Munashe Chigerwe, third from the right, grew up on his family’s farm in Chivhu, Zimbabwe. As a child, he woke up early to tend to the fields and cattle until 6:30 a.m. He then bathed in a crocodile-infested river before traveling seven miles by foot to school.

Firehouse Cookin': Firefighters in Columbia enjoy cooking meals together

Brian Wattenbarger serves himself lunch while Lieutenant Brian Wasson digs into his salad on Tuesday, April 22, 2008. The Columbia Fire Department crew at station 3 has made a ritual out of lunchtime. The cooks change, and the meals vary in size and flavor, but the crew always sit down to eat with every place set at 11 a.m.

City considers proposal to build median down Providence Road

A draft of options discussed at the meeting.


Zach Kurzejeski swings early in the second of the Rock Bridge baseball team's two games today. The Bruins scored three runs in the first inning, but fell to Vianny, 11-9.


Rock Bridge baseball team members stand in gusty winds before a storm passes through during a rain delay on Friday afternoon. The delay separated the double header, which the Bruins split, beating Camdenton4-3 in the first game and losing to Vianny in the second, 11-9.


Nick Little, second from right, tosses a baseball on the dugout steps during a game the Rock Bridge team plays to pass time during a rain delay on Friday afternoon. The goal of the game is to toss the ball onto the steps, and depending on the step it lands on and sticks, it correlates to a base, just like baseball.

Rock Bridge baseball team gets creative during rain delays

Nick Little, a second basemen for Rock Bridge, tosses a baseball on the steps of the dugout during a minigame the team played during Friday's rain delay. The goal of the game is to get the ball to rest on a higher step. Like a modified game of baseball, the first step counts as first base, second step as second base, and if it can rest on the top step without rolling into the turf, it counts as a home run. Some team members have been playing it since the seniors were freshman.

Earthquake gives Boone County residents something to talk about

Jake Sherlock is a news editor at the Columbia Missourian.

Minister speaks about impact of politics, social concerns on her prayer life

Kim Gage Ryan listens to a friend during lunch with her prayer group in her home. Ryan prays about political issues, “but it’s not limited to my prayer life that informs my political perspectives.”


Ryan asks her guests if they need anything before sitting down to eat lunch with her prayer group. From left to right, Ryan, Tammy Hinshaw, Leslie Clay and Cecelia Kersey.

New downtown bike corrals ask for voluntary meter payments

From left, Chris Jaegers, Melissa Kelp, and Matthew McCracken, Public Works Department employees, install a bike rack on intersection of 9th street and Cherry.

Lightning strike sparks house fire


Photo of the Week

A cyclist waits at a red light next to a car on Ninth Street on April 14. The city is planning to improve intersections with crosswalks and bike lanes to make the streets safer for Columbia's bikers.

Before the big show: behind the scenes at high school music festival

Shayne Dorrell of Troy Buchanan High School practices just minutes before his snare drumming performance on Thursday at the Missouri State High School Activities Association Music Festival in Memorial Union.


Sean Reed of Warrensburg High School empties his euphonium's spit valve in a restroom in Memorial Union.


Caitlin Walker of Eldon High School talks with her band director Rex McCargar just minutes before her French horn performance on Thursday at the Missouri State High School Activities Association Music Festival in Memorial Union.


Amanda Haberberger of Troy Buchanan High School practices in the Memorial Union student lounge before her French horn performance on Thursday at the Missouri State High School Activities Association Music Festival.

Former MU runner Miller an Olympic hopeful

MU Alum Neville Miller trains for the Olympics at Mizzou's Audrey J. Walton Track. He hopes to compete in the 800-meter race.

Historic Boonville bridge prompts investigation of Coast Guard procedures

The historic railroad bridge in Boonville has spanned the Missouri River since 1932, but it is no longer in use.