"Best in Show" pottery

Artist Paul Pfrehm of Wewoka, Okla., won "Best in Show" at the Columbia Festival of the Arts. This year marks his sixth time in the show and his second time as winner. Pfrehm calls himself a "wannabe local" and spends much of his time showing in Missouri.

Festival of the Arts

Mary Verdi-Fletcher performs with Carly Dorman during the Columbia Festival of the Arts on Saturday. The Dancing Wheels company from Cleveland incorporates seated and standing performers in modern dances.

Downtown cleanup

Becca Brauer scrapes off a sticker from a mailbox downtown Saturday morning. Karis Community Church members worked to clear the streets in preparation for the Roots ’N Blues ’N BBQ Festival on Oct. 3.

Cleaning downtown

Jaylyn Salmons removes graffiti from a parking meter downtown Saturday morning. A Karis Community Church public service project to clean up graffiti and garbage took to downtown Saturday morning.

Sticker cleanup

Tracy Edwards and Jaylyn Salmons scrape stickers off a parking meter using razor blades Saturday morning on Broadway as part of Karis Community Church's "Shalom" community service program.

Graffiti cleanup

A member of Karis Community Church's service group carries cleaning supplies Saturday. The group worked to clean graffiti and stickers from downtown.

In tribute

Flowers were placed on Paul Newman's star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in Los Angeles on Saturday.

Newman and Woodward

Actors Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward play an unhappily married couple in the 1960 film ''From the Terrace.'' In real life, the two Oscar winners were married for 50 years. When Playboy magazine asked Newman if he was ever tempted to be unfaithful, he said, "I have steak at home, why go out for hamburger?"

Newman, the iconic actor

Paul Newman got his start in theater and on TV during the 1950s and remained in demand throughout his life.

Breast cancer survivor looks at designers' work

Cancer survivor Lynn Storvick inspects dresses designed by senior design students at Stephen's College as part of Fashion for Cause. The students designed dresses inspired by breast cancer survivors to promote breast health and awareness.

Finding faith

14-year rivalry

Alternative medicine

Jennifer Marshall of Lutherville, Md., receives an acupuncture treatment at Johns Hopkins' new integrative medicine center.

'Kind of an obsession'

MU freshman Becky Means said Vera Bradley items have "become kind of an obsession" for her. She said she loves the “toile paisley-like pattern."

Students learn to weave mug rugs

Nicole Ottwell, left, instructs Kate O’Donnell how to weave a mug rug during a history of textile merchandising and trade class trip.

Student weaves mug rug

Stephanie Brinson weaves a mug rug, which is a little woven coaster.

Completed mug rug

A completed mug rug woven by Chajuana Trawick will be cut off the loom.

Rock Bridge football coach A.J. Ofadile

Rock Bridge football coach A. J. Ofodile speaks to his players Sept 25 on the eve of the Bruins' game with rival Hickman.

Fire officials in hazardous materials suits during an exercise on Thursday

Fire officials in hazardous materials suits during an emergency response exercise on Thursday.

A simulated victim is lifted onto a stretcher during an emergency response exercise

Fire officials in hazardous materials suits lift a simulated victim onto a stretcher during an emergency response exercise on Thursday.