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Finance reports show City Council races opening wallets of supporters

Eight of the 12 candidates for Columbia City Council submitted their campaign finance reports. The reports detail the money raised from the candidates supporters, how the candidates are spending the money, and who is financially supporting the candidates. Second Ward candidate Paul Love and First Ward candidates Rob Rasmussen, Nate Brown and Sal Nuccio did not file reports.

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Petition submitted to recall Columbia councilwoman

City Clerk Sheela Amin will review the signatures to determine whether the petition to recall First Ward Councilwoman Ginny Chadwick is valid. Readers can review the petition to see who signed it.

Sturgeon School District to receive $2 million in bonds for renovations

Voters in the Southern Boone County Fire Protection District also approved the addition of two members to its board of directors.

ELECTION 2014: A look at the results of some key local and state races

Here's a list of some key local and statewide races from Tuesday's midterm election.

Democrat Joyce re-elected Cole County judge

Voters re-elected Joyce after an unusually costly local judicial campaign by Republican opponent Brian Stumpe.

UPDATE: GOP captures control of Senate, tightens grip on House

Republican Mitch McConnell led the way to a new Senate majority, dispatching Democratic challenger Alison Lundergan Grimes in Kentucky after a $78 million campaign of unrelieved negativity.

Two ballot measures pass statewide, and two are defeated

Missourians react to the results of the state ballot measures: Amendment 2 and  Amendment 10 were approved, and Amendment 3 and Amendment 6 were voted down.

Columbia voters reject Proposition 2

The ballot measure would have raised development fees to help pay for new streets.

GOP lawmakers keep supermajority in Missouri General Assembly

Republicans will have enough seats to be able to override vetoes by Democratic Gov. Jan Nixon without needing any votes from minority party Democrats.

UPDATE: GOP retains control of House, expands majority

Promising economic signs of a drop in the unemployment rate and cheaper gasoline failed to help the president's party, which typically loses seats in midterm elections.

Latest political news

State Republicans, municipal leaders clash on jurisdictional authority

Republican legislators, including Columbia's Caleb Rowden and Kurt Schaefer, have argued that the state should have the final say on matters of finance. Columbia City Councilman Michael Trapp has said that bills limiting local control block the abilities of municipal governments to govern effectively.

MONA back for another round in the senate

The bill would add sexual orientation and gender to the Missouri Human Rights Statutes, which prohibit discrimination against race, sex, religion and national origin in employment, housing and public accommodations.

Missouri Republicans take second look at tax code changes

Republican lawmakers are working on tax-related bills to add exemptions and change the tax code.

Missouri Senate cancels Monday's session due to winter storm warning

Missouri Senate Majority Leader Ron Richard said the Senate won't convene until 4 p.m. Tuesday because of the weather.

Missouri unions prepare for another right-to-work fight

The Republican majority in the Missouri General Assembly hopes to pass right-to-work legislation this year, sparking another debate in the legislature.

Gov. Jay Nixon's promises on preschool programs fall short

Despite advocating the importance of early childhood education, Nixon cut funds for such programs that had been approved by the state legislature, saying the state doesn't have enough revenue to do what he would like.

Rep. Chuck Basye settles into office at Missouri Capitol

Since being sworn into office on Jan. 7, Rep. Chuck Basye, R-Rocheport, has attended Republican caucus meetings and had lunch with University of Missouri System President Tim Wolfe.

5 ways to watch the State of the Union address

When the president speaks some viewers may be applauding or booing, others might be drinking or playing bingo.

ANALYSIS: 'Yes-We-Can' president faces twilight of maybes

Pillars of Obama's second-term agenda seem destined to remain unfulfilled, and talk is turning to life after the Obama White House.

Filing period for Columbia City Council seats now open

Two Columbia City Council member have terms that expire next year. Michael Trapp said he'll seek another term; Barbara Hoppe has not yet decided.

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Helpful tips for participating in the election

The polls will be open from 6 a.m. to 7 p.m. Nov. 6. You can find your polling place by checking the website of Boone County Clerk Wendy Noren.

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