Locally Grown with Michael Burden

LOCALLY GROWN: Thanks for the opportunity to show you how to reduce and reuse

This season of Locally Grown ends with a look back.

LOCALLY GROWN: Columbia cluckers not ruffling too many feathers

The Columbia Center for Urban Agriculture is hosting free "Yard to Skillet" workshops that will take people through the steps of processing a chicken.

PHOTO GALLERY: Workshops to provide new perspectives on urban hens

The Columbia Center for Urban Agriculture plans to hold workshops in August and September to teach residents how to process chickens they've raised in their backyards.

LOCALLY GROWN: Want to get more than 50 miles per gallon without buying a hybrid?

Jack rabbit driving won't get you to your destination significantly quicker, but hypermiling could save your gas tank.

LOCALLY GROWN: Renewed uncertainty over clean energy in Missouri

In 2008, Missouri voters passed the Missouri Clean Energy Initiative that requires investor-owned utilities to generate or purchase an incrementally increasing amount of energy from renewable sources to reach 15 percent by 2021. How and where that’s going to happen is still in question.

LOCALLY GROWN: As precious as gold

According to the World Water Council, we're draining our water supply more quickly than we're replenishing it. And conserving water is as rewarding for your budget as it is for the environment.

LOCALLY GROWN: Don't throw away when you can reuse

Buying long-lasting, durable goods that can be reused or recycled cuts down on wastefulness.

LOCALLY GROWN: Solar raising

Volunteers eager to learn about solar energy came from as far away as Memphis, Tenn., to lend a hand in a solar raising, an event sponsored by the nonprofit solar advocacy group, Show Me Solar.

LOCALLY GROWN: Energy legislation can put Missouri on pace

A good Property Assessed Clean Energy program would be available to many, have flexiblity, stability and easy access to information so homeowners could make decisions based on hard data. Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon could sign a bill that makes it happen.

LOCALLY GROWN: Managing stormwater important for individuals, city

Managing stormwater is an issue that needs to be addressed, particularly how the city, county and MU will work together to achieve a 50 percent reduction in stormwater flow.

LOCALLY GROWN: Sealing the gaps for sustainability

In this slideshow, Columbia's sustainability manager shows how to seal air leaks in your house.

LOCALLY GROWN: When it comes to home improvements, conservation is still king

Just taking care of the "little" things around your house can save money on energy costs and reduce your carbon footprint. A good place to start is an free energy audit offered by the city of Columbia.

LOCALLY GROWN: Take a tour of urban gardens via bicycle

The tour showcased seven downtown community gardens — each with its own story and all bountiful in both plants and community.

LOCALLY GROWN: The dilemma on your dinner plate

According to a study published in The Lancet medical journal, global greenhouse emissions from agriculture are even greater than transportation emissions. Even something as simple as bread might contain gluten from Poland, which means a lot of fuel was used to get it to Missouri.

Farm to Table Festival introduces worm composting to attendees

The festival provided sustainability workshops, including one about worm composting, which uses almost any kind of box to compost worms.

COLUMN: Compost pile will reduce waste, help your garden grow

Through trial and error and expert help, Michael Burden learned what works and what doesn't with composting. Now he and his family produce one-third the trash they once did and have nutrient-rich compost for their garden.

LOCALLY GROWN: Your guide to sustainable living in mid-Missouri

This column is the first in a series that will address practical challenges that come up in trying to live more sustainably.