Missouri legislature 2013

Missouri House panel to consider bonding package

Revenue from the bonds could pay for construction on college campuses, state parks, the state Capitol and rural water projects.

Missouri Senate panel begins review of criminal code

The legislation is the work of a Missouri Bar panel that began meeting five years ago to give the code its first makeover since the 1970s.

Missouri license officials assure security of documents

A Missouri man filed a lawsuit challenging a new requirement that documents be scanned into a state computer system.

Missouri House endorses health care conscience measure

House Speaker Tim Jones, who is sponsoring the legislation, said conscience rights are a bedrock principle that has been applied for a long time in the U.S. He said the legislation protects workers' rights and claimed support from both political parties and men and women.

ANALYSIS: Missouri tax cut could benefit the wealthy

The proposed mixture of income tax cuts and sales tax hikes included in the Senate legislation could have a much larger benefit for the wealthy, particularly those running their own small businesses. But for seniors living on Social Security benefits, the proposed tax changes could end up costing more.

Missouri lawmakers to consider infrastructure measures

A House committee plans to vote Tuesday on legislation to authorize bonds for construction while the full Senate is preparing to debate a sales tax proposal that would raise nearly $8 billion over a decade to pay for roads, bridges and other transportation projects.

Missouri lawmakers consider child care funding increases

Gov. Jay Nixon has called to expand the state's Medicaid program and for increases in social welfare programs targeted at children.

Senate passes bill to block vehicle-specific stops

Sen. Kurt Schaefer said law enforcement agencies have used checkpoints in the past to pull over all motorcycles during group rides or rallies.

Nixon opposes tax overhaul plan in Missouri Senate

Gov. Jay Nixon disapproves of a Missouri Senate bill that would gradually raise the state sales tax by one-half cent over five years.

Missouri House panel endorses tax credit caps

The legislation endorsed Thursday by a House panel would impose a $135 million annual cap on tax credits for historic renovation projects.

Missouri lawmakers to review driver's licenses

Newly proposed House legislation would prohibit the Revenue Department from scanning personal documents and transferring them to an out-of-state database.

Bill to nullify federal gun laws meets support in House committee

A new bill sponsored by 24 Missouri House representatives would nullify federal firearms laws in the state. If it passes, the bill would make it a crime to enforce any federal firearms laws that Missouri courts determine to be in violation the Second Amendment.


Missouri House backs measure aimed at child sex abuse

The measure would let prosecutors introduce evidence of past crimes to corroborate a victim's testimony or to demonstrate someone has an inclination to commit such a crime.

Missouri Senate panel adopts bill nullifying gun laws

The committee voted Tuesday to adopt the measure sponsored by Sen. Brian Munzlinger, of Williamstown.

Missouri House endorses change to term limits

A proposed constitutional amendment would let officials serve 16 years in the legislature.

Missouri GOP leaders oppose Medicaid growth 'sunset'

Senate Appropriations Chairman Kurt Schaefer is opposing that option and said if the program expires after three years it would already have added money to the federal debt.

Missouri Senate panel to consider expanded gun rights

The Senate General Laws Committee scheduled a vote Monday on the proposal by Republican Sen. Kurt Schaefer, of Columbia.

Missouri House approves supplemental budget

The measure includes about $23 million from general state tax revenues, with much of the remainder coming from the federal government.

House panel plan would pay disability fund lawyers

Missouri's Second Injury Fund has a $25 million shortfall that is continuing to grow because its liabilities to injured workers exceed its revenues.

Missouri House approves workplace discrimination bill

House members voted 94-55 to pass the measure Thursday.