Missouri legislature 2013

Missouri House panel endorses revised bonding measure

The budget panel endorsed the revised bonding proposal Thursday after the full House voted to send the measure back to committee for some adjustments.

Linn State Technical College to get 'Missouri' in name

Missouri senators gave final approval Thursday to a bill changing the name of Linn State Technical College to the State Technical College of Missouri.

Missouri Senate panel advances House's gun bill

The legislation advanced by the committee Wednesday also allows firearms less than 16 inches long to be openly carried by concealed weapons permit holders throughout the state.

Missouri House wants to create Medicaid study committee

The House gave initial approval Wednesday to legislation creating a special committee of six representatives and six senators.

UPDATE: Missouri House backs income tax cut, sales tax hike

Missouri's Republican-led House voted Wednesday to slice income taxes for individuals and businesses while imposing a higher sales tax that would fund schools and road. The legislation would mark the most significant change to Missouri's tax code in at least a couple of decades.

Senators endorse Missouri higher education funding formula

The Coordinating Board for Higher Education and each school would collaborate on developing their performance measures by July 2014.

UPDATE: Missouri House tries to outlaw the enforcement of federal gun laws

House Republicans assert that federal gun policies and proposals infringe on the Second Amendment rights to bear arms.


Missouri Department of Social Services backs down on welfare contract

The contract aimed to move people from welfare programs onto federal disability payments.

Missouri House bill bars copying death scene photos

Copies could not be made of anything depicting a deceased person who was dismembered, decapitated, mutilated or whose genitals were exposed.

Missouri bill would let state workers carry guns in car

The House has already passed the measure, and Sen. Brian Nieves said he wanted the Senate committee tovote on it Wednesday.

Gov. Nixon's budget director disputes effectiveness of Missouri Senate cuts

A day after the Senate passed a budget plan packed with attention-grabbing cuts, an analysis of those cuts indicates that some could have unintended consequences.

Missouri senators vote down federal Medicaid expansion

The Republican-led Senate voted down a Democratic attempt Monday night to insert $890 million of federal funds into Missouri's budget to expand Medicaid eligibility.

Missouri House endorses daylight saving legislation

The measure provides that once 20 states join a pact to move their clocks one hour ahead for good, all would do so and let the return to standard time come and go without moving clocks back that fall.

Missouri Senate budget plan notable for zeros

Senate debate on the budget is scheduled to begin late Monday, with some of the most agreeable items up first.

Missouri lawmakers consider public-defender changes

Legislation approved last week by the Missouri House would require the public defender system to contract out for private attorneys to handle misdemeanors, traffic cases, probation or parole violations and the two lowest categories of felonies.

Recently elected lawmakers to join Missouri House

Democrat Joshua Peters and Republican Mike Moon won special elections this month.

Missouri senator says 'food Nazis' block chili suppers

Republican Sen. Mike Cunningham of Rogersville is sponsoring legislation that would let nonprofit groups prepare food in private homes and bring it to charitable fundraisers.

UPDATE: ATF says it never sought Missouri concealed guns list

Mike Campbell, a spokesman for the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, says there was no joint venture and his agency never asked for or received the Missouri information.

Missouri House panel to take up driver's license bills

House Speaker Tim Jones has put the committee in charge of investigating the new driver's license procedures, in which applicants' personal documents are scanned into a computer database.

Missouri concealed weapons permits fuel driver's license controversy

Missouri is one of the few states that print concealed weapons endorsements on driver's licenses and appears to be the only state that has its license bureaus also issue those permits.