Rabbit competition at the Boone County Fair

From left, Kyle Perry, 11, Alan Perry, 13, Andrew Perry, 16, Luke Currey, 11, Blake Chappell, 8, and Zach Westfall, 10, wait for their rabbits to be judged in the Minirex portion of the Junior Rabbit Show competition at the Boone County Fair on Thursday.

Reporter eats a vegetarian option at the Boone County Fair

Signs reading "Fried Bologna Sandwiches," "Thick Juicy Burgers" and "Chicken on a Stick" are common sights at the Boone County Fair. Vegetarian and Columbia Missourian reporter Julia Haslanger ate one of the few vegetarian options, mozarella sticks, at the fair Thursday night.

Road dust settles on leaves

The dust from the gravel road leading to the Hills' house on Moon Valley Road sometimes settles onto leaves when cars drive by.

Residents talk about an unpaved road

Roger and Donna Hills discuss the excessive dust that led them to voice their concerns to Sixth Ward Councilwoman Barbara Hoppe. Vehicles driven along Moon Valley Road, which leads to their driveway, kick up dust especially after the road has been graded and is dry, or depending on the weather, the Hills said. The dust then settles in their house.

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Bill Wickersham is an adjunct professor of peace studies at MU.

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Stuart Loory

Stuart Loory, who holds the Lee Hills Chair in Free-Press Studies at the MU School of Journalism, is the moderator of the weekly radio program "Global Journalist." It airs at 6:30 p.m. Thursdays on KBIA/91.3 FM or at

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Building the best house

MU student Brandon Neish, center, explains design changes he made to classmate Heather Benson, left, and their instructor, Barbara Buffaloe, on MU's campus on Monday. The students are considering the environment, including sunlight and wind, to help design an efficient and comfortable house.

Boone County Fair: Sneaking a peek

Three young men sneak a peek at the race track through the fence at the grandstand during car racing at the Boone County Fair on Wednesday night. This is the first year that car racing has been held during the Fair.

Boone County Fair: Carnival countenances

From left to right, Brittany Westhues, 10, Trent Barrett, 13, Cole Burkett, 11, and Rachel Maun, 16, enjoy a ride at the carnival during the Boone County Fair on Wednesday night.

Boone County Fair: View from the top

A view of the carnival at the Boone County Fair from the top of the Ferris Wheel. Fair goers packed the carnival because admission was discounted to $10 for unlimited rides.