Kite clubs come to Columbia

On Oct. 14, kite clubs from Kansas City, St. Louis and Jefferson City met at Cosmo-Bethel Park in Columbia as part of the One Sky One World kite festival. One Sky One World is an international organization that promotes peace and friendship throughout the world through kite flying.

Harder than you think

Roller figure skater Charlie Manchee shows and explains the execution of a loop figure.

Japanese Puppetry

The Imada Puppet Troupe from Iiba City, Japan, shows off a few of its artistic moves in Jesse Wrench Auditorium in Memorial Union on Friday.

Waverly apple harvest

An early spring and then a late frost took a toll on the apple harvest in Waverly.

Students await 'Halo 3' release

MU students talk about their wait for the new video game outside Tiger Tech on Monday night.

Hispanic Heritage Dance Group performs

The Hispanic Heritage Dance Group performs Mexican folk dancing at a Cinco de Mayo celebration.

Bob Barker in Jefferson City

Bob Barker was added to the Hall of Famous Missourians at the state Capitol in Jefferson City on Wednesday, Sept. 12. In this footage from his acceptance speech, the longtime host and executive producer of the game show "The Price is Right" jokes about his bronze likeness and talks about beating up comedian Adam Sandler.

Roots 'n BBQ

Barbecue cooks have fun stories to tell and work hard to find the winning combination for the judging.

Dog Health Clinic

The All Breed Health Clinic and Fun Day for dog owners was held at the Columbia Canine Sports Center on Sept. 8. Debi Bell, of the Columbia Missouri Kennel Club, helped organize the all-day event and explains its purpose. Jennifer Riess of the Show-Me Canine Agility Club, describes one of the exams that the clinic offered and its importance for her dog.

Inside a sobriety checkpoint

Law enforcement officials conducted a sobriety checkpoint over the weekend to catch intoxicated drivers. About 400 cars were stopped and five drunk driving arrests were made.

Tiger fans ready to roar

Tiger fans gathered at Memorial Stadium for the annual Quarterback Club pep rally on Wednesday. The 2007 football season starts Saturday when the Tigers face Illinois at the Edward Jones Dome in St. Louis.

A look at parkour

Roommates Nathan Zabel and David Boyko explain the sport of parkour, a sport that uses natural body movements to quickly and efficiently navigate around and over obstacles such as walls or trees. Zabel and Boyko have been practicing the discipline for almost a year now.

Launches and landings at Columbia Balloon Invitational

Pilot Jason Gaines explains the process of launching and landing a hot air balloon at the Columbia Balloon Invitational.

Missouri State Fair Montage

A heat wave that swept the Midwest during the Missouri State Fair did not stop Missourians from coming out in large numbers to enjoy the all the fair had to offer. Here's a sampling of the sights and sounds of this year's state fair.

Nick Rodriguez dances

Nick Rodriguez is a performer at heart; he writes rap lyrics, plays the guitar and sprays graffiti art. Watch Nick use his body to express himself in the form of break dancing.

Jade Li

Jade Li has been playing the Pipa, a Chinese lute, since she was a child. Jade says, “playing Pipa expresses my own nationality and tells people who I really am.” Watch Jade play an old Chinese song about a man forced into an arranged marriage on the Pipa at Teen Speak and explain what this song means to her.

Tim Douglas sings

Tim Douglas can’t remember a time when he wasn’t singing. He is the lead singer and bass player for Thunderclap Douglas and the 8-Track Groove. Watch Tim sing a song by his band a capella and explain what music means to him.

Watch a video of the demolition derby

Trei Davenport has been in demolition derbies since he was 16. Derbies are an every-man-for-himself event, where the last car still running wins. Davenport didn't make it past the semifinals this time, but said he's already planning for his next derby in Auxvasse.

See the County Fair Baby Boy Contest

Watch 82 Columbia kids smile, squirm and play their way to the top at the Boone County Fair Baby Boy Contest.

Watch how blacksmith Denis Yates works

Using 18th century techniques, Denis Yates heats, pounds and twists metal into useful and ornamental shapes.