Time-lapse video shows traffic on Rosemary Lane

Vehicles and pedestrians move along Rosemary Lane on Sept. 5 in this time-lapse video looking east from Schweitzer Hall. The video records movement from 7:15 to 8 a.m.

Bully breeds get a second chance through Bull Runs program

The Central Missouri Humane Society implemented the Bull Runs program in October 2011, which adopts out bully breed dogs through a special process. “Bully breeds” is a term that usually covers many breeds with a reputation of aggressive behavior, such as American pit bull terriers, bull terriers, Staffordshire terriers and some mastiff breeds. Previously, it was policy at the Humane Society that if bully breeds were not claimed by an owner, they were put into a rescue organization or euthanized without being put up for adoption. Now, the shelter conducts behavior evaluations of the dogs, as well as placing them in a four-week stay in foster care to learn basic obedience training.

Freshman makes big difference on MU Wheelchair Basketball team

Freshman Joe Dixon had a superb season for the MU Wheelchair Basketball team. Head coach Ron Lykins believes Dixon can make the U.S. team one day, pointing out his precision outside shooting. In the final game of the season, Dixon scored 19 points to help MU defeat Southwest Minnesota State University. He was named to the All Rookie Team by the coaches of the Intercollegiate Division.

Columbia organization quilts for veterans

Members of the Columbia chapter of Quilts of Valor gather every Tuesday to quilt for a cause.

Missourian reporters try out the sport of luge

The Muskegon Luge in Western Michigan is one of three tracks in the United States and the only one truly accessible to the public on a regular basis.

VIDEO: Melissa Dinwiddie's move from Columbia Regency mobile home park

Columbia skate park receives substantial interest

In the late 1990's, Columbia passed an ordinance that made skating on any public street or sidewalk illegal. A group of adults and youth then petitioned the city for a skate park. With some money from the city as well as several others groups, the group was able to build a skate park at the Columbia Cosmopolitan Recreation Center. Since the park's inception, it has attracted substantial interest, including a visit by skate legend Tony Hawk in 2009.

No whining at Prairie Grove Shotgun Sports

Shooters who come to Prairie Grove vary from blue-collar locals to CEO’s. They come year-round, while the summer air is hot and muggy, and when winter covers the fields in mounds of snow. The one rule they must abide by is that there is no whining at Prairie Grove Shotgun Sports.

Tattoo parlor offers welcoming atmosphere

Columbia tattoo, body piercing and art gallery, Living Canvas, tries to eliminate the stereotypes associated with the traditional tattoo parlors. Tattoo artists here offer a professional and personalized service to customers who come with different reasons. Tattoo parlors are no longer a dark place that are associated with rebellious youngsters and crimes, but a welcoming shop that sell artistic works on one body.

John Tucker of Paquin Tower draws scenes from the Bible

John Tucker had an experience with God that inspired him to draw biblical comics. Tucker is striving to publish a comic book and become a minister.

Members of Mary the Giant talk about performing live

VIDEO: How Columbia's ice cream shops cope in winter months

Sellers bring cattle to livestock auction

Justin Angell’s family ran the Columbia Livestock Auction, next to the Bull Pen Cafe, for 55 years before he moved the business to Bowling Green 12 years ago. Sellers from all over the Midwest bring their cattle to Bowling Green for the weekly auctions, and Angell and his family have built a loyal customer base over the years.

Clipping and cutting at cancer

Susan Haines made a promise to her sister who was fighting cancer that she would help other women with the disease. Her sister died, but proof of that promise is kept on Tenth Street in a beauty salon called The Captain's Quarters. Here, Haines has expanded services at The Captain’s Quarters for cancer patients by helping with the external side effects of cancer treatments.

Traditional dance group tries different rhythms

Old-fashioned music played by the River Ridge String Band inspires the Mid-Missouri Traditional Dancers to move to a different rhythm.

'Gurus' focus on providing natural, healthy food to pets

Lizzi & Rocco’s Natural Pet Market owners Kyle and Jessica Schlosser decided to open their shop after rescuing their dog Rocco from the Humane Society. In search of a healthy diet to cure Rocco of his emotional and behavioral problems, the Schlossers became knowledgeable about natural food diets. At their shop, they provide natural food filled with healthy ingredients for dogs and cats.

Friends and family gather here

Breakfast is served all day at JR's Diner in Centralia. Owner Jodie Roberts prides herself on the restaurant's friendly atmosphere, which she says is reminiscent of the small town charm of Centralia itself.

Training ground for life

VIDEO: Shari Mann is co-owner of Authority Gymnastics and Cheer with her husband, Jonathan Liddle. Shari has been on the U.S. National Team and judges gymnastics internationally. Shari and Jonathan have started their own teams for gymnastics and cheer, and they are participating in their first competition this week. Mann has her Master’s in education and uses her experience as a teacher for 10 years to instruct and encourage her teams in gymnastics and teach them skills for life.

Flash mob in Student Center

Shortly after noon on Tuesday, a flash mob took over the MU Student Center, dancing to the tune of "Everybody (Backstreet's Back)" by the Backstreet Boys.

Buddy Packs program keeps kids fed at home

More than 1,000 students in Boone County receive the packs of food supplied by the Food Bank each week, and some children have become dependent on Buddy Packs for their weekend food supply.