Missouri General Election 2012

CAMPAIGN FINANCE: 45th District October Quarterly Reports

See how much money Chris Kelly, candidate for the Missouri House's 46th District seat, has raised between July 1 and Sept. 30.

CAMPAIGN FINANCE: 50th District October Quarterly Reports

This graphic shows the campaign finance report of Caleb Jones, Republican, an incumbent who is running unopposed for the Missouri House's 50th District seat.

CAMPAIGN FINANCE: 46th District October Quarterly Reports

Compare how much money Stephen Webber and Fred Berry, candidates for the Missouri House's 46th District seat, have raised up to Sept. 30.

Tobacco tax ballot measure would raise money for education, cessation programs

Proposition B seeks to boost the lowest cigarette tax in the nation, but opponents say it's too much.

UPDATE: McCaskill launches ads against Akin featuring raped women

The ads refer to Todd Akin's August remarks about women having a biological defense against pregnancy in cases of what he called "legitimate rape."

U.S. Sen. Rand Paul to campaign in Missouri attorney general race

U.S. Sen. Rand Paul will attend events in Springfield and Cape Girardeau on Oct. 29. Paul is a Republican from Kentucky and the son of former GOP presidential candidate Ron Paul.

McCaskill and Akin on education: Dollars and sense of the candidates’ contrasting policies

MU data show increasing student use of federal grants and loans.

Akin tops $1M in online donations for Senate race

Todd Akin acknowledges that he is being outspent substantially by McCaskill on TV ads across Missouri.

Republican governor group gives Spence $950,000

Dave Spence's campaign last week reported receiving the money from the state affiliate of the Republican Governors Association. The national organization reported shifting a total of $3 million to its Missouri committee.

Proposition A would amend governance of St. Louis police

The ballot issue would eliminate a board of police commissioners appointed by the governor and give the city of St. Louis local control.


Akin failed to report state pension

Todd Akin described the lack of information about his pension payments as a mistake that only recently came to his attention.

More Akin abortion remarks stir criticism

The Missouri congressman's remarks in a 2008 speech on the House floor that equated abortion providers to terrorists were being recirculated Wednesday.

Akin parses his stance on earmarks

Although he has a history of supporting bills with earmarks, Rep. Todd Akin is now aligning himself with a group that wants to ban them.

Republican aid group endorses Akin in Missouri Senate bid

The Senate Conservatives Fund pledged Thursday to direct $290,000 to Republican Todd Akin's campaign.

UPDATE: Akin, McCaskill both courting Republicans in Missouri

Former GOP presidential candidate Rick Santorum and South Carolina Sen. Jim Demint announced endorsements for Todd Akin's Senate campaign.

U.S. Senate candidates' views contrast sharply during debate

Todd Akin, Claire McCaskill and Jonathan Dine shared their views on key issues for November's U.S. Senatorial race. 

Gubernatorial candidates debate at Missouri Press Association event

The Missouri gubernatorial candidates Gov. Jay Nixon, Dave Spence and Jim Higgins debated issues involving the economy, health care reform and education on Friday.

Missouri Rep. Akin calls for suspension of aid to Egypt

Akin said in a statement Thursday that the fact that the embassy attack occurred on Sept. 11 suggests it was planned and not spontaneous.

New women's group defends Akin in Missouri Senate race

About 300 people gathered Tuesday night for an event sponsored by a new group called Women Standing with Todd Akin.

VOTERS GUIDE 2012: Candidates for U.S. Senate

Candidates to represent Missouri in the U.S. Senate are Claire McCaskill (D), Todd Akin (R) and Jonathan Dine (Libertarian).