimated that eight people helped fix it.

CEDAR RAPIDS MISSION: Students from The Crossing go to help

Marty Swant

Behind the explosions of a firework show

Paul Worsey helps Premier Pyrotechnics Inc., a pyrotechnic company that specializes in professional large firework displays set up for Friday's Fire in the Sky firework show.


Missouri Symphony Orchestra music director and conductor Kirk Trevor leads musicians during a rehearsal for their upcoming "Patriotic Pops" performance Wednesday afternoon at the Missouri Theatre Center for the Arts.


Members of the Missouri Symphony Orchestra rehearse for their upcoming Fourth of July "Patriotic Pops" performance Wednesday afternoon at the Missouri Theatre Center for the Arts.


Members of the Missouri Symphony Orchestra put their sheet music in playing order before rehearsal at the Missouri Theatre Center for the Arts for their upcoming "Fire in the Sky" performance of "Patriotic Pops."

Residents want more information about trail from Grasslands to Garth

Carly and Ally Offerdahl bring home medals from taekwondo competition

Ally Offerdahl practices taekwondo. She said she likes competing against her older sister.


Carly Offerdahl said she practices her taekwondo from two or three times a day.


Team members Jennifer Claybrooks, Garrett Bentley and Andrew Lukefahr discuss the connections for a headset in Tigergen I. The headset will allow the driver to communicate with other students in the team's support vehicles.


Next year's team president, Sarah Scully, applies a filler material to one of Tigergen I's circuit boards. The material, which consists of small glass beads and epoxy, both holds items in place and insulates them from other electrical components.


One of Tigergen I's two hydrogen fuel cells is installed on the car. The team spent almost a year trying to obtain the cells, said mechanical team leader Garrett Bentley.