Ken Hock sledding at Stephens Lake Park

Ken Hock rides on a sled down the hill with his daughter's friend Regina Hartliep, 7, at Stephens Lake Park on Tuesday, Dec. 16, 2008. Columbia schools were canceled for the second day in a row because of inclement weather, giving many kids the chance to have some fun on the hills.

Students sell books for cash despite weather

Christine Kruse, an MU sophomore, sells back textbooks from the fall semester. Kruse made $80 on her buyback Tuesday.

Virginia Huxley

Not wanting to get his face wet, 6-year-old English spring spaniel Jura lifts his head away from the soap and water on Virginia Huxley's hands. Huxley teaches agility training to Jura and several other dogs at the Columbia Canine Sports Center.

Training Ailsa

Sixteen-month-old Ailsa runs out of a tunnel at the Columbia Canine Sports Center's show arena. Ailsa was preparing for an upcoming show with her owner, Virginia Huxley, who owns the center and is also an MU professor of medical pharmacology and physiology.

Dog trainer balances teaching

Virginia Huxley examines the posture of Jura, a 6-year-old English springer spaniel at the Columbia Canine Sports Center on Dec. 9. Huxley teaches training classes at the center and is also an MU professor of medical pharmacology and physiology.
"I love the partnership you have with dogs and when you are working with them. It truly is a high when you are on the same page," Huxley said.

Long lines at the Post Office

A line forms at the Post Office on Walnut Street on Monday. The Monday around the 15th is known as the busiest day of the year for the Post Office.

Sending holiday packages

Howard Hutton assists Julie Leta at the Post Office on Walnut Street on Monday. Leta has 10 holiday packages to send to relatives residing all over the United States.

Stephens basketball player Megan Sheffield

Stephens freshman forward Megan Sheffield came to Stephens because it gave her the opportunity to continue playing multiple sports while working on a difficult degree in biology.

Driving on ice

Traffic moved slowly traveling north on Providence Road near Faurot Field on Monday morning.

Students brave the cold

Students brave the frigid winter weather at MU's Speakers Circle on Monday evening. Tomorrow temperatures are expected to barely break 20 degrees.

Bundling up for the cold

Divya Amin fights the cold weather walking down College Avenue on Monday evening. After a night of hail and snow storms, the National Weather Service has forecasted a 60 percent chance of precipitation for Tuesday.

MU basketball player Matt Lawrence

Since his role changed, Missouri senior guard Matt Lawrence has focused on adding more to his game than just his jump shot. In the Feb. 9 upset of Kansas, he showed off his increased versatility. Lawrence scored just four points, but he had three steals, two assists and one huge offensive rebound.

Icy morning commute

Traffic moved slowly through the icy road conditions traveling north on Providence Road near Faurot Field on Monday morning.

MU cornerback Carl Gettis

Missouri sophomore cornerback Carl Gettis attempts to tackle Oklahoma wide receiver Quentin Chaney during the Big 12 championship game on Dec. 6. “When the opportunity shows itself, I try to show the characteristics of leadership,” Gettis said.

MU women's basektball player Jasmyn Otote

Missouri's Jasmyn Otote, right, blocks a shot attempt by Tennessee Martin's Yalonda Martin in a game last December at Mizzou Arena.

MU women's basketball player Bailey Gee

Missouri freshman Bailey Gee attempts a layup during the Tigers' victory Sunday. Gee had a career high 13 points against Tennessee Martin. "I was trying to get to know everything and learn all of Coach Stein’s ways to do stuff, and I finally have just embraced it and know what I’m doing now," she said after the game.

Spending a Saturday splitting wood

Ian Rich, 13, left, and Randy Calvert, 16, split wood in Harrisburg on Saturday, Dec. 6, 2008. The two are working every Saturday to make some extra money.

Carpet troubles

The carpet in Shirley Hargis' apartment was supposed to be replaced because of its old age and it being full of mold. Two years later, the carpet has yet to be replaced and Hargis can do nothing about it. She hopes new legislation that imposes tighter standards of living to landlords will pass.

Signs of disrepair

A damaged corner in Shirley Hargis' bathroom exposes mold behind the walls. Hargis said she also has mold growing under her linoleum floors and carpet that her landlord refuses to fix.

Minimal repairs

The building across from Shirley Hargis' apartment caught fire more than six months ago, but her landlord has yet to do anything about it. "It is ridiculous to be expected to pay rent, and our landlord just sits on his tail and does nothing about it," Hargis said.