Missouri legislature 2013

Missouri lawmakers renew efforts on local vehicle taxes

Lawmakers have passed two measures during the past two years that have sought to reverse the court ruling. Gov. Jay Nixon has vetoed both, including the most recent one last month.

Missouri bill notifies prosecutor if sex offenders are freed

The legislation would now add the prosecutor in the location where the offender was committed for treatment to be alerted.

Feds say Missouri concealed gun permit list was never analyzed

The State Highway Patrol revealed last month that it had obtained a list of concealed weapons permit holders.

Debate stalls on Missouri liability limits legislation

Senators discussed the legislation for about eight hours and worked into the night but did not reach a vote.

Missouri lawmakers taking testimony on license records

A federal Social Security fraud investigator is to testify Wednesday before the Senate Appropriations Committee about why he sought a list of Missouri's concealed gun permit holders.

Missouri bill allows adults to forgo motorcycle helmets

The measure given first-round approval Tuesday would allow riders over the age of 21 to not wear a helmet when traveling.

Missouri senators debate medical malpractice liability

Senators began debating the legislation Tuesday afternoon, and the discussion was continuing into the evening hours. Earlier this year, the state House endorsed the medical malpractice legislation on a 93-62 vote.

Missouri prescription refill bill sent to governor

The medication cannot be a controlled substance and pharmacists must notify the patient's doctor when they provide an unauthorized refill.

Missouri Senate again passes tax credit curbs

The Senate version would cap tax credits for the renovation of historic buildings at $70 million annually — about half the current limit.

Missouri House bill would study Medicaid expansion

It would create a joint committee of House and Senate members to look at ways to "transform" the state's Medicaid program.

Missouri House endorses criminal code overhaul

The measure endorsed on Monday would create new classes of felonies and misdemeanors and give judges more flexibility in sentencing.

Missouri bill would allow sheriffs to issue weapon permits

Republican lawmakers want to allow sheriffs to print the permits instead of the Revenue Department.

Missouri House endorses sex offender legislation

Sex offenders would be grouped into three tiers with each considered to have a different risk of committing another offense.

Missouri Senate passes prevailing wage overhaul

The bill passed by the Senate would require wage surveys to be split between union and nonunion wages.

Missouri House panel adopts plan to stop personal document scanning

House committee wants to keep concealed weapon permits in Revenue Department but agrees with Senate to stop scanning personal documents.

Sales, income tax bill a unique combination in Missouri

The Senate this week could consider whether to give final approval to a bill cutting income taxes for individuals and businesses while raising the state sales tax.

Bill would push Missouri students on scholarships to graduate on time

The Missouri Senate, in an effort to encourage college students to graduate on time, is considering a bill that would require students continuously enroll for a certain number of credit hours each semester to continue receiving state aid.

Insurance cards could go digital under Missouri bill

State senators passed legislation Thursday that would authorize drivers to show digital images of their proof-of-insurance cards to law enforcement officers.

Missouri bill prevents businesses from restricting guns

The bill would also protect business owners from liability for any injury or damage that results from allowing guns to be legally carried in cars.

UPDATE: Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon remains opposed to tax legislation

Gov. Jay Nixon released a statement Thursday saying that a sales tax increase would shift the tax burden to seniors and veterans on fixed incomes.