Brian Jarvis columns

COLUMN: Spending what we don’t have is now the American way

Take a gander at our current debt: $12,027,341,155,152.20. Tallied up all those zeroes yet? That’s $12 trillion and change. We can blame Bush for creating the mess, or we can blame Obama for not cleaning it up. Or we can blame both.

We don't need another payday loan business in Columbia

The Columbia City Council's six-month moratorium on the opening of new payday lending outlets is a good start, but must be followed up by regulations that rein in the excesses of these businesses.

A Thanksgiving Top 10 list Columbia can be grateful for

Columbians should be thankful for all Columbia has to offer.

Talking heads replace hip-hop heads as lyricists of our times

The current social commentary of people like Beck, O'Reilly and Limbaugh is similar to the late '80s, early '90s hip-hop social commentary of Public Enemy, Brand Nubian and Queen Latifah.

Can we admit that legal drugs are as deadly as the illegal variety?

Experts said the 2008 death of a high school football player was at least partly caused by a prescription amphetamine and an over-the-counter muscle builder. This should serve as a reminder that coaches need to keep track of what their players are taking, and that something can be legal without being safe.

Nothing like youth to remind me I’m not young(er)

In the nine months since my return to the Wi-Fi’d halls of higher education, it’s hard to pinpoint when that reality first intruded. Whatever the drawbacks of being surrounded  by young people, they also make worthwhile companions.

Nothing imitation about crabbiness over lost Walmart seafood counter

When Walmart axed its seafood counter, it lost more than cheap imitation crab meat. It lost a customer.

Glory of the open road meets reality

Road trips have given rise to many memories, but their days might be numbered.

My shout-out to Sen. Jeff Smith for his role in state politics

Before his fall, Smith was an icon for a new age in state politics.

Any health care reform in a storm

A lot of conservatives are threatening that the Obama health care plan is one step away from socialism and draconian government oversight. But if the system in place hinders even those who are already insured, then maybe any other system deserves a shot.

A new place for 'Pepper & Friends'

As the popular local television program "Pepper & Friends" prepares to go off air, many are protesting its soon-to-be absence. Public access television, though, would seem to offer a solution to everyone's problems.

South Carolina governor's mansion wanting for Missouri normalcy

Brian Jarvis reflects on his personal experience with South Carolina's gubernatorial woes and his gratitude for Missouri's relatively low-key chief executive.

Fourth of July offers journalists cause to celebrate

The Fourth of July might seem like one giant pyrotechnics display, but it symbolizes a lot more for American journalists.

Bringing big-city transit to college-town America

Getting around Columbia by bus can sometimes take an hour or more. Other ideas are being proposed to revitalize the transit system, but until the city can improve the situation, many are likely to remain in their cars.

'Fair Tax' deserves a fair shake

The recent "Fair Tax" rally at the Boone County Fairgrounds has left a lot of people considering the removal of income tax as a source of governmental funding. With the economy on the decline, and with income taxes as complicated as they are, maybe the plan is worth a shot.

Citizens deserve their own police review board

A police review board would provide Columbia with a group of people whose diverse backgrounds would help marginalized residents find a voice.