Kings fire Malone

Sacramento Kings head coach Michael Malone calls out instructions to his team during a game last week in Sacramento, California. Malone was fired after starting this season 11-13.

Hotter days cut productivity

A roofer works under the midday sun on July 25 in Gilbert, Ariz. Hotter days mean less cold cash for Americans, according to a new study matching 40 years of temperatures to economics. Days that averaged about 77 degrees ended up reducing people’s income by about $5 a day, when compared to days that were about 20 degrees cooler. A county’s average economic productivity decreases by nearly 1 percent for every degree Fahrenheit that the average daily temperature is above 59, says a new National Bureau of Economic Research working paper released Monday.

Medal of Honor might be awarded 41 years late

Elsie Shemin-Roth holds a World War I photo of her father, William Shemin, at her home in Labadie, Missouri. Nearly a century ago, Sgt. Shemin raced across a battlefield three times to pull wounded comrades to safety, survived a bullet to the head and led his unit to safety.

Police departments change policies

New York Police Department Sgt. Joseph Freer holds a body camera during a news conference in early December while Mayor Bill de Blasio listens in New York. Police departments across the country are altering policies and procedures to assuage concerns about police conduct and to protect their own officers. In New York, they'll make greater use of stun guns; and body cameras are becoming more common in all departments.

FROM READERS: Roman visits with Santa

Santa, played by Vince Eversgerd, watches as Roman Rassman, 5, unwraps a gift on Dec. 6.

FROM READERS: Ivy Dupree visits Santa

Ivy Dupree visits Santa with her brother, Roman Rassman.

FROM READERS: Santa visits the Thompson Center

Adam Dupree, Averie Gomel, Ivy Dupree and Roman Rassman spend time with Santa, played by Vince Eversgerd, on Dec. 6 during an event at MU’s Thompson Center.

FROM READERS: Gifts at the Thompson Center

*David Mantzouris sits on Santa's lap at the MU Thompson Center on Dec. 6.
(*The name of the child in this photo has been corrected.)

FROM READERS: Smiles at the Thompson Center's Santa event

Santiago Lopez, left, and Francisco Lopez are all smiles during their visit with Santa at the MU Thompson Center.

Cherie Rutter volunteers as 'Sugar Angel'

Cherie Rutter sits by a piano inside a cake boutique and tea room in Millersburg. She is a "Sugar Angel" volunteer baker for the non-profit organization called Icing Smiles.

Cherie Rutter mixes icing

Cherie Rutter mixes icing to decorate a cake. She has been baking professionally for about 30 years.

Cherie Rutter spreads icing on cake

Cherie Rutter spreads icing on a cake at the kitchen of Cherie's Cake Boutique in Millersburg earlier this month.

Jonathan Butterworth blows out candles on superhero cake

Jonathan Butterworth, 16, blows out candles on a superhero cake during his birthday party in March. He received the free cake from Cherie Rutter, a Columbia baker who makes cakes for children and teens with illnesses or disabilities. Jonathan, who had a stroke when he was 12, lit up when he saw Rutter walk in with the superhero cake.

Superhero cake sits on table

A superhero-inspired cake made by Cherie Rutter sits on a table at Jonathan Butterworth's 16th birthday party in March. Rutter is a "sugar angel" volunteer baker for the nonprofit organization Icing Smiles and makes free birthday cakes for children with illnesses or disabilities.

Jordan Frericks prepares for free throw

Sophomore guard Jordan Frericks prepares for a free throw during the second half of the Missouri women's basketball game against Northern Illinois on Sunday. Frericks led the team with 13 points and eight rebounds during the Tigers' defeat over the Huskies.

Robin Pingeton responds to a call

Missouri's coach Robin Pingeton responds to a call during the Northern Illinois game on Sunday. The Tigers finished the game with 45 rebounds.

Lindsey Cunningham looks to pass ball against Northern Illinois

Sophomore guard Lindsey Cunningham prepares to pass the ball during the Missouri women's basketball game against Northern Illinois on Sunday. The win over the Huskies makes the Tigers 8-2 overall.

Sierra Michaelis fights for the ball

Sophomore guard Sierra Michaelis fights for the ball during the game against the Northern Illinois Huskies on Sunday. The Tigers beat the Huskies 47-44.

Chiefs win big

Kansas City Chiefs running back Knile Davis (No. 34) and wide receiver Albert Wilson celebrate after Davis scored a 70-yard touchdown during the second half of Sunday's football game against the Oakland Raiders in Kansas City, Missouri.

Blues fight for puck against Avalanche

St. Louis Blues defenseman Jay Bouwmeester, left, checks Colorado Avalanche left wing Gabriel Landeskog, of Sweden, as they fight for control of the puck in the corner in the first period of Saturday's game in Denver.