Dog on ball

Liz Hansen trains her dog, Vegas, to enhance his muscle strength by balancing on an exercise ball in the Columbia Canine Sports center in January. Vegas will compete in he 133rd Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show at New York's Madison Square Garden in Feburary 9 and 10.

Brady brings grumbles

Students stream into Truman's Takeout inside the MU bookstore on Tuesday. Many students cite inconveniences about the yet-uncompleted store. “It needs to be bigger and have more space for the food court,” said Bandar Alotaibi, a chemical engineering sophomore.

Brady bustles with one entrance

Students enter the new Brady Commons on Tuesday. There is only one entrance to the not-yet-completed project. Jeannine Clow, bookstore greeter, said the expansion “can’t be completed soon enough for me. I miss the kids hanging out.”

Nadia Vizitei

Nadia Vizitei, a Hickman senior, is a student advocate for the Not for Sale Campaign. The campaign raises awareness and calls for action against human trafficking. "It's a problem easy to ignore but it still exists all around the world and in America," she said.

Adithi Vellore

Hickman senior Adithi Vellore, president of the Desi Club at the school, poses for a portrait. Vellore is an advocate for the Not for Sale Campaign. She said the most important goal is to minimize human trafficking and raise awareness.

Wing-eating contest fundraiser to combat human trafficking

William Starks, 15, prepares for a wing-eating contest at Hickman High School organized by Hickman student Larry Shim as part of the school's efforts to raise funds for the Not for Sale Campaign to combat human trafficking.

'Car bash' fundraiser at Hickman

Students could pay $1 for one hit, $2 for five hits and $5 per minute to hit the donated car. The only rule of the "car bash" fundraiser was that the tires must remain intact so the vehicle could be towed to the junkyard at the end of the day. All proceeds will be contributed to the Not for Sale Campaign to stop human trafficking.

Drew Mitrisin

Hickman senior Drew Mitrisin poses for a portrait. Mitrisin personally found an old used car for students to bash as part of Hickman's fundraising efforts for the Not for Sale Campaign to combat human trafficking.

'Car bash' fundraiser proceeds help combat human trafficking

Hickman student Trey Nelson, 17, promotes a "car bash" to raise money that will be contributed to the Not for Sale Campaign to stop human trafficking. This car was donated for the fundraiser, organized by courtwarming candidate Drew Mitrisin. If his fundraiser brings in more money for the campaign than the other male candidates, Mitrisin will be named Courtwarming King at the Hickman basketball game on Feb. 6.


From left, Hickman coaches Matt Bloomfield, Kenny Ash, Travis Cearley and player Spenser Washington watch the Kewpies play against Ozark on Tuesday.


Hickman’s Crandon Cook drives to the basket against Ozark’s Ryan Holmes on Tuesday at Hickman.

Repairing power lines in Campbell

From left, Tim Wilson, Josh Koch and Chip Duren work to repair power lines on Locust Street in Campbell on Saturday morning. The temperature warmed to 48 degrees on Saturday, melting much of the accumulated ice that brought down trees and power lines in the Bootheel area and states surrounding Missouri.

Assisting a Columbia Water and Light worker in Campbell

Mary Mayberry, manager of the Dollar General store in Campbell, assists Columbia Water and Light worker Chip Duren on Sunday. The mayor asked the store, still without power, to provide provisions to the crews on the city’s tab. Among the most popular items were socks and personal care items such as toothpaste and shampoo.


Ben Askren was a two-time national champion and four-time All-American selection during his time as an MU wrestler.


Marcus Denmon scored 28.5 points per game in his senior year of high school and scored 36 points in Missouri’s Black and Gold game. He played a season-high 26 minutes against Baylor on Saturday.

The Rev. Amy Cortright

The Rev. Amy Cortright from Calvary Episcopal Church in Columbia is a member of the Missouri Jobs with Justice coalition.

Herb Johnson

Herb Johnson is the Secretary-Treasurer of the Missouri AFL-CIO.

Kevin Costner gets down at the Blue Note

Kevin Costner at the Blue Note.

Kevin Costner and Modern West on stage

Kevin Costner and Modern West on stage at the Blue Note.

Kevin Costner shakes hands with the fans

Kevin Costner shakes hands with fans after his concert with Modern West at the Blue Note.