Hickman quarterback Matt Herman

First-year Kewpie starting quarterback Matt Herman, center, practices running Hickman’s new offense Tuesday afternoon. He’s the center of offensive coordinator Eric Thomas’ scheme.

Rock Bridge football player Trey Millard

Rock Bridge linebacker Trey Millard says he is ready for Friday night’s season opener against Lee's Summit North.

MU volleyball player Julianna Klein

Sophomore outside hitter Julianna Klein works on part of her rehab assignment in October 2007. Klein tore her ACL early last season, resulting in a medical redshirt.

Blue Note Convention

About 300 Columbia residents gathered at The Blue Note to cheer on Democratic nominee Barack Obama as he officially accepted his Presidential nomination.

Democratic Conv 2

Democratic presidential nominee, Sen. Barack Obama, D-Ill., gives his acceptance speech at the Democratic National Convention in Denver on Thursday. Obama was the first to deliver an outdoor convention acceptance speech since Kennedy did so at the Los Angeles Coliseum in 1960.

Democratic National Convention 2

Democratic presidential nominee Sen. Barack Obama, D-Ill., waves before making his acceptance speech at the Democratic National Convention in Denver on Thursday.

Hickem-Smith Drive3

School supplies donated by Barbara Prince litter the counter of Mama Bessie's Dry Cleaners. Supplies were donated as part of a drive organized by the store's owner, Margaret Hickem-Smith and will be donated to students in Columbia public schools.

Art school faculty exhibit works

"Abundance" is a handmade paper and mixed media work by Jo Stealey on display at the George Caleb Bingham Gallery during an art faculty show.

Faculty art show on display

April Diaz Be Leon, a junior at MU, examines "Hyperbole," an ink pigment and collage on paper by Mark Langeneckert at the George Caleb Bingham Gallery during an art faculty show that will run through Sept. 18.

Hickem-Smith Drive2

Margaret Hickem-Smith looks through a bag of school supplies Thursday afternoon. The supplies were donated earlier in the morning by Barbara Prince for Hickem-Smith's back-to-school drive, which benefits Columbia public schools.

Teen drowns at Stephens Lake

Rescue workers prepare to leave the scene of a teen's death at Stephens Lake Park on Thursday.

Cards and politics

Joanna Williams plays a game of hand-in-foot with friends at the Columbia Senior Center. Williams believes there is more interest in this election than any other because of the war and current state of the economy.

Bike polo team

Members of the Columbia bike polo team rest atop Hitt Street Parking Garage. The COMOPOLO bike polo team will participate this weekend at the Chicago NACCC bike polo tournament. Unlike traditional polo where riders on horses gallop across grassy fields, bike polo is played on an asphalt surface, often with PVC pipe as goals.

Bike polo mallets

Bike polo mallets lay on top of the Hitt Street Parking Garage. Bikers are required to keep both feet on the pedals during the game. If a foot hits the ground, the player must cycle to center court and touch his mallet to the ground before returning to the game.

Bike polo practice

Nicholas Jacob looks at the dispute over the polo ball between Charlie Hill and Chris Williamson, on the roof top of a parking garage in Columbia. The team tangles with police officers when they try to find a place to play. The players often move to a new parking garage after they’ve been banned from another.

Bike polo on rooftop

Drew Deubner, a junior at MU reaches with his mallet for a polo ball on the rooftop of Hitt Street Parking garage in Columbia. He and several other friends gather weekly to play bike polo.

Bike polo chain repairs

Sean Coder repairs the chain of his bike while Charlie Hill, Nicholas Jacob and Trevor Kilgore circle around him on the roof top of Hitt Street parking garage. Their bike polo team will participate this weekend at the Chicago North American Cycle Courier Championship tournament.

Balloon photo vert

Students at Columbia Independent School release balloons as part of an annual tradition. The celebration marks the 10th anniversary of the school's opening on the Stephens College campus.

Balloon Photo horiz

Third grade students, left to right, Addie Logsdon, Lalya Kuznetsova, Hannah Potter and Grace Eberflus lead peers in the Lion Cub Cheer at Columbia Independent School before releasing balloons Wednesday. The school celebrated its 10th anniversary with the beginning of the 2008-09 school year.

Missouri defensive end Stryker Sulak

Missouri defensive end Stryker Sulak says the Tigers defense has the experience necessary to stop Illinois quarterback Juice Williams.