Players reflect as women's basketball milestone nears

The MU women’s basketball program will play its 1000th game on Saturday. A banner honoring the school’s first official women’s team is displayed at Tiger Terrace in Mizzou Arena.

Cougars' Burchard nears win No. 500

Coach Bob Burchard has been coaching the Cougars since 1989.

Columbians choose delegates for Clinton, Obama

Diane Booth address the Hillary Clinton supporters at the 2008 Missouri Democratic Party Delegate Selection Mass Meeting for Boone County Voters at Rock Bridge High School on Thursday. The meeting was held to elect delegates to represent Boone County at the district nominating convention.

Arrest warrant issued for Cardinals' Scott Spiezio

Scott Spiezio, a utilityman for the St. Louis Cardinals, is shown during spring training baseball practice on Tuesday, Feb. 26, 2008, in Jupiter, Fla. The Irvine Police Department has issued an arrest warrant for Spiezio on six charges stemming from a Dec. 30 incident police said involved the crash of a car registered to him.

Jazz dance instructor returns to improvisational roots

Sheron Wray, a jazz dance choreographer and performer, responds to a question from a student during a presentation at Stephens College's Stamper Commons on Wednesday. Wray discussed her range of work and shared video clips from her experimental films and improvisational performances.


Sheron Wray, a jazz dance choreographer and performer, discusses her range of work in dance during a presentation to students at Stephens College's Stamper Commons on Wednesday. Wray shared a variety of video clips displaying her work, including experimental films and improvisational performances.

‘Model school’ seems to work for students

From left, Clayton Campbell, Abbey Upton and Christian Rivers discuss a book during independent reading time in Upton's kindergarten class at West Boulevard Elementary School. Upton asks the students questions about the books to keep them engaged in the reading.


Students in Abbey Upton's kindergarten class at West Boulevard Elementary School share their predictions about the outcome of a book being read aloud during story time. West Boulevard is a public school and is known for its innovative teaching methods.

MU gymnast hopes injury doesn’t end career

MU gymnast Julie Abaray, a senior, works on her beam routine during the team's practice Tuesday. Abaray has missed all of this season due to a knee injury but is rehabilitating to compete in the last few meets.

Ethanol fire risks lead officials to push for training

Firefighter Mike Schultz sprays foam onto fuel on the highway after a tanker truck crashed into the rock wall in Nov. 27, 2007, in Jefferson City. On impact, the truck burst into flames and the load of ethanol fuel ran down the highway and through a drainage ditch, causing several fires. The nation's drive toward alternative fuels carries a danger many communities have been to slow to recognize: Ethanol fires are harder to put out than gasoline ones and require a special type of firefighting foam.


A firefighter sprays foam onto a burning truck Nov. 27, 2007, in Jefferson City. Fire departments are finding it increasingly difficult to fight these types of fires with the materials on hand. The foam needed to extinguish is more expensive than the standard foam and some smaller departments can't afford to keep it on hand.


Firefighter Mike Schultz talks at a station in Jefferson City on Friday, Feb. 1, 2008. A tanker truck carrying several thousand gallons of ethanol and gasoline recently crashed on a highway near the state Capitol. Schultz helped apply a special alcohol-resistant foam to smother the fire. Some fire departments do not stock the special foam because it costs about 30 percent more.

Couple to receive award for preserving downtown building


Uprise Bakery basks in sun at new location

Laura Idle and Jon Westhoff sit in the new Uprise Bakery on Hitt Street cutting up tickets and making a calendar for the night's shows at the Ragtag Theater on Tuesday. Uprise Bakery moved into the new building with the Ragtag over last weekend and is open for business as usual.

Missouri: Not the meth capital

Pipes are used by meth cooks in efforts to produce the drug. However, blue rust, like the rust found on this confiscated pipe, indicates to law enforcement that the pipe was used in producing meth. This photo was taken at the Boone County Sheriff's Department.


Syringes and a spoon encrusted with meth are the remnants of a bust made by the Boone County Sheriff's Department. After being confiscated, the evidence is kept at the Sheriff's Office.


Although the finished product of meth, front, is fairly small, it takes many ingredients (in the background) to concoct the final product.


Ingredients in the meth-making process lie scattered around the finished product. All of these substances were confiscated from busts conducted by the Boone County Sheriff's Department.


Ephedrine, an illegal drug, is one of the key components in making meth. Without ephedrine, meth-making would not be possible. Packets of the drug have been confiscated by the Boone County Sheriff's Department.