SLIDESHOW: SXSW Music Festival

The last week of the South by Southwest festival is dedicated to music. This year marks the 25th anniversary of the music and media conference.

Aftermath of the earthquake in Japan

People from around the world expressed sympathy for the Japanese in the aftermath of a devastating earthquake and tsunami. Search and rescue teams from the U.S. and the U.K. searched for survivors Wednesday.

SLIDESHOW: Japan now must deal with hydrogen explosions

Thousands of people are dead and thousands more are missing in Japan after the 8.9 magnitude earthquake and subsequent tsunami Friday. There have been two hydrogen explosions and an anticipated third at a north-eastern nuclear plant in Fukushima.

SLIDESHOW: Photos of the Week, March 7-14

The best photos from Columbia and around the world from March 7-14. Images include scenes from the earthquake in Japan, the protest in Wisconsin and the revolution in Libya.

SLIDESHOW: Scenes from Japan's earthquake

On March 11 a massive 8.9 magnitude earthquake rattled northeastern Japan. The earthquake triggered a tsunami which caused devastating damage to Japan's coasts.

Vets and pets benefit each other

A program designed to mutually benefit Central Missouri Humane Society shelter dogs and combat veterans affected by Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) began March 7. Veterans involved in the Veterans & Shelter Dogs Initiative, created by the MU Research Center for Human-Animal Interaction, will be training dogs to perform basic commands in hopes of fighting PTSD and improving the animals’ chances of adoption.

Earthquake and tsunami cause destruction in Japan

Images of destruction in Japan after an earthquake and tsunami rocked the country Friday.

Week in photos: March 7

The week's photos include Mardi Gras festivities in New Orleans, fashion week in Paris, MU basketball, protests and damaging weather.

International Motor Show

The 81th International Motor Show taking place in Geneva, Switzerland is an international exhibition of new automobiles and cars. A multitude of car manufacturers will bring forth a dizzying array of new models, concept cars and prototypes.

Best of True/False

The True/False Film Festival brought many film fanatics to Columbia over the weekend. Here are our best pictures of the festival.

Columbia gears up for True/False film festival

True/False volunteers begin setting up themed venues in preparation for the eighth annual international documentary film festival. This year the theme is Trees/Forest and has drawn more than 700 volunteers. The festival will screen 43 documentaries.

Week in Photos: Feb. 28

The week's photos include protests in Libya and support in Columbia, the 83rd Academy Awards, the last shuttle launch and teamster rallies in Wisconsin.

Spring Training ushers in new MLB season

Spring Training marks the beginning of competition between players vying for remaining spots on a team's regular season 25-man roster.

'China Night' at a glance

Columbia residents celebrated the Chinese New Year at Jesse Hall with the fifth-annual "China Night." A brief slide show highlights events that brought in the Year of the Rabbit.

SLIDESHOW: Wintry weather returns to Columbia

Images from around Columbia show winter's impact on the landscape.

SLIDESHOW: Protesters gather at Speakers Circle in support of Libya

Columbia residents and students gathered on Wednesday to join with opposition protesters of Libya. The protesters met in Speakers Circle with signs and flags, yelling chants against the Libyan leader Colonel Moammar Gadhafi. They then marched to City Hall to continue their rally. More than 200 people are estimated to have been killed in clashes after some of the bloodiest days in Libya's modern history. The people were killed in clashes with security forces as unrest spread in Libya. Reports came streaming in of protesters setting fire to a government building in Libya's capital and ransacking state TV headquarters.

SLIDESHOW: Pictures of the Week

The Missourian has created a slideshow of images from around the world and Columbia, including the protests in the Middle East, Fashion Week and holidays.

SLIDESHOW: Conflict in Libya

The conflict in Libya is documented through photos provided by the Associated Press.

SLIDESHOW: Kids at Stephens College Children's School celebrate Valentine's

Students at the Stephens College Children's School celebrated Valentine's Day with cards, gifts, games, crafts and treats.

Uncleared sidewalks irk residents in downtown Columbia

Saturday, days following Columbia's near-blizzard, the city remained overwhelmed with snow in some areas. Many sidewalks in downtown Columbia weren’t adequately cleared, and some weren’t cleared at all. Columbia residents talk about how this changed the way they traveled around downtown.