FROM READERS: Artrageous Fridays are Artrageously personal

Kate Gunn, the executive director for Argrageous Fridays, explains why she is passionate about local art. The next event is scheduled for Oct. 10-12.

ArtTalk: 'Crochet is a people's art,' writes Genevieve Howard

Crochet is more than an artistic endeavor to Genevieve Howard. Her craft is also a connection to her late mother, a conversation starter and a way to help others.

ArtTalk: Lisa Bartlett writes about what inspires and excites her

Lisa Bartlett is the owner of the ARTlandish Gallery on Walnut Street and her work can be seen throughout the city.

ArtTalk: Art invites us to use our imaginations like children do

Sumire Taniai will bring out the inner child of viewers of her upcoming exhibit "IMAGINATIVE PLAY" by utilizing colorful and fun paintings and sculptures.

ArtTalk: Different materials influence style of handmade bohemian jewelry

Columbia artist Mary Anne Flesch uses a wide range of materials to produce unique pieces of art.

ArtTalk: Local artist produces textured paintings, most recently of animal eyes

Scott Kronk works largely with thickened acrylic-based media and pallete knives.

ArtTalk: Local photographer uses light to complement her subjects

Artist Elena Plackis specializes in painting photography and sculpture. In this column she discusses her inspiration and process.

ArtTalk: MU student uses theater to discover strengths, weaknesses

Lynett Vallejo will be playing the role of "Kathy" in "Moonchildren" at the Rhynsburger Theatre on April 24-26 and May 1-4.

ArtTalk: Watercolor artist inspired by Ozarks, nature

Shannah Arner describes what inspires her to create watercolor art.

ArtTalk: Glitter house creator makes small replicas of buildings

Tracey Pfeiffer creates glitter replicas of local homes and landmarks out of cardboard and old packing material.

ArtTalk: Sharing the fun of MU Summer Repertory Theatre

Reader Matt Ingram writes about participating in Summer Repertory Theatre at MU, which this year includes "Anything Goes" and "Sherlock Holmes: The Final Adventure."

ArtTalk: Like beer? Like art? Arts & Drafts event is Thursday

Sarah Dresser of the Office of Cultural Affairs tells us about a craft beer tasting and gallery crawl that will take place this week.

ArtTalk: School of Metaphysics hosts dream-inspired art show

Walter Hrycaj, director of the School of Metaphysics, shares information about an art show that will take place April 26 to 28 at the School of Metaphysics.

ArtTalk: Access Arts hosts workshop to explore symbols in art

Shawna Johnson, Executive Director of Access Arts' School of Service, talks about an upcoming workshop featuring the photographs from Dr. Adrienne Hoard's exhibit, "Hiding in Plain Sight: Symbolic Messages in Indigenous Art."

ArtTalk: "Longviews" show, Art of Food event sure to be interesting

Katie Rapp, a marketing intern for Orr Street Studios, is excited for the "Longviews" show — on exhibit now until March — and the Art of Food event on March 20.

ArtTalk: Artrageous Fridays offer a window into the Columbia arts scene

Reader Scott Wilson invites you to the first Artrageous Friday event of 2013, in downtown Columbia on Jan. 18.

ArtTalk: Try making a "cultural bucket list" for Columbia

Sarah Dresser with Columbia's Office of Cultural Affairs writes about starting the new year with a bucket list of arts activities.

ArtTalk: Missouri Contemporary Ballet to hold choreographic installation show on Thursday

Craig Rooney, from the Missouri Contemporary Ballet's board of directors, talks about Thursday's choreographic installation performance.

ArtTalk: MU student Ryan Johnson discusses artistic process, inspirations

MU journalism student and art lover Karen Rodriguez talks to fine arts student Ryan Johnson about why he loves what he does.

ArtTalk: Columbia Public Library to hold Book Trivia Night

Librarian Brandy Sanchez talks about an upcoming trivia night, where participants will be challenged with literature-related questions.