Heat Wave 2012

How mid-Missouri residents beat the heat in 1956

Boone County residents recall the quirky and imaginative tricks they used to "beat the heat" back in 1956, the year of the previously most widespread drought in the U.S.

Heat advisory to remain in effect until Thursday evening

Temperatures will continue to rise in Columbia this week, prompting another heat advisory for mid-Missouri by the National Weather Service.

Motorists urged to be cautious about discarding cigarettes

The Missouri Highway Patrol reminds motorists that discarding lit cigarettes out of their car windows amid the current drought conditions is dangerous and illegal.

West Broadway Swim Club brings 'Arctic Friday' to the pool with ice chunks

The West Broadway Swim Club hosted "Arctic Friday" where they passed out 10-pound blocks of ice to swimmers and made snow cones to help Columbia beat the heat

Nixon seeks to allow Missouri farmers to graze animals

The governor is asking that brief grazing be allowed on soil and water livestock exclusion areas.

Heat, drought make for more flavorful produce

The heat brought an expected benefit for peppers and other crops: Their flavors became unusually concentrated, producing some of the most potent-tasting produce in years.

Missouri American Water increases water impoundment

Matt Barnhart, manager of the private utility, said it's a precautionary measure in case the water is needed in the future.

US forecast: Hot, dry weather to linger into fall

The unusually hot dry weather that has gripped the nation will not let up its stranglehold over the next few months, federal weather forecasters said Thursday.

Bankers survey suggests drought hurting economy

A new survey of bankers suggests the economy is slowing down in rural areas of 10 Midwest and Western states because of drought conditions.

Missouri at highest risk for fires from drought

The National Drought Mitigation Center at the University of Nebraska rates Missouri's fire risk as the highest in the nation.

Missouri records 24th heat-related death

The death of an 89-year-old St. Louis County man is blamed on the heat, bringing the number of heat-related deaths in Missouri to 24 since June.

Missouri offers faster loans for farmers in drought

Treasurer Clint Zweifel said he is offering emergency 24-hour approvals of low-interest loans through the Missouri Linked Deposit Program because of the drought conditions.

Missouri farmers eligible for federal aid

The U.S. Department of Agriculture has approved a request to designate all Missouri counties as disaster areas due to the drought.

Missouri officials use Facebook to share drought info

The University of Missouri Extension has a guide for using social media to respond to disasters.

Lawn care services feeling positive and negative effects from drought

Lawn care companies have to diversify to stay alive in the drought.

Temperatures across US cool slightly, but it's still hot

Cooler air swept southward in the eastern half of the country, bringing down some temperatures by 15 or more degrees from Saturday's highs, which topped 100 in cities including St. Louis.


Extreme heat bakes Midwest, parts of East Coast

Across the country, people try to stay cool by whatever means possible. 24 recent deaths nationwide have been blamed on excessive heat.

How the heat wave of 2012 stacks up to years past in Columbia

Even though triple-digit temperatures have been difficult to endure over the past several days, past years in Columbia have packed an even worse summer punch.

Extreme heat, drought putting Missouri wildlife in danger

Across the state, experts say wildlife is being adversely affected by the heightened temperatures and dry conditions.

Missouri drought puts stress on farmers, livestock

Prolonged heat in Missouri has evaporated ponds and kept pastures that feed livestock extremely dry and nutritionally low.