Michael Jackson dead at age 50

MU student among few picked to attend Michael Jackson memorial

MU senior Zach Moss was one of fewer than 10,000 winners of a global lottery for highly sought-after tickets to Tuesdays extravagant, star-studded Michael Jackson memorial.

PHOTO GALLERY: MU student attends Michael Jackson's memorial

MU student Zach Moss entered his name in an international lottery to go to the Michael Jackson memorial. He was one of about 8,750 winners worldwide.

Los Angeles braces for Michael Jackson's final act

As officials prepare for Michael Jackson's public memorial, fans with tickets to the event gather outside the Staples Center to share their memories of the artist.

Tickets to Jackson memorial being sold for thousands

On eBay, bids for tickets for Tuesday's event were reaching as high as $3,000, though it was impossible to verify the seriousness of those bids.

Michael Jackson's will leaves Neverland Ranch in trust

Michael Jackson's will was filed Wednesday and named his 79-yea-old mother Katherine Jackson as the guardian of his children. His ex-wife, Debbie Rowe, was cut out of the will.

Doctor's lawyer: Jackson had faint pulse when discovered

A lawyer for the doctor who was with Michael Jackson when he died said that Jackson still had a faint pulse when the physician discovered him and immediately began administering CPR.

Jackson was acquitted at trial but never recovered

After being charged with and enduring a trial on child molestation claims, Michael Jackson spent his remaining years trying to put the pieces of his life back in place.

Ice cream parlor pays tribute to Jackson with creative flavor names

Local ice cream shop pays tribute to the King of Pop in its own unique way with flavors like "Thrilla Vanilla" and "Blueberry Jean (is not my flavor)."

Questions swirl around doctor in Jackson's death

As police investigate Michael Jackson's sudden death, questions about the King of Pop's personal cardiologist and his actions in the superstar's final days remain.

Local musicians remember Jackson

Reacting to Michael Jackson's death, local artists reflected on his influence on music and culture and drew parallels between Jackson and Elvis Presley.

Columbia businesses selling out of Jackson memorabilia

Columbia retailers are seeing a frenzy of Michael Jackson memorabilia sales following the singer's death.

Jackson's Neverland Ranch might be a tough sell

The homes of even the most beloved stars rarely see any appreciable boost in value from their celebrity cachet, and in the case of Neverland Ranch and the Los Angeles mansion Jackson was leasing when he died, the association might even work against them.

Jackson was energetic, upbeat ahead of London tour

Friends and colleagues said on Friday that Michael Jackson appeared in recent months to be rejuvenated by the prospect of performing again.

Dancers remember Jackson's influence

“The whole dancing world will never forget him. At every (dance) competition, there is always a Michael Jackson song, always a Michael Jackson dance.”

Music professor shares thoughts on King of Pop

MU's "Jazz, Pop and Rock" instructor says Michael Jackson's cultural revelations will stand the test of time.

Timeline of Michael Jackson's life and career

Take a look at the many successes and controversies of the King of Pop, from his days in the Jackson 5 to his death on Thursday.

Michael Jackson's death is a local story

Although Michael Jackson's death is an international news story, the Missourian jumped to cover it because he was part of our collective, local conciousness.

Police tow car, seek clues in Jackson death

Brian Oxman, a former Jackson attorney and a family friend, said Friday he had been concerned about Jackson's use of painkillers and had warned the singer's family about possible abuse.

Jackson broke barriers long before 'Thriller'

When Michael Jackson premiered in the 1972 movie "Ben," his voice and charm gave black America an idol to cheer for.

Autopsy planned after Jackson's sudden death

Authorities are hoping to find out whether prescription drugs were involved in Michael Jackson's death. An autopsy was scheduled to begin today, though results likely won't be final until toxicology tests can be completed.