Katy Steinmetz columns

Parents, teens at online loggerheads

Parents and teens don't see eye-to-eye when it comes to social networking sites such as Facebook because both have had very different experiences with the Internet.

Sex health programs need realistic goals

Sexual awareness programs have good intentions, but initiatives such as free condoms in residence halls are much more realistic programs.

The greatest dog history forgot

While one dog has become a national hero, it is the story of another that deserves all the praise.

Parents hold the key to fixing childhood obesity

Subtle changes to diet over time will work much better than changing a child's eating habits all at once.

Self-discipline, creativity work together to spark new ideas for society

While advances in technology have altered the way we perceive art and information, one has to question whether we are being aided, enthralled or simply over-stimulated.

Pronunciation: Be comprehensible, not pretentious

Using foreign words and accents will likely alienate those around you.

Men also self-conscious about magazines featuring 'ideal' women

A new study suggests that men feel more self-conscious when confronted with a gorgeous woman than a handsome gent because of men's "strict" standards of appearance.

COMMENT: Faith takes a backseat to actions

When it comes to Christians and their faith, actions should be taken at face value, regardless of the validity of their beliefs.

Behind the myth that few Americans have passports

The most recent statistics suggest the number of Americans with passports is much higher than assumed. For the average American, traveling abroad is not nearly so feasible, economically or logically.