Mary Still

Mary Still is proud of her campaign for the 25th District seat, saying she has knocked on more than 5,000 doors to talk to voters about the election.

Dad's home

Jeff Thompson watches as his wife, Cassi, plays with their son Caleb outside their Centralia home. Caleb, whose birthday is in July, had to celebrate it earlier this month because Jeff was on the road driving his truck.

A Belated Gift

Caleb Thompson drives his belated birthday gift under the supervision of his dad, Jeff. The Thompsons celebrated Caleb's birthday three months late because Jeff was on the road for his truck driving job.

One family, two truck drivers

Caleb Thompson and his parents, Jeff and Cassi, walk their dog in front of their Centralia home. Jeff Thompson works as a truck driver for Swift Transportation Co. Inc., and often finds himself away from his family three weeks to a month at a time due to his job.

A most important truck stop

Jeff Thompson plays with his son Caleb, 3 in front of Thompson's semi-truck. Thompson's job as a truck driver forces him to be away for extended periods of time: "I like the job. I just don't like being away from him (Caleb)."

Ryan Asbridge

Ryan Asbridge graduated from Rock Bridge High School, earned three degrees from MU and has been involved in the Columbia community.

Million Man March

From left, Tracy Edwards (Chief First Ward ambassador), Nathan Stephens (director of the Black Culture Center at MU), and Darrell Foster (First Ward ambassador) link arms at the end of the gathering for the 13th anniversary of the Million Man March Sunday afternoon at Douglass Park. Speakers encouraged positive change, decreasing crime and increasing community and youth involvement in the First Ward.

Film festival features workshop

Stephanie Barber, left, shows Candice Carmichael how to design a strip of film during a handmade film workshop at the Citizen Jane Film Festival on Sunday morning at Stephens College.

Citizen Jane Film Festival offers workshop

Isabel Accurso, left, and Jane Accurso look at film against the light to better the image during a handmade film workshop on Sunday at the Citizen Jane Film Festival.

Pinkel ponders awful first half

Missouri coach Gary Pinkel walks off the field at halftime of the Tigers' 56-31 loss Saturday at Texas.

Too many cases

Closed files from the beginning of the fiscal year, July 1, 2008, fill several columns of filing cabinets in the Columbia Public Defender’s office storage room. By the end of the fiscal year at least 56 filing cabinet drawers will be packed full of paperwork.

Piles of work

District Defender Kevin O’Brien works on the paperwork covering his desk at Columbia’s Public Defender’s office on Wednesday afternoon. The piles of case work represent only five business days' worth of files.

Taking orders

David Melnick takes customer Mitchell Frechmann's order at Hot Box Cookies. Friday was the grand opening of the cookie store, and Melnick is one of the three MU juniors who started the business. A customer can order pre-made cookies or have custom ones cooked and delivered in pizza boxes.

Creating cookies

Adam Hendin prepares a cookie for the oven by combining peanut butter cookie dough and several ingredients at Hot Box Cookies on Friday.

Cookies on display

Adam Hendin places cookies in the display during the grand opening of Hot Box Cookies on Friday. Hendin is one of the owners and managers of the shop, which he and two fellow MU students started.

Chase Coffman makes a catch for MU

Missouri tight end Chase Coffman hauls in a Chase Daniel pass over Texas cornerback Deon Beasley to set up a touchdown Oct. 18 in Austin, Texas.

Signs of the time — a long time

Russel Breyfogle and Dick Parker talk with Bob Gibson, an Army veteran, during a vigil outside the Columbia post office Saturday. Today was the 25th anniversary of the Fellowship of Reconciliation's weekly vigils.

Rally at Liberty Memorial

Barack Obama ended the day in Kansas City, where he spoke for about a half hour. Other speakers included Kansas Gov. Kathleen Sebelius and others.

From one end of the state to the other

Obama prepares to address the crowd in Kansas City. Early in the day, he spoke to an estimated 100,000 people, the most people for one of his events in the U.S.

Don Choate