Dog killed in SWAT raid

This week in comments: SWAT backlash raises questions

Commenters on have a myriad opinions about February's SWAT raid on a Columbia home.

Public airs frustrations with Columbia police at Citizens Review Board meeting

Dozens of Columbia residents showed up for Wednesday night's meeting of the Columbia Citizens Police Review Board to talk about a February incident in which police officers killed a pit bull. Opinions ran the gamut, with many expressing outrage at the incident.

LETTER: Citizens have a right to be upset with SWAT team

A raid caught on video tape puts Columbia in a negative spotlight across the country.

UPDATE: Columbia Police Department still dealing with backlash about SWAT raid

"We did some things wrong," said Columbia Police Chief Ken Burton at a Monday afternoon press conference held at the Columbia Police Department. "And I'm telling you, it won't happen again."

Columbia police announce further changes to SWAT policy

The decision to execute a drug warrant will now be made by higher-ranking officers, Columbia Police Chief Ken Burton said at a news conference Monday afternoon.

Columbia Police Department changes some SWAT team procedures

The Columbia Police Department has changed its process for deciding when to use its SWAT team for drug busts, Police Chief Ken Burton announced at a news conference Monday.

TODAY'S QUESTION: Does Columbia need a full-time SWAT team?

The Columbia Police Department came under fire for shooting a dog during a raid by its SWAT team that took place eight days after obtaining a search warrant. Should the police department hire a full-time SWAT force? 

UPDATE: SWAT raid prompts Columbia police review of policies

The fatal shooting of a dog during a Columbia Police SWAT team raid in February has prompted death threats after the YouTube video went viral, Chief Ken Burton said at a news conference Thursday.

SWAT raid prompts police review of policy

Video of a February incident in which officers killed one dog and injured another has gone viral and prompted death threats against the officers involved.