Election 2012: Your Voices

Columbia voters share their Election Day experiences online

The Columbia Missourian is gathering observations, reactions and pictures on social media from mid-Missouri voters on Election Day. Check back to see what people are saying.

FROM READERS: If we're not involved, we have no right to gripe

Wayne Behymer discusses the potential pitfalls of expressing political opinions in a town the size of Columbia, where you know so many of the players.

FROM READERS: Mizzou Republicans discuss political motivations

Some mid-Missourians say they think being involved in politics is critically important. To find out what drives them, we're asking people about their political motivation and involvement.

FROM READERS: Family history of activism, rallying against oppression fuels political passion

Aline Kultgen, civil liberties co-chair for the League of Women Voters of Columbia, discusses her motivations for being politically involved.

FROM READERS: Political involvement is a matter of human interest

This election season is important in terms of economics, civil liberties and the environment, according to Missourian reader and commenter Derrick Fogle.

MU students pose questions to presidential candidates during watch party

MU students would ask the presidential candidates questions on a variety of topics, such as financial aid, education and a compensation plan for veterans.  

Obama, Romney, Ryan, Biden: Who would you study (or tailgate) with?

Before Thursday's vice-presidential debate, we asked MU students at a nonpartisan watch party what they thought about the candidates' personalities.

FROM READERS: People should be politically informed in the upcoming election

Tom Wright, vice president of the Mizzou College Democrats, thinks if people aren't politically aware and don't vote they are essentially saying they don't care what happens in the country or how it will affect them.

WHAT YOU SAID: Will higher cigarette costs affect smoking rates?

Readers join the conversation on how effective a higher cigarette tax would be.

FROM READERS: Despite a disappointing debate, Americans should still vote

Despite a disappointing first presidential debate, citizens should still show up to the polls on Election Day to support a candidate.

TELL US: Will higher cigarette costs motivate people to stop smoking?

We want to hear your thoughts about new proposed cigarette tax increase.

MU students have questions for presidential candidates

We asked MU students attending a debate watch party Wednesday at Gaines/Oldham Black Culture Center what questions they'd ask the presidential candidates.

FROM READERS: New control of government is crucial

Frequent Missourian commenter Frank Christian describes his motivation for being conservative and staying politically aware.

FROM READERS: 'The American democracy is the best hope that we have'

Boone County Democratic Central Committee Chairman Homer Page chooses to be politically involved this election season because he believes this campaign, more than any other, is about what it means to be an American.

TELL US: What do you like to do on election night?

Would you participate in a virtual watch party on your mobile device for election night?