Ballot issues

Missouri votes no on proposed tobacco tax increase

The majority of voters in Boone and seven other counties and the city of St. Louis approved the measure, but it failed nonetheless.

Mental health tax could help counseling, prevention programs

If the tax passes, money could go toward a variety of services listed in the state law that allows counties to levy a tax for children's mental health, including temporary shelter, crisis intervention and early intervention.

Advocates for mental health sales tax cite lack of long-term shelters

A coalition backs Missouri Proposition A, which if passed would result in a quarter-cent sales tax increase for children's mental health, because the group thinks the tax revenue could be used to expand housing for kids in crisis. 

Tobacco tax ballot measure would raise money for education, cessation programs

Proposition B seeks to boost the lowest cigarette tax in the nation, but opponents say it's too much.

Proposition A would amend governance of St. Louis police

The ballot issue would eliminate a board of police commissioners appointed by the governor and give the city of St. Louis local control.