Jeremy Maclin

Jeremy Maclin returns a kickoff as Buffalo’s Alex Pierre chases from behind.

Tommy Chavis

Missouri defender Tommy Chavis, right, goes to dive on the ball after it was stripped from Buffalo’s Lawrence Rolle.

Drew Temple

Missouri running back Drew Temple celebrates on the sideline after a Tigers touchdown.

MU fans

Missouri watches the game unfold from the sideline on Saturday. The Tigers were heavily favored, but costly turnovers kept the game close for three quarters.

Jeremy Maclin

Jeremy Maclin carries the ball against Buffalo on Saturday. The receiver had 14 catches in the game for 168 yards.

Chase Coffman

Missouri tight end Chase Coffman caught 10 passes for 84 yards and a touchdown Saturday. But he also lost a fumble, one of three Tigers turnovers. “That’s something that we need to get fixed,” he said.

Ziggy Hood

MU defensive tackle Ziggy Hood runs toward Buffalo punter Peter Fardon during the Tigers’ game Saturday.

Rally for Democrats at Demstock

Heather Hoffman, 24, shows her support for state Sen. Chuck Graham at Demstock, held at The Blue Fugue on Thursday night.

Performing at Demstock

Ian Beiersdorf, center, of Al Holiday and The Lucky Stars covers an Otis Redding song for a young and pumped crowd of Democrats. The show was part of Demstock, which was held at The Blue Fugue on Thursday night.

Redefining kosher

Executive Chef Jeff Nathan poses for a picture in the kitchen of his kosher restaurant, Abigael's, in New York. A new generation of cooks is redefining what it means to be kosher.

Sushi and sashimi with fountain

A sushi and sashimi platter with a soy sauce fountain is seen at Abigael's Restaurant in New York.

Sushi and sashimi platter

A sushi and sashimi platter is seen at Abigael's Restaurant in New York.

Cashew encrusted sea bass

Cashew encrusted sea bass with Thai coconut rice is seen at Abigael's Restaurant in New York.

Reuters live off the land

Eric Reuter feeds grass to Dianna, one of his goats at Chert Hollow Farm on Sept. 9. "I don't have to spend money outside, I got milk from goats and meat from goats," Reuter said.


Seared sashimi at Abigael's Restaurant.

soy fountain

A soy sauce fountain is a chic addition to an Abigael’s sushi and sashimi platter.

sea bass

Cashew encrusted sea bass with Thai coconut rice is a luxurious take on Kosher dining, seen at Abigael’s Restaurant in New York.


Chef Jeff Nathan of Abigael's Restaurant in Manhattan is bringing a new level of chicness to kosher dining.

Study from Portrait of Pope Innocent X

A Christie's auction house worker in London adjusts "Study from Portrait of Pope Innocent X by Velazquez," a Francis Bacon painting. The painting is one of dozens inspired by Velazquez's work, which Bacon described as "a picture I have always been haunted by." More than 15 years after his death, a retrospective of his work heads to London, Madrid and New York.

Francis Bacon

Francis Bacon, a self-taught painter, used disturbing imagery and distorted figures to address life's big questions with brutal frankness.