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Welcome to the section of the Missourian dedicated to your voices and your stories. Community contributions make our coverage more complete, and we hope you'll consider sharing — in text, picture or video form. We also publish obituaries just as families write them, as submitted by funeral homes.

The Missourian has a long history of and commitment to sharing community voices. Not sure what you have to share? Take a look at these examples of past submissions for inspiration. Or get in touch with Joy Mayer, the section's editor, to talk about some ideas.

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FROM READERS: Harvest Hootenanny to celebrate conclusion of growing season

The Columbia Center for Urban Agriculture is a not-for-profit organization that teaches people how to grow their own food through programs at its Urban Farm, in backyards and in the community.

FROM READERS: Missouri Department of Conservation offers dove hunting opportunity across Central Missouri

Steven Noll, a Wildlife Management Biologist for the Missouri Department of Conservation, gives tips for dove hunting across central Missouri.

FROM READERS: "Would you like a zucchini?" is question of the season

As many gardeners know, zucchini are more than plentiful this time of year. Missourian reader Joe Dillard shares some advice about what to do with the surplus fruit.

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My family obituaries

Missourian reporters try to write life stories for every person in our community who dies. We also, however, publish all obituaries we receive, just as we receive them. You’ll find those here.

Esther 'Ann' Annalee Ayers, Nov. 25, 1920 - Aug. 18, 2014, of Williams, Ariz.

Steven R. Nagel, Oct. 27, 1946 - Aug. 21, 2014, of Columbia

Rebecca East, June 13, 1959 — Aug. 24, 2014, of Columbia

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