Harold Warren Sr.

Harold Warren Sr. served as Columbia's first black city councilman and is the former director of Warren Funeral Chapel, one of the few minority-owned funeral homes in mid-Missouri.

Funeral home to cease operations for 15 days

Dan Viets, the lawyer representing the Warren Funeral Home, talks with reporters on Wednesday after a hearing in which Assistant Attorney General Peter Lyskowski announced an agreement between the state and the Warren Funeral Home that would cease all operations for 15 days.

Wet fields

The ball fields are built on 80 acres north of the fairgrounds, and they were scheduled to be finished by April. Because of the rain, they're not yet ready for play.

In demo derby, it's all about adrenaline

Mike Bradshaw's car shows some wear and tear during the Demolition Derby on the final night of the Boone County Fair.

Honored pilot remembers his roots

Charles Shipman, standing center, poses in front of an L-19 airplane with his classmates and aviation instructor during flight training in the mid-1950s.

Pilot mapped new territory

Charles Shipman, center, stands with a survey party in the jungles of Colombia. The men were working to map out the country using a telerometer, a relatively new technology in the late 1950s.

Pilot honored for service

Charles Shipman sits in the living room of his Columbia home. Shipman was a pilot for over 50 years, flying in uncharted territories, the Vietnam War and for U.S. presidents. He has lived in Columbia since 1977.

Columbia singer/songwriter lives American Dream in Vietnam

Fifty years after high school, woman earns GED

Nina Drew assists family members by helping whenever possible. Most recently she helps care for great-granddaughter Abbygale Tillman while granddaughter Kaleena attends college. Drew earned her GED through Columbia Public Schools at age 76.

76-year-old woman earns GED

Nina Drew works part time as a secretary at the Job Point office, located at the Missouri Career Center. She recently earned her GED at age 76.

North side view of youth home

This image shows the design of the youth transitional home from the north side, excluding adjacent properties. The first floor would have common areas, offices and one ADA accessible apartment unit. The second story would have four apartment units.

Youth house design shown

This image shows how the design of a transitional youth home would appear with the nearby buildings from Seventh Street. The home would be visible from Hickman High School. The driveway in front could hold five cars. At Monday night's meeting, the possibility of adding a front porch was discussed.

Going for the gold

A participant in the Show-Me State Games race walk clutches his winning medal on Sunday at Faurot Field.

Rained Out

Cynthia Parker, left, and Georgia Parker look over the flooded road that leads to the Twin Lakes Recreation Area on Monday. S.J. Idel, an aquatic specialist for the city, said the road typically floods when it rains and the water is generally down 30 minutes after it quits. "Today it hasn't gone down as quickly," Idel said.
The swimming spot usually opens at 10 a.m. but remained closed until noon because of the rain. "There was some water on the road when we opened," Idel said.

A Way With Words program, working with children

A Way With Words and Numbers tutor Aaron Dowdall works with Lazareanna Jordan and Tramonte Miller at Parkade Elementary School in Columbia.

A Way With Words program

A Way With Words and Numbers tutor Aaron Dowdall works with first-grader Alex Shultz while Lazareanna Jordan seeks Dowdall’s attention at Parkade Elementary School. The program provides tutors to schools throughout Columbia.

Primary Primer: Stephen Webber runs for 23rd District representative

Stephen Webber, Democratic candidate for the 23rd District, speaks to the crowd at Boone County Democratic Days at the Boone County fairgrounds on July 13.

College Town: Missouri Grand Prix

Adam Ritter dives into the pool at the start of the Men’s 200 LC Meter Freestyle Preliminary of the Missouri Grand Prix.

College Town: Football Pride

MU’s Taylor Hay third from left, celebrates the goal she scored in the 88th minute of the game against the Milwaukee Panthers, with her teammates, from left Kari Adam, Michelle Collins and Alysha Bonnick. Mizzou won the game 3-0; all the goals were scored during the second half.

College Town: Megabus

Megabus could possibly be the least expensive way to get out of Columbia for a weekend. Fares begin at just $1.