Molly Harbarger columns

COLUMN: This bus experiment turned out worse than I hoped

Although the bus route changes are good, there is still much room to improve Columbia Transit.

COLUMN: City towing system penalizes those who can afford it the least

Towing of parking violators downtown seems like a system that only benefits the towing company.

COLUMN: Columbia officials need to give more thought to parking system

The city needs better communication or should put more thought into how it makes policies.

COLUMN: Lip balm is insidious, evil, makes me feel so good

I think I'm addicted to lip balm; pharmacists disagree.

COLUMN: Improved intelligence just an outdoor activity away

Science suggests dirt might make you smarter. I can't match Disney characters with their motivations in six minutes. Either way, let's go play outside.

COLUMN: What to do with a problem like the YouZeum

Here are a few suggestions for what to do with the building now that it's up for sale.

COLUMN: Faith for the marginalized at the intersection of thinking and believing

If we believe that God loves everyone, how can we think it's OK to exclude people from positions within the church based on sexual orientation?