Stewart edges Edwards

Tony Stewart (14), Carl Edwards (99) and Matt Kenseth (17) follow the pace car during a restart Sunday in the NASCAR Pocono 500 at Pocono Raceway in Long Pond, Pa. Stewart won the race, with Edwards in second. Kenseth finished 16th. NASCAR debuted revamped restarts at Pocono in an effort to add more competitive spice and give in to fans clamoring for more excitement. The most obvious change: the race leader has the option to restart on the inside or outside, with the second-place driver pulling alongside.

Carridine death

Actor David Carradine in this Wednesday, March 10, 2004 file photo at his home in the Tarzana section of Los Angeles. The Carradine family is asking the FBI and a private forensics expert to help investigate death of the "Kung Fu" actor, who died Thursday in Bangkok.

Show-Me Games three-on-three soccer tournament

Coach Jeff Ayers huddles with his players between plays Saturday during the Show-Me State Games three-on-three soccer tournament.

Carp die-off

Joe Deters and Erinn Beahan, Arctic Slope Regional Corporation contractors working with U.S. Geological Survey return to the ramp after collecting silver carp for a study on Omega-3 fatty acids in February. The health of silver carp in the Missouri River have recently started to decline because of lack of food.

5th annual National Trails Day

At Columbia's fifth annual celebration of National Trails Day on Saturday, Greg Blakemore holds his daughter, 19-month-old Mera, as she timidly pets the mailbox turtle at the Runge Conservation Nature Center's animal table. Volunteer Kerra Wieberg explained that there are orange spots on the turtle because it is mating season.

Columbia youth soccer coach Rick Hess

Rick Hess, right, chats with fellow coach Don Roberts at Saturday’s Show-Me State Games three-on-three soccer tournament.

Golfers' dress bigpartof Knickerbocker Tournament

ason Cooley and Jeff Glenn comment on each other’s outfits before the Country Club of Missouri’s third annual Knickerbocker Golf Tournament. The tournament and its theme are inspired by Steve Inslee, a past member of the country club known for wearing argyle socks and vintage knickerbockers at tournaments.

How Etienne's family came from Burundi

After the wedding

Venant Nduwayo stands by himself outside the Westminster Chapel in Fulton after Drew and Ingrid Nishiyama's wedding. Venant met Drew and Ingrid at Adam Wheeler's Bible study group. This was the first "American" wedding Venant had been invited to.

From English to Swahili

Florence Buigut, center, translates the pastor’s sermon from English to Swahili (one of Burundi’s languages) at Christian Fellowship Church. Many Burundian refugees are Christian by faith and have formed a relationship with Americans from this church. The church has responded by helping the refugees find jobs and providing them with clothes for the winter. Buigut is from Kenya.

Driving lessons

Etienne’s brother, Venant, teaches Etienne how to drive.

Word by word

Etienne’s father, Yoronimu Buhegere, reviews a list of words in English and their Kurundi translations during a lesson taught by Etienne. Etienne knew no English when he came here from Tanzania in 2007 but now teaches English to other refugees.

'You have to help each other'

Niyonzima Etienne plays with his younger siblings, Esiron, right, and Jeanine. "If you are brothers, you have to help each other," Etienne said. "When someone needs something, you do (it) for them. . . . I help them because that's what brothers are for. Brotherhood is to help each other."

Planning for the future

Venant Nduwayo cleans a window at the Student Rec Center on the MU campus. Venant paints and cleans windows for Shepherd's Co., a job that the Christian Fellowship Church helped him find. "If I'm lucky to learn English and communicate with people effectively," Venant said. "I would like to go back to school . . . but for a job with skills that will enable me to work with my hands."

Helping with diapers and other duties

Etienne puts a diaper on his younger brother, Esiron. When they can, Etienne and Venant help their father raise their younger siblings.

This tree won't shed

Elm is a tree sculpture by Wayne Trinklein. Trinklein, from St. Peters, specializes in trees. He has developed various themes and ideas over the course of his 38-year career.

Protecting his work

Jacques A. Bachelier, leaded glass artist, considers putting away some of his pieces that were banging together in the wind. Bachelier has been making a living at his craft for 35 years and enjoys the creativity his profession allows him. He plays with colors and shapes. Sometimes he hides items in his glass. "Glass has a lot of color," said Bachelier. "It's beautiful to work with."

Playing to a full tent

Dan Sperry, musician and illusionist, performed at Art in the Park on Saturday. He will reappear on Sunday at 3:15.

The artist at work

Alice Jaeger Ashland, a printmaker from St. Ann, staffs her booth.

Getting started

Phillip Kahmann, a jewelry artist from Minneapolis, sets up his booth on Friday in preparation for the weekend.