Continuing a childhood interest

John Moon checks one of his "hail pads" placed at the top of the Anheuser-Busch Natural Resources Building at MU on Thursday. Moon has always been interested in the weather; even as a boy, when he used to pretend he was a reporter.

Teens bond over similiar struggles

Zach Smith and Danielle Dement, center, share a quick hug while hanging out with Sol House residents Carl Lewis, left, Heather Brown and Sol House's evening supervisor, John Paul Perez, right, before the weekly house meeting and life skills class at the Sol House in Columbia.

Sharing a meal

Carl Lewis takes steamed broccoli out of a colander while cooking dinner with his fellow Sol House residents for members of Karis Community Church on April 15. Once a month a church group comes in to the Sol House in Columbia, cooks and shares a meal with Sol House residents and staff, but this month, the residents decided that they would cook.

Leaving Sol House

Sol House resident Tyler Caldwell erases his name from the board that tells staff where residents are because he is leaving the house to go back to Michigan.

Going in a new direction

Sol House resident Tyler Caldwell waits for a friend to pick him up who will be taking him to back to his home in Michigan since Caldwell is leaving the Sol House. Caldwell signed up for the National Guard and plans to begin boot camp in July.

Describing Sol House's residents

The wall at Sol House's office apartment is adorned with the names of residents and staff with adjectives that describe them such as, "Heather: playful, happy, passionate."

Art In the Park

A bicycle decorated like a giant camel was one of several art bicycles displayed at Stephens Lake Park for Art in the Park in June 2008. The St. Louis Banana Bike Brigade designed the camel for the ArtCycles project.

Learning to manage emotions

Sol House intern Chris Radigan, center, and Deron Young, left, listen to Zach Smith during a life skills class about teaching residents how to manage manage their emotions. As part of the program for staying at Sol House, residents attend classes each week that are organized by the staff.

Working toward independence

Zach Smith walks two miles, each way, five days a week along Clark Lane in Columbia to the Wendy's on Clark Lane near U.S. 63, where he works the lunch shift. The four mile round trip walk takes Smith 45 minutes each way. The job, which took him 10 months to find, is the second he has ever had. "It's a pretty stressful job, but you got to laugh about something," Smith said. Finding and keeping employment is a constant concern for Sol House residents.

Dancing to 'Ice Cream and Cake'

Temperance Hayes, center, laughs during while dancing with Sol House residents, Heather Brown, Tyler Caldwell and Carl Lewis to the song "Ice Cream and Cake" during Festa Palooza at Flat Branch park on April 18. As part of the program to remain at Sol House, residents must spend 35 hours per week on productive activities to earn passes to be able to leave on weekends to see friends and family. To do this, many residents volunteer with various groups in Columbia.

Nixon tours

Gov. Jay Nixon greets workforce development counselor Kandys Bleil, left, and Louis Randle at the Missouri Career Center in Columbia, MO on Thursday. Nixon toured the center before signing parts of the Show-Me Jobs Initiative.

Nixon Signs

Gov. Jay Nixon signs the Show-Me Jobs Initiative (House Bill 191) at the Missouri Career Center in Columbia, MO on Thursday.

Showing your colors

Puddles of paint collect around a newly decorated stage wall at the Stephens College Warehouse Theater on Thursday. The wall and another like it will be part of the upcoming production titled Jerks and Freaks which shows Friday.

Setting the scene

Katie McKellar, a first year student at Stephens College, helps paint the platform for the upcoming show Jerks and Freaks on Saturday. McKellar will be the "radio" in the portion of the production titled "Video Killed the Radio Star". "I think it's going to be good. It's a really risque show. We're having a blast with it" said McKellar. Jerks and Freaks shows Friday.

Rock Bridge baseball player Jaide Rose

Rock Bridge senior Jaide Rose, a pitcher and outfielder, has been on the Bruins' varsity since he was a sophomore.

Art in the Park 2008

A bicycle decorated like a giant camel was one of several art bicycles displayed at Stephens Lake Park for Art in the Park in June 2008. The St. Louis Banana Bike Brigade designed the camel for the ArtCycles project.

New nightclub owner hopes to create memories for patrons

Vinay Atluri stands before the bar at the new nightclub Memoir. At Memoir photographers document each night's events and post them to a slideshow the next day for patrons to see. "We're essentially creating memories" says Atluri, co-owner of the venue.

MU Horn Choir to play at international symposium this week

The MU Horn Choir will play at the International Symposium this week.

State of the City address

City Manager Bill Watkins gives the State of the City address at the Council Chambers, highlighting accomplishments of the past year and the goals and obstacles that the city foresees in the future. "It's been a long time since we as a community have had to face some of the economic challenges we will face in 2010," Watkins said in his address after he referred to the 1980s as the last period of no city revenue growth. Much of his speech addressed questions regarding efficient use of existing funds and programs.

Checking on the methane boiler meter

Frank Putnam checks a methane boiler meter at the Columbia Regional Wastewater Treatment Plant. The orange engine generator in the background has been running since 1983 and produces $6,000 worth of energy a month. Plant officials are hoping to install two new generators if the stimulus money becomes available.