Enhanced enterprise zones

City leaders, legislators look to alter definition of blight

In an effort to address public scrutiny regarding the definition of blight, city leaders and area legislators want to alter the enhanced enterprise zone's state statute so that a local government's declaration of blight cannot be used for other laws that also necessitate a blight requirement.

GUEST COMMENTARY: Proposed enhanced enterprise zones create Internet backlash

A new citizens group — CiViC, Citizens Invested and Involved in Columbia — seeks to question the widsom of blighting large portions of the city and county in the name of economic development.

Public voices concerns about Enhanced Enterprise Zone, "blight" at meeting

Much of the public comment echoed questions that remained unanswered at last week's meeting between the Downtown Leadership Council and Regional Economic Development Inc.

GEORGE KENNEDY: Many questions still surround enhanced enterprise zones

Enhanced enterprise zones must include the census blocks that are lowest in income and highest in unemployment. Whether they’ll benefit is just one of many questions.

Questions about enhanced enterprise zone linger from public, Downtown Leadership Council

Following a presentation by Regional Economic Development Inc., members of the Downtown Leadership Council as well as community members posed questions regarding the proposed enhanced enterprise zone in Columbia.

GEORGE KENNEDY: Blight designation raises concern

The dominant mood among citizens about the Enhanced Enterprise Zone is suspicion with an undertone of anger and broadly shared confusion.

Resolution to create enhanced enterprise zone deems large portion of Columbia 'blighted'

The Regional Economic Development Inc. is pushing for an enhanced enterprise zone to create jobs and foster economic growth in Columbia. But others worry the term "blighted," featured in the state statute that creates these zones, is not truly reflective of the large parts of the city it might be applied to.

REDI says enhanced enterprise zone to support job growth, public schools

New jobs and more funding for education could result from REDI's plans to create an enhanced enterprise zone. Business developments and expansions within the zone would benefit from a 50 percent tax abatement for the next 10 years.