Former Rock Bridge student to lead Iraqi-American student discussions in Jordan

Michael Schoenleber

Duncan named to lead MU research

Robert Duncan

With printed news in trouble, what does the future hold for journalism?

Sara Shahriari



Dick Cochran, a bronze-medalist for the U.S. Olympic team in 1960, will compete at the Missouri State Senior Games.



Heavy oil, also known as pitch or asphalt, is denser than conventional oil, which makes it more difficult to extract.


The Marmaton River Project site is not yet pumping oil, but it is injecting steam to thin the oil so it can be pumped easily.

School of the Osage students schooled in skulls

Tori Tomson, Christina Prody, Cadan Campbelland Mindy Wiederhoft, from the School of the Osage, listen to Brandon Pope present a rodent’s skull and how to categorize it Thursday afternoon in the Anheuser-Busch Natural Resources Building. Pope is a MU graduate student in Fisheries and Wildlife Sciences.


A collection of animal skulls sits on a table in a lab in MU’s Anheuser-Busch Natural Resources Building Thursday afternoon. Groups of school children spend part of their half-hour tour talking about ways to categorize the skulls, making note of the various types of teeth.

Missouri’s best high school rodeo stars compete in state finals

Casey Chasteen prepares her horse, Rollie, before the short go competition on June 16, 2007, at the Missouri State High School Rodeo.

PedNet Pinch Hitters ride bikes to promote active forms of transportation

Cia Johnson of the Pinch Hitters Softball Team finishes chaining up her bike after riding to Cosmo Park for a game on Tuesday night. The team likes to use alternate forms of transportation to get around Columbia.


Cia Johnson, left, Jian Qu, Robert Johnson and Ian Thomas chain up their bikes at Cosmo Park before playing in their weekly softball game.


A softball rests on a bike seat as members of the Pinch Hitters prepare for their softball game on Tuesday night.

Family provides foster care for babies

Mike and Melissa Watson hold their foster baby days before they will pass him over to his adoptive parents. The Watsons have been involved in foster care for a year and a half through Lutheran Family and Children's Services.


Zach Watson, 13, plays with his foster brother on a Saturday afternoon. His father, Mike Watson, said he has brought the baby to Zach's baseball games almost every day for the month that they've had him in their home.


Maddie Watson, 11, cradles her foster brother after feeding him with a bottle. The Watsons say their children enjoy helping take care of the foster children they bring into their home.


Guillermo Hernandez, right, Hailey Wilson, center, and Lanayzia Johnson, left, are ready to get into teams during a sports adventure class at Benton Elementary on Wednesday. The second graders enjoyed their time outside playing with soccer balls and a parachute.

Air conditioning expands summer school locations

From left, Nidjha Jackmon, Dariana Coleman, Ania Chatman and Vanessa Bell, second graders at Benton Elementary, play with the parachute in their Sports Adventure summer class on Wednesday. The students were thrilled to get underneath and see how the air held the parachute up.

Iowa floods create hardship for community

Beth Malicki is a news anchor at KCRG in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.