Shoveling the walk at India's House

Sonny Singh clears a path for walkers outside of India's House restaurant on Wednesday morning.

Missouri General Assembly members at Nixon's speech

Members of the Missouri General Assembly listen to the beginning of Gov. Jay Nixon's State of the State speech in Jefferson City on Tuesday, Jan. 27, 2009.

Nixon during his 2009 State of the State address

Gov. Jay Nixon delivers his speech in the House of Representative in Jefferson City on Tuesday, Jan. 27, 2009. Nixon announced his budget proposals for the 2010 fiscal year, including his plans for creating new jobs and a low-interest loan program for small businesses.

Rehearsing for 'Picnic'

Melanie Schneider, far right, playing Rosemary, yells at Steven Buehler, playing Hal, in a fit of jealousy as Emily Rollie (as Flo Owens), left, and Alejandro Soto (as Howard Bevans) look on. The group was rehearsing a scene from "Picnic" at MU's Corner Playhouse on Thursday, Jan. 22.

Olympic gold medalist Nikki Stone

Olympic gold medalist Nikki Stone says her biggest role model while growing up was Olympian Nadia Comaneci.

Fifth Street after snowfall

A car on Fifth Street crosses by the Conley Avenue garage at MU on Monday after a light evening snowfall.

Janet Saidi

Janet Saidi is the news director for KBIA Radio. She can be reached at 882-3431 or via e-mail at

Towing companies worked to remove wrecked cars from roads

Will Tomlin from Economy Towing tries to haul a wrecked Mitsubishi on his tow truck on West Broadway and Parkway Drive on Tuesday. According to Columbia police, the driver of the Mitsubishi was heading westbound on Broadway at 11:47 a.m. when she lost control of her car and fishtailed into an oncoming Columbia Transit bus. According to the police report, the driver of the Mitsubishi, Evgenia Andreeva, 18, was injured in the accident and was transported to University Hospital with non-life threatening injuries. No bus passengers were injured, according to the report.

Talking taxes

Barber Brad Holt gives Eric Evans a trim Jan. 21 at Tiger Barbershop on Ninth Street. When asked what fears he had regarding Barack Obama's presidency, Holt said, "I'm fearful he will tax our guns. We need them for hunting."

"We have to help ourselves"

Artist Grant Blackwell smokes a cigarette in between Lakota Coffee and 9th Street Tattoo on Jan. 21. "He's like a lead singer without his band - he's nothing," Blackwell said of Barack Obama's presidency. "Obama is not going to help us. We have to help ourselves."

Clearing the snow at West Junior High

John Johnson, West Junior High School custodian, works to clear snow from the sidewalks surrounding the school on Tuesday. “I’m not a winter person,” he said.

Clearing the snow

Dennis Young tosses ice melt to Andrew Marcy in the Steak and Shake parking lot on Worley Street on Tuesday. Although there was enough snowfall for the pair to stay busy, they said they were expecting the conditions to be worse.

Douglass point guard Brandon Gleason

Brandon Gleason is scoring 19.3 points per game, is a straight-A student and also maintains a job at Truman Veterans Hospital during the season.

Students listen to 'The Dream is Now' discussion

Interested MU students and members of the community gathered at the Reynolds Journalism Institute on Monday for "The Dream is Now," a panel discussion about the historical changes occurring in America's socio-racial climate from the time of Martin Luther King Jr. to that of Barack Obama. From left, Dr. Michael Ugarte, Dr. K.C. Morrison, Lyn Williams, Kelley Robinson, and Deputy Chancellor Michael Middleton.

Dr. K.C. Morrison and Lyn Williams

Dr. K.C. Morrison, a political science professor at MU, and Lyn Williams, founder of the "Change Today" civic group, were two of the five panelists who spoke at the Martin Luther King Jr. discussion panel held at the Reynolds Journalism Institute on Monday. Dr. Morrison reminded those in the audience that though an African American president is a step in the right direction, the battle against racism is far from over.

Clyde Ruffin

CORRECTED CAPTION: Clyde Ruffin, the chair of the Department of Theater of the University of Missouri, reenacts the famous "I have a dream" speech during the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Celebration Gala at Memorial Union on Monday. "It's always challenging," said Ruffin, who enacts the speech every year. "It's probably one of the most important speeches of the 20th century. You have to find your own style and still remain true to (Dr. King)." An earlier version of this caption misstated Ruffin's title.

Dr. Johnette Morrison, Almeta Crayton and Dr. K.C. Morrison

From left, Dr. Johnette Morrison, Almeta Crayton and Dr. K.C. Morrison engage in an animated conversation during the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Gala Celebration at Memorial Union on Monday. Later that evening, the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Celebration Committee of the University of Missouri honored Crayton with an award for her dedication to the community of Columbia.

Sampling specimens

CORRECTED CAPTION: Emma Teixeiro of Madrid, Spain, prepares DNA specimens for a polymerase chain reaction, a method to amplify DNA. Teixeiro, who came to Columbia in January 2008, works as assistant professor for Molecular Micobiology and Immunology and Surgery at MU. An earlier version of this caption included an incorrect acronym for polymerase chain reaction.

One for the books

On the shelves, between the stacks, and down every row of the Columbia Public Library rest thousands of books. The library is open to the public and is located at 100 W. Broadway.

Debbie Shenker

"If an African-American can be president, then a woman can be president and a Jew can be president and I don't think anybody was thinking that a few years ago," said Debbie Shenker. "He has been outspoken in support of Israel and I expect that to continue."