Missouri legislature 2013

Time running short for Missouri campaign finance issues

Campaign finance and ethics reform have taken a secondary position at the Capitol, where much of the focus has been on economic development, taxes and the state's Medicaid health care program for the poor.

Missouri officials defend licensing policy to senators

After being questioned by senators concerned about Missouri's new licensing process, state licensing officials remain reluctant to halt the practice.

Missouri House panel endorses ending renter tax credit

The proposal would redirect $57 million saved by trimming the tax credit to state health, mental health and social services that might benefit seniors and the disabled.

Missouri Senate endorses fund for innovation campuses

The campuses are designed to help students complete their degrees sooner and land jobs in high-need fields.

Missouri House targets prisoners who expose themselves

The legislation endorsed Tuesday would impose tougher penalties on prisoners than the general public for the crime of second-degree sexual misconduct.

Panel of Missouri House GOP leaders gets lobbyist meals

One new panel consists only of House GOP leadership, and it is the only committee that has received meals from lobbyists.

Missouri moving forward with department reorganization

The legislature did not object, so three executive orders by Gov. Jay Nixon will take effect Aug. 208, shifting duties among departments.

Missouri Senate panel agrees to $66 million school funding hike

The committee agreed to provide a $66 million increase in basic state aid to public elementary and secondary schools on top of a $3 billion core budget.

Missouri bill would let children see jailed parents more

The legislation endorsed Monday would set up a test program that would provide transportation for children who live more than 50 miles away from their parent's prison to visit them.

Missouri bill would excuse nursing moms from jury duty

Under the legislation, nursing mothers would be excused from jury duty upon submitting a written note from a doctor.

Kansas City woman arrested in fourth case of cat hoarding

The city removed 14 cats and a dog from Delores Metcalf's home Monday. Police said most of the animals are in fair condition.

Missouri Senate panel to take up state budget

The Senate Appropriations Committee has scheduled hearings throughout the week to begin work on the budget for the fiscal year that begins July 1.

ANALYSIS: Missouri Republicans bristle over national GOP Real ID measures

The Real ID Act is a law passed by Congress in 2005, amidst security concerns from the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks, that requires standards for identification cards in order to enter federal buildings and board commercial flights.

Missouri Senate passes bill that lets pharmacies refuse to stock drugs

The measure, which was sent to the House by a 24-9 Senate vote, was touted by its sponsor as a way to protect the rights of business owners.

Missouri House passes military in-state tuition bill

It would allow veterans to immediately claim the discounted tuition rate despite not having lived in the state previously.

Missouri group runs ad against proposed income tax cut

The ad targets legislation scheduled for a House committee hearing Tuesday that would cut income taxes by three-quarters of a percentage point while increasing the sales tax by a half cent.

Missouri lawmakers review school district debt limit

School districts approaching the limit have turned to alternatives such as tackling major projects in phases, but those approaches can drive up the ultimate cost.

Missouri lawmakers pass $14 million increase in fund for special-needs students

State education officials said the growth in the fund is a result of more children with special needs and an increase in the costs of specialized instruction.

Missouri Senate supports emergency prescription refills

Under a bill passed by the state, a pharmacy could issue medication to a patient if there is a reasonable risk of harm from stopping the medication and if the patient has previously had the same prescription filled at that location.

UPDATE: Gov. Jay Nixon signs tax credit legislation

The tax breaks for benevolent donations took effect immediately. The legislation authorizing the sports incentives won't officially become law until Aug. 28.