Dog killed in SWAT raid

Judge dismisses lawsuit against Columbia SWAT

Jonathan Whitworth and his family sued 12 police officers after the February 2010 raid at their home. Two of the family's dogs were shot, one fatally.

UPDATE: Family's suit seeks damages over SWAT raid that killed dog

A lawsuit filed by the Whitworth family claims the city and police officers violated their constitutional rights during a Feb. 11 SWAT raid at their Columbia home.

Family in February SWAT raid that killed dog files lawsuit

The lawsuit, which was filed Monday in the U.S. Western District Court, lists the city of Columbia, 12 police officers and "other, unknown police officer(s)" as defendants.

Text of the letter from Green Aid

This is the text of the appeal filed with City Manager Bill Watkins.

Citizens Police Review Board: Police acted appropriately in raid

Residents expressed frustration with the Citizens Police Review Board's limit to public comment Wednesday night after the board found the Columbia SWAT team's actions appropriate by a 4 to 3 vote.

CoMoCitizens, Keep Columbia Free gather after Citizens Police Review Board decision

Public safety activists and Citizens Police Review Board members shared their opinions on the board's ruling on the Feb. 11 SWAT raid.

TODAY'S QUESTION: How should the Citizens Police Review Board handle an appeal from California?

A marijuana activist from California filed an appeal with the Citizens Police Review Board in June to protest a highly controversial SWAT raid and the exoneration of the officers involved. Do you think he has a valid complaint, or is he too far removed from the situation?

COLUMN: Launch of Citizens Police Review Board off to rocky start

Wednesday night's meeting dealt largely with whether the complaint filed by a California activist should be heard, since the complainant has no known connection to Columbia.

Citizens Police Review Board hears first appeal, tables until August

A California resident was the first person to file a complaint about the Feb. 11 SWAT raid with the Citizens Police Review Board.

TODAY'S QUESTION: What should the Citizens Police Review Board do with its first complaint?

The complaint is regarding the Feb. 11 SWAT raid in which a dog was killed.

TODAY'S QUESTION: Should SWAT team officers undergo psychiatric evaluations?

An appeal to the Citizens Police Review Board suggests officers involved in February's home raid should be evaluated by psychiatrists before continuing to carry weapons.

Columbia police chief speaks to CoMoCitizens about policy changes

Columbia Police Chief Ken Burton met with a group of public safety activists to discuss policy changes within the department. CoMoCitizens has asked the department and the Columbia City Council to make the department's policy changes legally binding.


Review board receives complaint from California resident about SWAT raid

Ed Rosenthal, a marijuana legislation reform activist from California, raised concerns about the Columbia Police Department's activities during the Feb. 11 SWAT raid.

Burton makes presentation to Citizens Police Review Board

During Wednesday night's Citizens Police Review Board meeting, Burton reiterated the changes he's made to the department's SWAT team and to the use of search warrants.

CoMoCitizens group presses Columbia City Council on SWAT reforms

Donald Warren, one of the co-founders of CoMoCitizens, a group formed in response to a Feb. 11 raid SWAT raid, asked the City Council Monday night to make Chief Ken Burton's policy changes for the SWAT team binding.


LETTER: It's time to rethink marijuana laws in this country

The SWAT team drug raid in February should make us question why our laws still consider marijuana use or possession as such a large criminal offense.

TODAY'S QUESTION: Has the Columbia Police Department sufficiently addressed concerns about SWAT raids?

The department has announced several changes to the way it executes search warrants and when it will use the SWAT team.

Columbia police's internal investigation finds no wrongdoing by SWAT officers

Columbia Police Chief Ken Burton said the officers involved in the Feb. 11 incident acted appropriately and announced more changes to department policy.

COLUMN: Let Burton, Columbia police do their job

Mistakes were made during an ill-fated Feb. 11 SWAT incident, but let's give the man in charge a chance to fix the problems before we criticize.

Citizens suggest SWAT changes to Columbia City Council

Two Columbia residents presented a proposal to address citizen concerns with the Police Department following a Feb. 11 SWAT raid.


Appeal sent to Citizens Police Review Board [Document]

Read the letter regarding an appeal with the Citizens Police Review Board sent by California resident Ed Rosenthal after Police Chief Ken Burton sent him a letter rejecting his initial complaint.

Officer reports from Feb. 11 SWAT raid [Document]

These documents, obtained by the Missourian through a Missouri Sunshine Law records request, contain the participating officers' individual reports of the Feb. 11 SWAT raid on 1501 Kinloch Court in which police officers shot and killed a pit bull.