Lustron advertisement

An advertisement for the Lustron home.

Ryland House on the move

The Ryland House, photographed Nov. 21, will be moved to the Boone Junction History Village.

Soldiers and Sailors

This piece is called Soldiers and Sailors and is part of the Transcendent Tower Exhibit in Memorial Union. The exhibit explores the history and construction of the union, which was put on hold when the United States entered World War I.

Embellished Emblems

This piece is called "Embellished Emblems" from the Transcendent Tower Exhibit in Memorial Union at MU. The exhibit showcases the architectural history and significance of the building, where current students and alumni can gather.

Pride of Mizzou

This piece is called the "Pride of Mizzou" and it is part of the Transcendent Tower Exhibit at Memorial Union at MU.

Jeremy Maclin runs with football

Jeremy Maclin (9) runs with the ball during the last touchdown drive of the fourth quarter in the Border Showdown game against Kansas.

Fans show tiger pride in freezing weather

From left: Eric Gibson, Chris Flanagan and Eric Hobbs show their tiger pride in the freezing temperatures during the second half of the Border Showdown in Kansas City on Saturday.

KU celebrates

Jayhawk quarterback Todd Reesing and KU offensive coordinator Ed Warinner celebrate KU's victory over Missouri at the Border Showdown.

Border Showdown

Tommy Saunders holds the ball as Jeff Wolfert attempts a field goal to tie the score in the last minute of the game Saturday, but the kick was not good.


Jayhawk defensive end Maxwell Onyegbule (47) celebrates with his teammates after winning the Border Showdown at Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City.

The agony of defeat

Sean Weatherspoon watches from the sidelines as the Tigers struggle against the Jayhawks in the Border Showdown, losing 40-37.

MU's Chase Daniel vs. Kansas

Missouri quarterback Chase Daniel goes down with the ball against Kansas on Nov. 29 in the Border Showdown game at Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City.

Blackberry Storm from Verizon

The Blackberry Storm, Verizon's first major challenge to the iPhone in the cellular market, costs $200. Verizon employees at the Columbia store hope it will be a sought-after gift for the holidays.

MU Volleyball

MU sophomore Catie Wilson readies herself during the fourth game against Texas A&M on Friday, Nov. 28, 2008, at the Hearnes Center. Texas A&M beat Mizzou 25-21, 25-20, 20-25, 25-16.

Taser troubles

A religious tattoo

George Friel Jr. displays his tattoo of Jesus Christ on the cross. Friel is one of many Christians who sport tattoos.

A religious tattoo artist

Anthony Raffaelli Jr., owner of Vivid Ink Custom Art & Tattoo, a Christian tattoo shop in Twin Falls, Idaho, refuses to tattoo racist or demonic symbols on his clients.

Jesus and Mary

Vince Sanchez, an apprentice with Vivid Ink Custom Art & Tattoo in Twin Falls, Idaho, sports tattoos on his chest of the Virgin Mary and Jesus Christ.

Jazz duo practicing

Alan Arnold, left, plays the saxophone and recorder. Of the latter he said, “They always compare the recorder to their 5-year-old coming home from school and playing around on it.” Dirk Burhans has focused on jazz guitar recently, though he has mastered several instruments.

'Close enough for jazz'

For Alan Arnold, left, and Dirk Burhans, practicing is the key to their ensemble. Burhans said two musicians can never be too close or too in tune with each other when playing jazz; it allows them to anticipate each other.