Common Core State Standards

Rewriting Missouri education goals causes tension

A law passed in May requires educators and parents to rewrite learning benchmarks for each grade to replace the standards adopted in the Common Core.

FROM READERS: Common Core debate deserves to be informed

Often the people who call Common Core into question later admit to me that they have not read a single standard for themselves.

Common Core standards set the stage for new state accountability tests

Tests at the classroom, district and state level in Columbia Public Schools will have to accommodate new academic standards and the skills-based, critical-thinking focus of Common Core.

New Common Core standards stress deeper learning, practical skills

Rather than having curriculum that forces teachers to race through facts and loads of content, the Common Core State Standards emphasize adjusting curriculum to help students learn more practical and critical-thinking skills that can be applied across disciplines.

New Common Core State Standards address lack of student literacy

In the past year, Columbia Public Schools has focused on revising its curriculum to adhere more closely to the Common Core State Standards, which stress practical skills and in-depth learning.