Missouri legislature 2013

Missouri House endorses school report card legislation

Principals could provide up to 250 words of context or background on the scores.


Missouri Senate sends tax credit overhaul to House

The Senate's 27-7 vote Thursday sends the bill to the House, where it already faces some opposition.

Missouri lawmaker wants to eliminate daylight saving

A Republican House member wants the state to get rid of daylight saving time but only if 20 other states agree to do the same.

Missouri Republican outlines Medicaid plan

The plan to be introduced Tuesday is billed as a "market-based Medicaid" program that would require private insurers to compete to cover lower-income patients.

ANALYSIS: Money in politics? The sky is the limit in Missouri

For the past five years, Missouri has been the only state with the trio of no campaign contribution limits, no lobbyist gift limits and no revolving-door policy on lobbying.

Missouri House committee to consider Medicaid expansion

A House committee is scheduled to hear testimony Monday on a Democratic proposal to expand eligibility for the Medicaid health care program.

Missouri Senate endorses bill exempting children from farm work limits

The Senate measure would exempt children from getting a work certificate and from limitations on the number of hours and days they can work.

Missouri Senate panel OKs utility surcharge measure

Utilities could ask to levy the infrastructure surcharge between formal rate cases.

Missouri Senate backs expanded powers for rural areas

One bill that received initial approval Tuesday would allow rural counties to seek voter approval to adopt building codes, just as more populous counties already can do.

Missouri legislature quitting early because of storm

The Senate now plans to quit for the week at about noon Wednesday, and the House also is giving members a chance to leave early.

Missouri House panel considers 1-cent sales tax for transportation

A penny increase to the state sales tax would generate nearly $8 billion over a decade and could support 270,000 jobs if approved by voters. A large portion of the sales tax revenue would fund projects to rebuild Missouri's infrastructure.

Missouri House bill would make proposing gun control illegal

Rep. Mike Leara of St. Louis County said Tuesday that he has no illusions that his bill actually will pass and become law.

Missouri House endorses tax amnesty period

Officials would waive interest and penalties for those who pay their overdue taxes between Aug. 1 and Oct. 31.

Missouri Democrats pushing for early voting

A Missouri Senate committee considered two bills Monday that would allow people to vote at least two weeks prior to election day.

Missouri House panel mulls child sex abuse measure

A House public safety committee considered a proposal Monday that would repeal the time requirement for sexual offenses that involve someone age 18 or younger.

Missouri Senate to take up Stan Musial bridge bill

Lawmakers in both Missouri and Illinois would have to approve the name. The bridge is expected to open sometime next year.

Jefferson City on education reform tour route highlighting Hollywood movie

Speaker of the House Tim Jones has proposed a "parent trigger" bill, which would give parents more authority in schools that rank in the bottom 20 percent in standardized tests.

THE WEEK IN JEFFERSON CITY: House passes voter ID requirement

This week, the state House of Representatives passed a proposal requiring Missouri voters to bring government-issued photo identification to vote, and Gov. Jay Nixon's Medicaid expansion plan was left out of the 2014 House budget.

Missouri Democrats propose ban on assault weapons

Rep. Rory Ellinger of University City filed a bill this week that would require gun owners to give up their assault weapons within 90 days of the measure's passage.

Missouri House budget plan skips Medicaid expansion

The plan also would pare back Gov. Jay Nixon's proposed $34 million funding increase for public colleges and universities to $20 million.