Missouri legislature 2013

Missouri bill prohibits use of foreign laws

Supporters say it prevents Missouri courts from using policies that come from outside the United States that also violate constitutional guarantees.

Missouri Senate poised to pass income tax cut plan

A vote on the tax-cut legislation was expected to occur later Wednesday.

Missouri bill could require notification of data breach

Republican House member Kurt Bahr said Missouri residents should be notified if they are affected by a data breach, which he says would include concealed gun permit holders.

Missouri Senate passes abortion drug restrictions

Sen. Wayne Wallingford, R-Cape Girardeau, said the measure he sponsored would protect patients' health by ensuring a licensed physician monitors their condition while taking the drug.

Missouri bill lets pharmacies refuse to stock drugs

Republican Rep. Lynn Morris said that he wants to ensure businesses have the right to decide what medications will be stocked.

Education to get more money in Missouri budget plan

A group of House and Senate members decided Tuesday to provide a $25 million funding increase to public colleges and universities based on whether they have met performance criteria such as student graduation rates.

Missouri bill would end foreclosure mediations

The legislation takes aim at the local ordinances that require mandatory mediations between lenders and homeowners before certain foreclosures.

Missouri Senate wants hearings on new education standards

Known as the Common Core State Standards, the new benchmarks represent an effort adopted by 45 states to come up with a consistent means of determining what students should know when they prepare for college.

Missouri's prevailing wage overhaul sent to governor

The Missouri General Assembly passed a bill Monday that would change the way wage requirements are calculated for construction projects in rural counties. Missouri's prevailing wage for public works projects is calculated for each construction trade on a county-by-county basis.


Missouri lawmakers must finalize budget this week

The House and Senate have each passed their own budget and now must hammer out an agreement on the spending plan that will take effect July 1.

Missouri lawmakers must finalize budget this week

The House and Senate have each passed their own budget and now must hammer out an agreement on the spending plan that will take effect July 1.

Missouri lawmakers approve naming bridge for Stan Musial

The Missouri House and U.S. Senate gave approval to name a new Mississippi River bridge for a late St. Louis Cardinals player, Stan Musial. The Illinois House has a different idea for a name. 

ANALYSIS: Concerns remain about Missouri vehicle sales tax

At issue is whether local governments can charge a tax on vehicle purchases. They have for years. But the Supreme Court ruled last year that some of those taxes were being collected illegally.

Missouri lawmakers consider changes to commercial driver's licenses

Legislation advancing at the Missouri Capitol seeks to comply with federal regulations dealing with learning permits for commercial driver's licenses and with restrictions on texting and the use of hand-held cellphones by people who are driving commercial vehicles.

House computer used in attempt to access to concealed carry permit holders

Gov. Nixon's administration is investigating to determine who attempted to access the website's confidential information.


Missouri bill requires colleges to have tuberculosis tests

The program would be targeted at students and faculty who are considered at a "high-risk" for contracting tuberculosis.

Sen. Kurt Schaefer blocks proposed Missouri higher-education funding formula

Sen. Kurt Schaefer, R-Columbia, blocked the Senate vote Thursday. He said the legislature should spend more time studying the effects of the proposed higher education funding formula before voting.

UPDATE: Missouri officials move to add construction money to state budget

A favorable financial report released by Gov. Jay Nixon's administration Thursday  showed state revenues through April were 11.2 percent higher than at this point last year.

Missouri Senate passes on ethics bill, campaign caps

Sponsoring Republican Sen. John Lamping of St. Louis pulled his bill from the Senate floor after Senate Democrats offered an amendment to restore the contribution caps.

Missouri House OKs bill focused on injured worker fund

The bill would allow fees to be raised on businesses and would narrow the type of future injuries covered by the Second Injury Fund.