Missouri legislature 2013

UPDATE: Missouri Senate backs bill aimed at injured workers

The two-part legislation is intended to reverse some of the consequences stemming from a 2005 state law that overhauled Missouri's workers' compensation system.

Officials could intervene quicker in Missouri districts

Missouri districts that lose state accreditation currently have two years before state education officials can step in.

Missouri bill tightens criteria for election recounts

The legislation would require a margin of less than one-half of a percent to request a recount.

Missouri House approves faster intervention for struggling school districts

Currently, school districts that lose accreditation have two years before state education officials can step in.

Missouri House endorses transportation sales tax

The state sales tax, which officials estimate could generate nearly $8 billion over a decade, would require voter approval to take effect and would be resubmitted to the ballot every 10 years.

Gov. Nixon vetoes repeal of tax break for seniors, disabled

The Democratic governor had said he would accept the tax-break repeal only if it were part of a broad-based overhaul of Missouri's numerous tax credit programs.

Dempsey: Bonds, criminal code not likely this year

Senate President Pro Tem Tom Dempsey said the measures are too complex to bring up with just a few days remaining before Friday's mandatory adjournment.

Missouri lawmakers look to renew Ticket to Work program

The Ticket to Work program covers more than 1,300 Missouri residents but is due to expire in August.

Missouri bill would create workers' compensation database

The division says an online database initially would include 554,000 claim records, with about 13,000 records added annually.


Six Boone County congregations gather to support Medicaid expansion

Some of the faith leaders recounted stories of church members who had health problems that could be solved by Medicaid expansion.

Missouri lawmakers approve tougher abortion drug rules

On Monday, the House voted 115-39 to give the measure final approval and send it to Gov. Jay Nixon. The legislation passed the Senate last week on a vote of 23-7, with Republicans supporting it and Democrats opposing it.

Missouri lawmakers seek to reinstate local tax for vehicles

Lawmakers gave final legislative approval Monday to the most recent effort to allow cities and counties to continue their local taxes. It was paired this time with the creation of a new relief fund aimed particularly at the Joplin tornado. Gov. Jay Nixon twice has vetoed previous efforts dealing with local vehicle taxes.

ANALYSIS: Gov. Nixon pans proposed Missouri office building

Legislative supporters said the new building could house offices for several state agencies. Governor says no one wants a new building, except "bureaucrats."

For Missouri legislature, divisive issues remain in final week of session

One of the biggest, most divisive issues for lawmakers this week will be familiar from years past — whether to scale back several existing tax breaks as part of a plan to create new incentives for certain businesses.

Budget passed by Missouri lawmakers could cost low-income seniors

The budget could force Gov. Jay Nixon to choose between aiding developmentally disabled children and low-income seniors.

Missouri lawmakers pass bill to reduce income taxes for businesses, individuals

The tax cut could reduce state revenues by about $700 million annually when fully phased in.

Missouri bill targets United Nations agreement

The measure takes aim at "Agenda 21," a nonbinding UN agreement signed by 178 nations that encourages sustainable development.

Missouri House defeats evaluations for principals

The measure would only have imposed the new evaluation metrics on principals and administrators.

Missouri House passes $1.2 billion bonding initiative

With only one week remaining in the legislative session, the proposed constitutional amendment appears unlikely to win final approval.

Missouri bill to mandate newborn heart screening

The new mandate would begin for babies born in Missouri in 2014.